The Best Restaurant POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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best restaurant pos systemsThe best restaurant point of sale (POS) systems should cater to your unique operational needs. With the right POS solution, you will simplify communications between your kitchen and wait staff. Also, streamline specific tasks like food delivery for quick-service restaurants. 

Choosing the right software will also help increase revenue and improve customer service. Most restaurant POS systems have various CRM features like customer loyalty initiatives, discounts, and offers that keep your customers coming back.

However, such benefits are only possible with restaurant-specific POS features and capabilities. In addition to simple and secure payments, the solution you choose should combat common restaurant challenges like inventory management, employee scheduling, employee theft, and more.

Additionally, the POS system should support kitchen printers or KDS systems, auto fire orders to the kitchen, and feature delivery management tools. When comparing restaurant POS systems, consider aspects like table mapping, menu management, online ordering and reservations, and event management capabilities.

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What is a POS System in a Restaurant?

Gone are the days when restaurants were using cash registers at the point of sale. As opposed to a cash register, modern point of sale systems (POS) are built to do much more than just processing payments.

In its functioning, a POS system is designed to link the restaurant’s back of the house, front of the house and even online ordering aspects into a single platform.

This gives managers and owners a detailed overview of their business from a single screen. Additionally, the best restaurant POS systems will also make management a lot easier for you.

In this regard, a good POS solution will automate the important management tasks, hence streamline communications and restaurant operations as a whole.

This computerized solution is specifically designed to help you keep an accurate and real-time track of cash flow, sales, employee activities, customer data, and inventory. As such, these systems have been proven to simplify bookkeeping for restaurant managers and owners significantly.

Why Would You Need a POS System?

Not only does a POS system simplify management for you, but also helps prevent human error in the ordering process and optimize the inventory.

Again, an industry-specific solution will help you curb food spoilage and theft in your restaurant. Such systems have also been proven to reduce customer wait times, improve customer service and loyalty in restaurants.

In addition to processing the high volume of credit card and cash payments in your restaurant, a good solution will also keep track of every penny that goes through the register. Most of the leading POS for restaurant solutions feature an integrated payment processor. This capability is meant to speed up the checkout process and save your hardware costs.

The leading restaurant POS software has a horde of benefits to offer both small and large, multi-location restaurants.

Some of the benefits you should expect to get from a restaurant point of sale software include:

Secure Payments

Most of the integrated payment processors in the market are compliant with current credit card processing requirements. For instance, the leading providers are known to support contactless as well as EMV chip payments in a secure environment. This makes swiping or dipping cards more secure for the business and the customers.

Again, the system enhances accountability among your servers. This is achieved by regulating access to the POS system by the employees. As such, each server will be accountable for his or her sales, voids and order cancellations. This will go a long way in preventing employee theft in your restaurant.

Enhanced Mobility

Unlike retail business, you need will need a number of mobile POS terminals in your business. This is why most of the leading providers offer iPad-based POS systems. There are also a few reputable providers that offer Android-based POS systems. In either case, the POS software can run from a tablet or Smartphone.

Equipped with this tablet/Smartphone, your servers will be able to take tableside orders and fire them directly to the kitchen. Again, most of the leading providers will also allow you to process payments at the table.

Business Insights

Modern solutions are fitted with an assortment of reporting and analytic tools. This capability will closely monitor the important processes and generate detailed reports on them.

For instance, the leading systems are known to automate the generation of sales, employee and inventory reports. Some advanced solutions will also allow you to generate custom reports.

Some restaurants point of sale systems also feature customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. This feature will automatically collect important customer information at the checkout. You may use such data to personalize your product and service offering or generate targeted promotional campaigns.

Analytic tools, on the other hand, will digest the raw information collected by the POS system and present you with more meaningful data. For instance, it will give you an overview of employee performance as well as the best and worst selling menu items

How Much do Restaurant POS Systems Cost?

Now that you know what POS systems are and their importance in a restaurant, you must be wondering the much it will cost you to get one. Well, the cost of a restaurant POS solution varies from one provider to another.

Instead of just focusing on what you are required to pay upfront, you need to breakdown the various costs by your preferred provider.

In order to understand how much a POS system will cost you, here are some of the factors you should consider.

Hardware Cost

While some POS providers may require an upfront payment for the hardware or installation, others do not charge anything upfront. There are yet others who will advance the hardware to you and require you to pay for it in monthly installments (possibly, on top of the monthly subscription fees).

For the provides who require an upfront payment, you should expect to pay at least $600 for a handheld POS tablet.

For the more advanced options, you may end up paying as high as $2,600 or even more upfront. Other providers are also known to charge set up fees, which can be as high as $600.

While this is the case, the hardware cost will also depend on the hardware components you need. In order to save on the hardware, it is advisable to go for the provided that offer bundled hardware packages.

You should also factor in the cost of the accessories you may need, such as a barcode scanner, receipt printers, customer-facing displays, and networking cables. This may add up to about $3,000 per register.

Monthly Subscription Fees

While some providers do not charge anything upfront, their monthly subscription fees may be too expensive for your restaurant in the long run. Most of the leading providers offer their software as a service.

As such, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee to access software functionality. In this case, most providers charge between $20 and $150 per month.

Payment Processing Fees

You will also need to factor in your integrated processor rates. To begin with, you need to consider the pricing model used by your preferred processor. Some of the payment processing pricing models commonly used by providers include Interchange plus, Tiered, Flat Rate and Blended models.

Understanding the pricing rate used by your provider is important in ensuring that you are not paying any hidden fees.

If it is not a flat-rate model, you also need to understand that the provider may be charging different rates for dipped, swopped and keyed-in transactions. In either case, you should expect to pay between 2.2% to 4.5% per transaction.

The Best Restaurant POS Systems for 2020

About $200 as setup fees
From $69/month
Depends on your preferred payment processor
from $99/month per location + $50 per additional license
2.49% + $0.15 flat-rate per transaction
from. $89/month
1.8% plus $0.15 per swiped transaction
$69/month with the 3-year contract or $69/month with a 2-year contract
from $138/month
2.5% + .10 for swiped and dipped transactions, and 3.5% + .15 cents per keyed-in transaction
from $809.00 for hardware bundles
2.75% per transaction; 2.9% + $0.30 for invoiced and online transactions, and 3.5% + $0.15 for keyed-in transactions.
Depends on the required hardware components
from $99/month billed annually
from $999 for hardware bundles
About 2.6% + $0.10 for in-person transactions
Depends on the hardware components you need
from $44/month per register with the annual contract
Varies from one payment processor to another
from $999 for hardware
from $14/month
Depends on the plan you are on, but starts at 2.3% +10 cents for in-person transactions
from $1,249 for the hardware
from $69/month
Contact the provider for a detailed quote
from $649 for installation
from $79/month per terminal
$799 per register, $399 per terminal, and $35 per chip reader
3.5% + $0.15 per transaction
Contact vendor for pricing
from $50/month
from. $1,000 per full-service workstation
from $50/month per workstation
Contact vendor for pricing
from $49/month
Depends on your preferred payment processor
Will depend on the hardware components you need
from $79/month
Depends on your preferred payment processor
from $400 single user lifetime payment
from $17.6/month
Contact the provider for a quote
from 5/ employee per month for add-ons
2.25% + $0.10 per transaction
$750 if paid upfront
$39/month if you decide to pay monthly
Contact vendor for pricing
from $39/month per user
from $832 upfront cost for hardware
Quote-based depending on the number of registers you need (starting from $50/month with the annual contract)
Depends on the hardware components you need
from $149/month
Varies from one payment gateway to another
Depends on the hardware components you need
2.5% + $.10 per credit cars transaction
from $1,000 one-time hardware cost
from $30/month
Depends on your preferred payment processor
Depends on the hardware components you need

1. The Best Restaurant POS System: TouchBistro

touchbistro posTouchBistro happens to be one of the best iPad-based restaurant POS providers in the hospitality industry. This is mainly because the solution is specifically designed to address needs that are specific to this industry. In this regard, the provider offers you all the capabilities you need to empower the servers and retain customers.

Additionally, the solution has been helping restaurant owners turn more tables, sell more high-profit menu items and serve more efficiently. The popularity of this restaurant POS may be attributed to its range of industry-specific capabilities, including:

Tableside Ordering

Nobody wants to be caught up in a long line, whether they are ordering their favorite dish or just making a payment. Mobile POS solutions offered by TouchBistro are essentially designed to help you combat this problem, on top of turning tables faster. The tableside ordering capability allows servers to take customer orders at the tables.

The servers can then fire those orders directly to the kitchen or bar for preparation. This speeds up the ordering process, reduces wait times and prevents errors. Additionally, this solution makes it possible for you to upsell the high-margin menu items in the restaurant. In this regard, the system uses pop-up modifiers to display suggested items.

Payment Processing

The main function of a POS restaurant system is to accept payments. Unlike some of the top restaurant POS systems, TouchBistro allows you to choose your preferred payment processor.

This being the case, you will have the opportunity to choose an integrated payments solution from a top-tier payment partner. The various processors supported by this system allow you to accept all the major forms of payment, including credit and debit cards.

TouchBistro POS System Downsides

Customer support at TouchBistro is not that reliable. You may not be able to get a prompt response when you are in need of urgent support.

2. The Best Cloud Based Restaurant POS System: Upserve POS

upserve posFormerly referred to as Breadcrumb, Upserve restaurant POS is popular among small and medium-sized restaurant owners. The NES software is designed for modern restaurant businesses and IA available in sleek, restaurant-grade POS terminal options. The system also features built-in payments to speed up the checkout process.

Upserve currently offers some of the best POS menu intelligence capabilities in the hospitality industry. The system is also packed with an array of other features to boost customer loyalty, reliable server insights and improve check averages. Other capabilities you will come to like about the Upserve POS solution include:

Simplified Tab Management

Upserve features pre-authorization, which makes it easy for you to start new tabs. In this regard, you only need to swipe a credit card to create a tab in that customer’s name. This feature automatically saves customer information securely. As such, you will not need the card again while closing the tab.

This feature also offers other tab management capabilities like splitting checks, creating and separating tabs. The system also allows you to add gratuity to customer checks as well as comp and void checks. Such capabilities have been proven to boost customer experience in nightclubs.

Register Capabilities

In addition to a unique mobile tableside ordering, and payment processing solution, the provider offers enhanced efficiency, and convenience register tools. For easier check management, the system allows you to split checks and items with fewer clicks. It also makes it easy for the servers to search menu categories or items while firing orders.

The Menu Intelligence feature, on the other hand, helps you understand how the menu in your business resonates with the customers.

Upserve POS System Downsides

With Upserve POS for restaurants, you may experience occasional outages. Again, the solution offers a relatively low value for money.

3. The Best All-in-One Restaurant POS Management Solution: Toast

toast posBased on many restaurant manager POS reviews, Toast is one of the most popular provides in the market. This may be attributed to the fact that the provider offers an all-in-one management solution for restaurants of all sizes.

As such, the Toast restaurant POS system will offer you digital ordering, point of sale, employee management and reporting tools.

According to many of its current users, the system streamlines operations and increases revenue. Other features restaurant owners have come to like about the Toast restaurant solution include:

Mobile Point of Sale

Give your customers the freedom of moving around the establishment and the convenience of being served wherever they are seated. With Toast Go, you will be able to place their orders and make payments while seated on their tables. The tablet-based restaurant POS is capable of firing orders directly to the kitchen.

In addition to accepting tableside orders, Toast offers a powerful payment processing solution for restaurants. In this regard, the Toast mobile POS can split checks, produce paper or digital receipts as well as prompt the customers to tip the servers.

Online Ordering

Toast Online Ordering and Delivery is a feature that makes it relatively easy and convenient for you to serve your customers, wherever they may be. To begin with, this feature offers your business digital ordering channels within a mobile-optimized platform.

For streamlined operations, this solution is essentially designed to eliminate third-party costs and extra tablets.

Although this feature allows for customizable restaurant branding, the online ordering platform offers enhanced menu visibility. In this regard, the provider offers prompted modifiers on this platform.

Toast POS System Downsides

As compared to some of the leading restaurant payment processors, credit card processing fees by Toast are comparatively high.

4. The Best Quick-Service Restaurant POS System: CAKE

cake posCAKE is a restaurant POS solution by Sysco. This solution is mainly meant to meet the specific demands of a quick-service restaurant.

However, CAKE POS has also been proven to be highly beneficial for full-service restaurants as well. As you will come to learn, the solution is intuitive, simple and offers a great value for money.

The solution is packed with a range of line-bustling to handle rush hours in your business. Ranging from the innovative customer-facing displays to the OrderPads for regulating traffic flow, this solution has a lot more to offer your business. Other capabilities that make CAKE restaurant POS system stand out from other providers to include:

Custom Restaurant Solutions

Get your business a point of sale solution that is specifically designed for this industry. The system features a range of tools to will empower the restaurant to reach its full potential in every shift. In this case, the system will help boost guest satisfaction, speeds as well as the profitability of the business.

The intuitive feature-suite offered by this solution will also streamline your restaurant operations and turn the tables even faster. As a matter of fact, coupling the CAKE POS solution with CAKE guest manager has been proven to turn restaurant tables 6 percent faster. This system will also make it possible for you to give accurate wait times to your customers.

This will go a long way in preventing no-shows or even walk-away scenarios in your restaurant. The solution also features line bustling tools to prevent crowding around POS terminals and long lines during rush hours.

Enhanced Customer Service

Just as is the case with any other service-based business, keeping your restaurant customers happy will make them more likely to come back. Based on statistical findings, a five percent increase in customer retention can improve your profitability by up to 75 percent. To help you improve customer service, Cake features automatic guest profiles.

These profiles are used to capture and remind you of important customer information, including customer name, dietary needs, special occasions, dollars spend in your business and order histories. This will, in turn, make it easier for you to tailor your offering around each customer’s needs.

CAKE POS System Downsides

The iPad mini devices used to run the CAKE mobile POS solution tend to drop the POS network connection frequently.

5. The Best POS System for Business Growth: ShopKeep

shopkeep posThe ShopKeep restaurant POS system does not just turn tables faster, but also has a vast array of tools to enhance business growth. In order to succeed in the competitive hospitality industry, you will need powerful POS capabilities. This being the case, you should consider a highly competitive solution like Shopkeep POS system for restaurants.

This system is essentially designed to automate, speed up and simplify the important processes in your business. With this solution, you will have an easy time building a custom restaurant menu and improve tableside service. The system also supports more payment methods, offering your customers the flexibility of using almost any payment method they prefer.

Here are other capabilities restaurant owners have come to like about the ShopKeep POS system:


While a POS system is important for your business, most of them require a sizeable capital investment. However, the best restaurant POS system does not have to be expensive.

As opposed to such solutions, the Shopkeep solution is comparatively affordable. To begin with, the provider will help you get the most efficient hardware components for the business.

Secondly, the provider offers an affordable quote-based price to suit your business. In this case, the provider offers pricing that is customized to your specific business needs. Either way, you will find Shopkeep to be cheaper than some of the best POS systems for the restaurant. The all in-one pricing model inclusive of hardware, software, and integrated payment processing.

Register Tools

You will love the ability of this system to accept orders and process payments swiftly and efficiently. The solution makes it possible for the servers to send detailed orders directly to the kitchen.

As you will come to learn, the system allows them to send orders that have extra notes and necessary modifiers. This reduces mistakes and improves customer service.

While ringing up sales, ShopKeep’s integrated payment processor makes allows you to accept all payment types. As such, you will be able to process such options as credit card, cash, Apple Pay and EMV chip card payments. Again, you will find the payment processor by this provider comparatively affordable.

ShopKeep POS System Downsides

Activity reports on this system only record limited employee register activities.

6. The Most Intricate Restaurant Management POS: Lightspeed Restaurant

lightspeed posLightspeed is one of the most popular POS software for restaurants. The popularity if this system may be attributed to its unique blend of powerful tools and customization options. In addition to a sleek and professional user interface, the solution features in-depth reporting as well as unique times event capabilities.

Additionally, it gives you control over your operations and enhances operational efficiency across the business. Such benefits are only possible with the industry-specific capabilities offered by Lightspeed Restaurant POS.

Offline Capability

Slow internet and outages can interrupt your restaurant operations. This is particularly the case with cloud-based POS options that do not have an Offline mode. As opposed to such systems, Lightspeed Restaurant POS is capable of processing payments both online and offline.

Whenever the internet is slow or down, Lightspeed will remain fully functional. In such a case, transaction data is securely stored in the system. Once the internet connection is restored, the solution will automatically sync this data to the server once the connection is restored.

Tableside Ordering

This feature allows your servers to interact with the customers wherever they are seated in the restaurant. In this regard, the provider offers a mobile POS solution that may be used to accept tableside orders and process payments. Orders accepted at the tableside using the mobile POS are then routed directly to the kitchen display system.

This solution is loaded with a myriad of orders, and payment processing tools for enhanced ease of use and efficiency. The register on this mobile system, for instance, features a Self-order menu. This feature is rather intuitive, allowing your customers to order directly from Kiosks or an iPad while seated.

Similarly, you will find it easier to process takeout and delivery orders in your restaurant. In this regard, the system allows you to assign such orders to a certain table within the establishment.

The mobile solution also features Upsell reminders. It will also make billing more flexible for your servers. While checking out, the system allows your customers to pay using whichever method they find appropriate, including Apple pay, MasterCard, and Visa.

Lightspeed POS System Downsides

The software subscription fees required by the provider are billed annually. While the $99/month fees may appear to be affordable, small businesses may find it a bit expensive to pay for a year in advance.

7. The Best Self-Ordering POS Kiosks: Aloha

aloha posIf you are looking forward to implementing self-ordering and payments in your business, you should consider implementing Aloha restaurant POS.

In this regard, the provider offers some of the best self-ordering kiosk solutions in hospitality solutions. Additionally, the system is packed with a range of payment processing and kitchen management features.

Having been designed specifically for bars and restaurants, this POS system has the industry-specific capabilities you are looking for. Some of the features that make Aloha one of the best POS for restaurant solutions include:

Restaurant Self-Service Kiosks

This capability has been helping restaurant owners improve customer satisfaction, same-store revenue and reduce costs. The kiosk solutions offered by this provider features an intuitive interface, making it relatively easy for customers to place orders and make payments on their own. The self-service kiosk by NCR is meant to help restaurants increase their average check sizes.

This solution will also help your customers breeze through the line in your business a bit faster. This will leave them more satisfied and more likely to come again. Again, it will help you save on labor costs as you will not need many servers to take customer orders.

Based on restaurant POS system reviews by current Aloha users, the solution increases sales throughput, especially during peak business hours. Aloha restaurant kiosks also feature digital signature capabilities. Digital signature will be displayed when orders are ready for pick up, which helps prevent confusions in your front of the house.

Kitchen Production System

Diversify your kitchen operations with more streamlined kitchen operations and enhanced overview. In this regard, the provider offers some of the best restaurant POS hardware and software solutions.

With this solution in place, all orders placed in the app, self-service kiosks or the main POS terminal will be routed directly to the kitchen for preparation.

The kitchen production system offered by this provider features advanced routing rules, for j proved efficiency and productivity.

This solution also features analytic tools to help you anticipate a spike in order volumes, thus prepare accordingly. You also have complete and real-time visibility into kitchen operations in your restaurant.

Aloha POS System Downsides

Customer support by this provider is somewhat unreliable. You may have to wait for a comparatively long period to get a certified tech professional.

8. The Best iPad-Based Restaurant POS System: Talech

talech posTalech is a simple, yet powerful point of sale system that is equipped with more than 100 restaurant-specific features.

With this system implemented in your restaurant, it will be easier for you to apply discounts, process orders, view sales data and manage the inventory. As such, you will find this solution capable of handling complex restaurant tasks.

In addition to its intuitive design, the solution has a horde of features to offer, including:

Automatic Real-time Reporting

In addition to the cloud-based capabilities, this system is capable of sending automatic reports in real time. This allows you to keep an accurate track of the important processes in your business. With this solution, you will be able to analyze the health of your restaurant across staff, revenue, and product metrics.

The system is essentially designed to generate the important reports automatically and send them to your inbox. In this case, the software allows you to choose your preferred report generation frequency. You will also like the fact that Talech POS for restaurants supports multi-location reporting.

Convenient Employee Management

In addition to in-depth reports, Aloha allows you to manage your restaurant employees more effectively on-site or remotely. The system will allow you to view a vast range of employee data and analytics from a single dashboard. For instance, you will get an overview of employee performance as well as an audit of their activities in real-time.

With this solution, you will be able to audit such activities as discounting and voiding activities by the various servers in your restaurant. The system also allows you to monitor regular as well as overtime hours for each employee in the business using timesheet reports.

Additionally, Aloha POS software for the restaurant will also give you an accurate breakdown of labor costs, cash due, gratuity and tips for each employee.

Talech POS System Downsides

As compared to some of the leading POS systems for restaurants, Talech’s reporting capabilities are rather weak. Again, the offline capabilities offered by this system are comparatively limited.

9. The Most Affordable POS Software for Restaurants: Clover

clover posIf you are looking for the most affordable POS solution for a small restaurant, you should consider getting the Clover restaurant POS system. Despite being one of the most affordable POS options, Clover offers a smart restaurants suite of basic features to run your business efficiently.

Regardless of the type of restaurant business you own, this provider has a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. With such a customized solution, you will be in a better position to speed up order taking and payment processing. The solution also features tools that are designed to connect the entire house, front to back.

The system is also packed with several other beneficial tools, some of which include:

Customer Feedback

Clover restaurant POS system is designed to offer you the best blend of convenience and ease of use. In this regard, it does not require you to set up anything.

All you only need to install the application on your phone or tablet. Thereafter, you will have some of the best tablet-based POS features for your restaurant right from your tablet or phone.

Having done that, the system will be sending you feedback privately to your email address. Similarly, it allows you to respond to feedback appropriately. For instance, you may decide to offer coupons to make up for negative feedback from one of your customers.

Customizable Remote Access

Just as is the case with most of the leading POS for restaurant, Clover is highly customizable. As such, you will have an easy time scaling the software to your specific business needs as the business grows. With regards to scalability, the solution allows you to add more apps, accessories, and devices as time goes by.

You will also like the convenience of running your business remotely offers by Clover POS for restaurants. In its functioning, the Clover solution is designed to sync with the cloud in real-time. This being the case, you will be able to access such things as a refund, sales, reports and deposit information remotely.

This has been helping thousands of restaurant owners gain insight into what is happening in their businesses. Additionally, it allows them to manage their restaurants more effectively, even when they are away.

Clover POS System Downsides

The restaurant software by this provider can only run on proprietary hardware, which can be expensive to acquire. Again, it is impossible to separate the payment processor from the POS system.

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10. Simple and Easy to Use System: Lavu

lavu posWhile Lavu POS hasn’t been around nearly as long as some of these other systems, their innovative technology hit the scene in 2010 and is already becoming a favorite among restaurant owners and managers.

If you own a restaurant or a food truck, you’ll like the food-specific features of this system and the easy-to-navigate menu. With such a user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder more than 20,000 food establishments are using Lavu nationwide.

In addition to their development team adding new features or add-ons to the software regularly, here are existing features from Lavu that we love:

Easy Order Taking

With Lavu, you can alternate between tables at the restaurant or tabs at the bar. If you own a café or a fast food restaurant, your POS system can be customized to display a Quick Serve menu.

You also have the ability of sending customer receipts or kitchen orders to specific printers in the restaurant. All of this can be done while keeping separating checks.

Customize Table Layout

Change the seating arrangement or table layout for different rooms in the restaurant. If you are running a fine-dining establishment, you’ll likely want to assign seats and course numbers, which will be an easy task with Lavu’s POS system.

Customize Your Menu

With the easy-to-modify menu from Lavu, you have the ability to add additional ingredients each order in just seconds.

Use a quick menu items like “Extra chicken” to upgrade a customer’s order, or simply allow the customer to select a forced modifier option like Salad > Salad Dressing. If they choose to order a sandwich instead, an item can open which asks which bread type, toppings, half or full sub, and more.

Lavu’s Downsides

Up until recently, Lavu’s inventory management feature was not strong. They recently rolled out the Inventory 2.0 update, which lets you create your own purchase orders and mass import inventory. While this helps save you time, we still feel that Lavu could add more inventory features like what’s selling and what isn’t.

11. Best System to Simplify Operations: Revel Systems

revel systemsThis POS system was built with your customers in mind. Revel’s goal is to delight the individuals who step into your restaurant or food establishment. Revel Systems is a full-service point of sale solution, helping you maintain control of your menu and your orders at once.

Whether you own a bar, winery, pizza shop, or even a brewery, Revel helps you simplify operations and increase efficiency with mobile order takers. These devices help sell on the go and reduce wait times by sending orders directly to the kitchen.

This system also helps you customize a loyalty program. While these front of house features are quite useful, there are also back of house features we’ll discuss next.

Ingredient-Level Inventory

Always be in control of your inventory levels, down to the very last ingredient, all in real-time. Generate a custom report so you can view your current business state and make fast decisions.

Real-Time Insights

These insights will help you manage your restaurant more efficiently. You have the ability to set low-stock alerts and automatically create purchase orders as your stock levels go down. Restocking is important and will make sure you can fulfill all your orders.

Also, with the Inventory Waste tracking feature, you’ll be able to know which items are expiring and avoid such waste. This way, you’ll also be able to adjust your next purchase order and only buy based on your usage.

Revel Systems Downsides

While Revel Systems is a great all-around POS system, some users reported communication errors between the pin pad and the POS system itself.

Additionally, the employee scheduling function is not as user-friendly as we’d like it to be. A solution to this could be importing shift schedules from Microsoft Excel.

12. Restaurant POS with No Ongoing Monthly Fees: Square for Restaurants

square for restaurantsIf you own a small restaurant or food establishment and just getting into the business, this option is perfect for you. This POS system is extremely fast to setup and quite easy to use.

Additionally, there are no monthly dues and you’ll only have to pay for the hardware you require; iPads, cash registers, card readers, or any other components you’ll need. Currently, Square only runs on iOS devices like iPads, but we believe Android compatibility will be an option in the future.

As this system is quite affordable, it also offers a suite of features restaurant owners will love:

Detailed Analytics

Without actionable data, it is nearly impossible to make the right business decisions. With Square Analytics, you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to view such data. With real-time reports, you can view what time of the day is busiest, which items sell best, and similar yet powerful insights.

Check Splitting

Managing multiple checks is second nature in the restaurant industry. Luckily, Square for Restaurants allows you to split checks quite easily. Assign food or drink items to a specific person in the party.

With one click of a button, you can also split the check down the middle or between three patrons (using the Smart Split functionality). Square accepts various forms of payments as well. The receipt will indicate the total amount of the sale, type of payment, and all items ordered by each customer.

Delivery Feature

Which great restaurant doesn’t offer delivery? Possibly a fine dining one, but it is likely you do not fall in that category. Most restaurants offer delivery to expand their business, and Square has the functionality for this. The system has the ability to take pick-up orders, delivery, or for here orders.

 Square for Restaurant Downsides

While this POS system is beyond reliable for smaller operations, it may not have the additional features needed for larger restaurants. For example, systems like TouchBistro offer more flexibility when it comes to extended menus and even more detailed analytics.

13. The Best Restaurant Digital Menu Manager: eZee BurrP!

ezee burpThis system may not be so popular but offers a comprehensive restaurant POS and management feature suite. With this system, you are able to accomplish such tasks as managing the various shifts, menus, Billings, tables, and payments in the business.

A considerable number of a restaurant owned also love the fact that the system is capable of integrating with the leading food ordering portals.

In addition to these, eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS system has several other impressive capabilities to offer, including:

Centralized Chain Restaurant Management

Managing multiple restaurant business locations at once can be a challenging undertaking. However, the eZee BurrP! Software for restaurants makes it appear as though you are managing a single location.

In this regard, the management solution by this provider allows you to manage the various aspects of your franchise from a single dashboard.

For instance, it allows you to keep track of stock and inventory levels, monitor live sales status and manage online and on-site menus for the various locations from a single point. This POS solution syncs the various locations, allowing for convenient control from one location.

Mobile App Reporting

Are you looking forward to managing the business remotely? If so, you will need a solution that keeps you updated and able to make informed business decisions.

This is precisely what the eZee mobile App is designed to do. The app allows you to receive automated reports and updates on your business revenue o your Smartphone or tablet.

From this app, you will be able to filter the various reports to depict data collected within a specific time period. With eZee iReport, you can also view a sales chart, cashier sales reports, and transaction reviews.

eZee BurrP! POS System Downsides

You may experience software bugs from time to time. Again, the system does not show the complete time on the KOT display.

14. The Best Quick-Service Restaurant POS System: Maitre’D

maitred posWhile this solution is ideal for use in any type of restaurant, it is best suited for quick-service restaurants. The Maitre’D software is equipped with a myriad of tools to help you serve more customers faster and accurately.

The software will also make it easier for you to keep track of labor and inventory costs in your business. The restaurant POS hardware offered by the provider includes a customer-facing display for enhanced efficiency of the checkout process.

The software also comes with a range of sophisticated tools to help you forecast restaurant sales. The solution also features integrated loyalty programs as well as delivery and dispatch management tools.

Discussed below are several other capabilities users have come to like about this cloud-based restaurant POS system:

Improved Customer Service

This solution is essentially designed to offer your restaurant customers precisely what they are looking for. With the feature-rich POS platform offered by this provider, your staff will have an easier time meeting each customer’s needs. To begin with, the provider offers a Handheld POS solution for tableside ordering and payment processing.

This solution feature on-the-fly modifiers, allowing the servers in your restaurant to add special requests by the customers into their orders.

The solution is also capable of holding Ana going orders. This reduces wait times for your customers, for improved customer experience. From the Moitre’D register, you will have access to several flexible options, including the ability to split checks.

The built-in redundancy capability of the system helps prevent downtimes in your restaurant. In addition to the manager workstation, this provider also offers auxiliary back-office capabilities.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

In order to make sound business decisions regarding your restaurant operations, you need to be well informed on the business. In this regard, the Maitre’D restaurant POS system is capable of generating hundreds of business reports automatically. Again, the system allows you to create your own customized reports.

For instance, the Speed of Service will help you gauge employee performance in your business. The system will also furnish you with in-depth sales reports, including reports on discounts, promotions, and voids carried out by each of your employees.

Maitre’D POS System Downsides

With this provider, you will find it relatively difficult to share your POS data over the cloud.

15. Most Feature-Heavy Software for Restaurants: Rezku POS

rezku posAlthough it is not at the top of our list, Rezku POS is one of the most powerful restaurant POS systems. With more than 300 features built into the system, this software can help you take your business to the next level.

Some features include inventory control, gift card and loyalty programs, analytics, CRM features, and even CFD and KDS apps to see what’s happening on the floor or in the kitchen.

Let’s dig further into Rezku’s powerful POS features:

Inventory Management

Rezku has fairly nice inventory management features that are specific to the restaurant industry. Menu costing is one of our favorites, where you can add some ingredients and figure out how much it’ll cost you to prepare a certain dish.

This way you can easily figure out your profit margins and know how to price each menu item accordingly. Adding inventory is done in mere minutes. These fast inventory features are especially useful to busy restaurants managers.


Rezku POS has fairly basic reporting capabilities. Check total sales by users or track your best-selling items for each employee. Track which hours are busiest and trends that develop such as peak hours.

Daily sales reports are generated automatically. However, you don’t have to be at the restaurant to view such reports. As Rezku is a cloud-based POS system, you can track sales and produce reports from anywhere, at any time. Cut down on waste by tracking inventory, down to the last ingredient.

Rezku POS Downsides

Rezku offers a solid package with hundreds of features, yet the software just gives you slightly more than the basics you need. While there are a lot of features, most of them weren’t designed to work seamlessly with other features.

For example, you could track ingredient waste, but if you wanted to tie it back to modify your next vendor order, there isn’t a quick way to do this.

16. The Best Fine-Dining Restaurant POS System: NCR Silver

NCR silver posNCR Silver is a robust, cloud-based iPad POS system which was built by NCR Corporation, the first ever point of sale system. The software from NCR is quite impressive and should be a strong candidate for consideration from small to medium-size restaurant and bar owners.

As NCR developed other POS systems like Aloha for restaurants and Counterpoint for retail—the company shows its true strengths with the NCR Silver platform.

They say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and NCR delivers by responding quickly to feature requests and improvements. With 24/7 support and a fleet of options, let’s see why this POS system is a hidden gem.

Fully Loaded Cash Register

Accept multiple types of tenders, gift cards, house account charges, and even Bitcoins, right from the system. Pay cash in or out, tally up the totals in your till, add or override tax for transactions. Within the register, you can also hold tickets to be recalled later or apply transaction discounts.

With printer routing, you can send specific orders to the kitchen or bar. If you have a prep area, you can send orders there as well and to a printer of your choice. If you have to-go items by weight, NCR Silver now offers weight scale compatibility and sync it with the register.

Employee Management

Monitor employee profiles with customizable access parameters and custom user roles. Assign each employee their very own login credentials and track their hours using NCR’s time clock feature. Give your employees the ability to clock in and out for breaks, and even set in motion minimal break times to be obligatory by the software.

NCR Silver Downsides

While the software itself is quite impressive with lots of features, the cost of hardware can really add up. While NCR offers various bundle packages; the cost of one register and a customer-facing display can easily run you more than $1,099.

17. The Best Fine-Dining Restaurant POS System: FusionResto

fusionresto posIf you are looking for the best iPad restaurant POS system for a fine-tuning or stand-alone establishment, you should consider getting the FusionResto POS system. This software is suited for small as well as a chain restaurant, café, bar or QSR businesses. The provider is renowned for offering a comprehensive POS solution.

With this POS restaurant system, you will have some of the best restaurant points of sale, kitchen order printing, billing, store control, food costing and menu management solutions. As compared to some of the best POS solutions for restaurant, FusionResto or relatively easy to set up, manage and use.

Other capabilities that make FusionResto one of the leading solutions in the hospitality industry include:

Swift Billing Solutions

In addition to having an intuitive interface, FusionResto restaurant POS system is entirely integrated. As such, you will not need separate hardware components to run the POS, inventory and store management or web front and back office aspects of the hardware.

In order to allow for faster restaurant billing, the software allows you to import the restaurant menu, following installation. Again, the software is relatively easy to learn and use, making it easy and fast for you to train new staff on how to use the POS.

You will also love the fact that solution offers a rather comprehensive billing solution, ranging from voucher entries and ledger creation to trial balance capabilities.

Actionable Reports

With more than 1,000 small businesses using this solution, FusionResto has been proven to improve employee efficiency by about 35 percent.

This may be attributed to its intuitive design, easy management, and actionable, anytime reports. The FusionMobi solution offered by this provider allows you to access a range of business reports on almost any mobile device.

The restaurant POS software also allows managers and business owners to customize exporting capabilities. Additionally, it allows you to set up business alerts to get real-time notifications and reports delivered to your email or send to your phone via text messaging.

Finally, this system is also ideal as Chinese Restaurant POS.

FusionResto POS System Downsides

You may find the development cycle of this software to be comparatively slow. Again, the Standard plan of this software does not include analytic capabilities.

18. Free Restaurant POS System: Loyverse

loyverse posLoyverse is free and even easy-to-use POS system for small to medium restaurants. With this software, you process transactions fast, maintain a clear record of your sales, manage inventory, and work on customer loyalty initiatives.

As you have no monthly payment, this is the perfect system to use as you grow your business. Eventually, you’ll need a solution with more built-in features if you expand. However, the software isn’t completely free, only the basic features are. You’ll have to pay $5 per employee per month for employee management. Also, $25 per location per month for advanced inventory reporting.

Let’s take a look at all the important features you should look into:

  • Printed Receipts: Provide patrons with a receipt from the printer or send them a receipt via email.
  • Return Feature: Process patron returns or apply discounts easily within the system.
  • Cash Tally: Make sure that the amount in your register is in line with your actual sales.
  • Open Tickets: Create or save orders to finalize later.
  • Order Modifiers: List product add-ons as item modifiers. Add line items for any additional costs.
  • Work Offline: Plug information into the software, even if you don’t have a stable Internet connection. The information will sync to the cloud and become available when you renew the connection.
  • Multiple Locations: Manage multiple restaurant locations from one dashboard.


Even More Features

Other than the in-store features we just mentioned, Loyverse POS offers a few inventory management capabilities. For example, you can use a CSV file do a bulk import or export of product information.

Also, track inventory right from the POS system, all the way down to the last ingredient. Get a notification when your stock is low so you can get in touch with your vendors and restock.

Loyverse POS Downsides

While this system is great for smaller operations, it doesn’t have all the functionality and extended menu features that larger POS providers can offer.

19. Award-Winning Hospitality POS Software: Epos Now

eposnow Epos Now is a UK-based POS system that has prides itself on being easy to use. With more than 30,000 clients, they offer support to their US clients from their satellite office in Florida.

Epos Now serves some like brands and is growing aggressively. While this POS system is not only used by restaurants around the world, it does have some neat features for food-service businesses like cafés and bars.

Other than customized reporting and real-time insights, here’s how Epos Now helps restaurateurs:

  • Table management: Craft a table plan that works for your restaurant’s operation and space. Get detailed information for each table.
  • Quick login: Allow your employees to log in to the POS using PIN numbers or access cards.
  • Split bills: Customers at any table can split checks or pay with multiple cards.
  • Online booking: Guests can make fast online reservations.
  • Master products: Also referred to as “Raw ingredient management.” Keep up with your inventory by tracking each ingredient you use.
  • Loyalty system: Provide cards with your branding to your patrons with loyalty points to keep them coming back.


Solid Inventory Features

When it comes to inventory, you manage and update your inventory levels in all your bars or restaurants at the same time. Also, create purchase orders automatically and transfer stock between your locations.

Third-Party Integrations

Epos Now syncs with a number of third-party integrations. For example, if you want to simplify your accounting within the software, Xero is one of those connections that can help track all your transactions.

For online booking, you have the ability to integrate with services like Nettle, Appointedd, CaterBook, App4, and others, all which help with online ordering, reservations, or both.

Epos Now Downsides

If you choose to use your own merchant processor, you’ll have to enter all transactions separately and manually into the Epos Now system. This can certainly be a huge inconvenience.

20. The Best Multi-Location POS System: PointOS

pointosWhether you own a quick-service restaurant, a bar, and grill or just a full-service restaurant, it is advisable to get a POS solution that works for you. The PointOS restaurant POS is essentially designed for businesses that have more that one location or aspire to expand.

This being the case, the solution may be used to manage a single location or add several other locations, up to 100, as the business grows.

Regardless of how many business locations you own, this system will offer you complete visibility into each of them from a single dashboard. Again, the solution is known to offers a productive environment for Enterprise team members.

So, what exactly makes PointOS one of the most popular restaurant POS systems?

Reliable Payment Processing

The integrated payment processor is a great addition in your restaurant point of sale. It will save you a considerable amount of money in restaurant POS hardware cost and speed up the checkout process. The technology platform offered by this provider combines POS, back of house, front of house, customer-facing displays and credit card processor into a single solution.

Unlike the other leading credit card processors, PointOS offers a payment processing solution that is specifically designed for restaurants. You will also like the fact that PointOS is a cross-platform solution. As such, you may run it from any Windows, iOS or Android device.

Even so, you will find the PointOS payment processing platform to be secure and highly reliable. Additionally, the system will continue processing payments even when the internet is down. Many restaurant owners also love the fact that the PointOS payment processor is PCI compliant.

Order Management Tools

As far as order processing is concerned, this solution is fitted with an array to exceed your customers’ expectations. Again, the system also ensures that your staff has an easy time managing incoming orders, regardless of where they are placed. For example, the solution features multi-server modes.

This capability allows you to program the system and add as many locations and wait staff as you desire. In this regard, you will love the customization options offered by PointOS. The system also features several other modification features, such as check splitting capabilities.

PointOS POS System Downsides

You may find the relatively few item tabs on this software to be limiting, especially if you happen to have many menu items.

21. The Best iPad Restaurant POS Software: Nobly

nobly posThis may not be the most popular restaurant point of sale software but is definitely one of the leading iPad restaurant POS systems.

As you will come to learn, this provider offers an intuitive table and inventory management solutions, with real-time ingredient level tracking of the stock. According to the thousands of restaurant owners who are already using the system, Nobly offers a complete overview of the entire business.

With a single software license, you will have access to support, software features as well as updates by this provider. Just like its current users, you will like the fact that the Nobly restaurant POS offers all the capabilities you will need.

Ranging from advanced table management and reporting tools to intuitive kitchen display systems Nobly will ensure that you have an easy time streamlining operations.

Some of the capabilities that make this software stand out from the rest to include:

Swift and Reliable Communication

Communicating between the back of house and front of house staff is key as far as enhance efficiency is concerned.

Although many restaurant owners tend to overlook this, you need to get a system that facilitates easy and reliable communication among the employees. With the innovative KDS systems offered by the provider, front of the house staff can fire accurate orders directly to the kitchen.

Additionally, the software features automated messaging capabilities. The system also makes it easy for restaurant owners and managers to track the various orders placed in their restaurants. As such, the system makes it possible for you to give accurate wait times to your customers.

Security and Permissions

As far as POS security is concerned, Nobly has taken several measures to ensure that your restaurant data and resources are secure. To begin with, the software allows you to assign each employee a dedicated account.

As such, each employee will need to enter his secure passcode to access the POS software feature. This has been helping restaurant owners restrict access to the POS system by the employees based on their responsibilities.

Nobly POS System Downsides

You may find the back office capabilities of this POS software rather clunky.

22. The Best POS System for Pizza Restaurant: Thrive POS

thrive posAre you shopping for the best pizza restaurant POS software? Well, you should consider getting Thrive POS solution. This system is widely renowned for its superior Pizza and Delivery capabilities. In addition to the tablet-based POS convenience it offers, the system offers some of the best mobile and integrated online ordering capabilities.

The customer loyalty and marketing as well as it’s advanced Enterprise reporting functionalities are equally appealing.

Other aspects you will come to live about the Thrive restaurant POS system include:

Online and Mobile Ordering

The online ordering platform offered by this solution is not just a convenient way for your customers to place their orders. This software is almost designed to help you leverage on suggestive selling to increase ticket averages in your restaurant.

Again, it is equipped with an easy to use interface, in addition to intuitive search capabilities, making it easy for your customers to find what they want.

This solution will upsell desserts, drinks and even sides to optimize your ticket average, without impacting on the customer’s shopping experience. This platform is also mobile optimized.

As such, your customers can review the online menu and order from almost any mobile device. As opposed to other online ordering solutions, Thrive gives you control over your online and mobile ordering user experience.

In this regard, the provider offers a fully customized business website to match your specific requirements and theme. With regards to design flexibility, the provider allows you to use your preferred colors, and pictures for the brand.

The online and mobile ordering platforms offer by this provider sync to the POS system in the restaurant. Therefore, online and mobile menus will be updated automatically and in real time.

Loyalty Program Management

Just as is the case with any other service-based businesses, an increase in return customers in your restaurant will boost profitability. To help you capitalize on this potential, Thrive restaurant POS offers flexible, automated and easy loyalty programs. By so doing, this software has been proven to offer a great return on investment.

The solution offers you a cost-effective way of boosting customer loyalty in your business. The system will capture and analyze relevant customer data to identify customers’ behavior. This, in turn, makes it relatively easier for you to Target them with custom incentives and rewards.

Thrive POS System Downsides

Customer support by this provider is unresponsive and may never let you know once your issue has been resolved. Again, the solution is known to experience glitches from time to time, requiring you to reboot the POS system.

23. The Best iPad Cloud-Based POS System: Aldelo for Restaurants

aldelo posAldelo for restaurants is an industry-specific, flexible and simple, yet powerful restaurant point of sale and management solution.

According to the POS provider, this solution is specifically designed to offer you the competitive edge you need to succeed in the hospitality industry. The iPad cloud-based POS software may be used as a stationary or mobile POS station.

Although the software is packed with a multitude of beneficial restaurant POS tools, it is relatively easy to use and implement. With Aldelo restaurant POS software, you will have access to some of the most powerful tools. While this is the case, it happens to be one of the most affordable POS solutions for the restaurant.

Other beneficial capabilities users have come to like about the Aldelo for restaurant POS include:

Food Delivery Tools

Since most of your customers prefer ordering for food online, they will also find it more convenient to have their orders delivered to their locations. This being the case, offering food delivery services can be your new revenue stream for the business. However, you will need to manage the various aspects of the process to ensure timely delivery of every order.

In this regard, the Aldelo food delivery solution offers you mapping, delivery, and caller ID capabilities. Such Aldelo Express features are aimed at simplifying the delivery process in your business. The delivery software supports integration with visual maps that are built into the device. These are meant to give delivery drivers precise directions.

This solution will also offer you dispatch control and seamless integration will Caller ID for enhanced customer service.

Enhanced Visibility

By offering managers and restaurant owners a complete overview of the business, this software makes management and planning easier. The floor plan functionality of the system, for example, supports visual floor plans. This, in turn, makes table management in your restaurant easier and effective.

Again, the restaurant POS will give you enhanced visibility into your reservations and wait for the list. Such management tools come free of charge with the Aldelo POS system for a restaurant.

Aldelo POS System Downsides

I you fail to pay subscription fees in time, the provider may shut the license down without prior notice.

24. The Best Food Service POS System: POSitouch

POSitouchPOSitouch is renowned among quick service restaurant owners as one of the leading providers of cutting-edge POS technology.

The solution is known to offer a perfect blend of functionality, affordability, and scalability for small businesses. Having been designed for the food industry, this solution features a vast array of industry-specific capabilities.

Implementing such a solution in your restaurant with help boost sales, retain more customers as well as reduce labor and food costs. It is also known to be one of the best open source POS restaurant solutions available in the market. Featuring an open architecture, this system allows restaurants to use industry standard third-party hardware.

All these benefits may be attributed to the intuitive design and unique blend of features offers by the software.

Here are some of the key features of the POSitouch POS system for restaurants:

Integrated Modules

As opposed to some of the leading POS solutions in the industry, POSitouch supports an array of integrated modules for enhanced functionality. The dining room management module, for instance, will help you depict the layout of your restaurant into the POS software. This way will find it easier to manage the various tables and assign servers to each table.

Managing the tables effectively with this module will see you turn tables faster, hence optimize profitability. Other integrated modules supported by this software include reporting, inventory management, credit card authorization, and labor management modules. As you can see, each of the modules will offer you more restaurant POS functionality.

Register Tools

The register on your stationery and mobile POS solutions should make it easy for your employees to take orders and process payments. To ensure that you reap such benefits, the POSitouch register is equipped with a range of flexibility and convenience tools.

With this solution, your servers will be able to separate checks at any stage of the order cycle. To do this, the servers only need to touch items and then drop them onto their respective check.

This system will also make I easy for you to monitor deletes and voids their total count and the associated dollar value. You will also love the fact that POSitouch offers extensive coupon capabilities.

In this regard, the software features a clear set of eligibility rules to prevented errors and guesswork.  You will also find it relatively easy to configure the touchscreens with this solution. For example, it allows you to alter screen color, size and button sizes.

POSitouch POS System Downsides

The software may get busy occasionally. When this happens, it causes the system to freeze and may require you to shut it down.

25. The Most Flexible Restaurant POS System: POSsible Restaurant POS

POSsible Restaurant POSAffordability, short learning curve, and intuitive design are some of the best-selling attributes of the POSsible POS solution.

The system is custom designed for the various players in the hospitality industry. This being the case, the software features an array of features for improved profitability.

In a bid t boost your restaurant profitability, this software is designed to speed up order processing and reduce human error. Additionally, the software has several integrated modules to offer restaurant owners, including reporting, employee interface, and customer interface.

Other features offered by the POSsible restaurant POS system you will find useful in your business include:

Payment Processing

POSsible offers you the hardware and software solutions you need to process card payments in a restaurant. The payment processing POS hardware offered by the provider includes a magnetic stripe card reader. You may swipe credit and debit cards through this reader to process a transaction.

If you are looking forward to processing chip card payments as well, you should consider getting the VX 805 reader, which is also compatible with the system. To make the various hardware components affordable, the provider offers several hardware bundles suited for different business needs.

Food Service Capabilities

The POSsible software is specifically designed for food service businesses, including fast casual, fine dining, and pizza restaurants. As such, the provider offers different software solutions that are tailor-made for each restaurant type. However, some capabilities are universal across all restaurant software options by the provider.

Some of the industry-specific capabilities you should expect to get with this software include custom menu layout, comp tracks, and reservation capabilities. The system also features a customizable drinks menu layout as well as a table layout screen.

POSsible POS System Downsides

The POS system does not come in a tablet bass POS solution. Instead, it is sold as a desktop stationary POS terminal. This will limit your mobility drastically.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Restaurant POS System

While there are numerous points of sale systems in the market, choosing the right solution for a restaurant business requires keen consideration.

In this regard, you will need a solution that can handle the large number of customers you get during peak hours. In addition to faster and efficient customer service, the solution should also make management tasks easier to accomplish.

This being the case, not just any standard retail POS system is suited for use in a restaurant. While shopping for the right one, it is advisable to go for an industry-specific system that offers the functionality you need.

As opposed to other types of businesses, POS systems for restaurants should have certain features that are unique to this industry.

If you are currently shopping for one, here are some of the important aspects you should consider:

Inventory Manager

The inventory manager on your preferred restaurant POS solution should be capable of tracking your inventory up to the ingredient level.

Since restaurant inventory is known to be somewhat different, you will need a specialized restaurant manager POS system. For instance, some of the inventory items and ingredients may only be purchased in limited quantities.

This is in an effort to maintain hygienic and product quality standards in the business. Again, running out of products when customers need them is equally embarrassing for a restaurant. The best POS systems for the restaurant are designed to help you buy the right amount of each inventory item while reordering.

The software you choose should also have the tools you need to prevent wastage and theft. When coupled with analytic tools, the solution should give you an idea of how popular each inventory item is. This will, in turn, help you optimize the inventory in your business for enhanced profitability.

Restaurant-specific Inventory Management Tools

For a POS system to be capable of such tasks, it needs to have such features as minimum stock threshold settings, integrated purchasing modules as well as sorting capabilities.

With regards to the sorting functionality, the system should be capable of sorting inventory items by such parameters as department or type.

Again, the software should feature an inventory matrix, capable of tracking the various items by color, size, and style. A solution that automates the generation of purchase orders when stock low-level thresholds are hit will also simplify management for you.

Mobile POS (mPOS) Solutions

Almost all the leading restaurants have a mobile ordering and payments solution in place. Rather than have your patrons wait to place their orders or make payments, such a system ensures that they can accomplish such tasks at the table.

In this regard, most of the popular restaurant POS providers offer a restaurant POS app.

Installing the app in a mobile device, such as a Smartphone, iPad or a tablet, gives you a mobile terminal that may be used anywhere in the restaurant. Since it allows you to bring your own equipment, this solution is an affordable option that offers you consumer familiarity benefits.

Again, it allows the servers in your business to interact with the customers as they take tableside orders and payments. Having been designed to run from a mobile device, an mPOS solution will convert the entire restaurant floor into a POS terminal.

Here are some of the capabilities your preferred mobile point of sale software should have:

  • Point of Sale the system you choose should expedite the checkout process in your business. Whether it is through Kiosks or mobile touch screen POS system restaurant solution, the system should feature the right capabilities. For instance, it should automatically calculate change, assign prices, adjust inventory counts and print receipts.
  • Customer Management the system should collect and store important customer information at the checkout. This data will come in handy when you are creating custom POS-driven loyalty programs.
  • Reporting and Analytics The system should be capable of digesting sales and customer information collected into meaningful data. In this regard, some of the leading systems will give you a complete overview of sales data, best selling items as well as the busiest hours.
  • Employee Management – The system you settle for should also feature important employee management capabilities. For instance, it should have an inbuilt time clock, wage management, and scheduling tools.


Table Management and Reservations

For optimal profitability, you need to ensure that all the tables in your establishment are managed effectively.

This is specifically why most of the best POS systems for bars and restaurants feature table/floor mapping capabilities. To begin with, this feature needs to be very flexible and have the right editing tools.

Such flexibility will allow you to depict the floor plan and table positions as accurately as you possibly can in the POS. Additionally, it should feature the right management functionality to ensure that the tables turn faster. As such, a typical restaurant POS system tells managers the status of every table in real-time.

This feature should be coupled with the best reservation capabilities for enhanced ease of use and accuracy. This integration makes it seamless for managers and restaurant owners to manage their seating and table arrangements. In addition to showing table status, the solution should be capable of recording and managing all reservations.

Optimized Employee Performance

The table mapping feature should also allow you to assign specific servers to that various tables in the establishment. This capability has been helping restaurants boost employee productivity and enhance accountability. This feature will also go a long way in improving customer satisfaction in your business.

Event Manager

Promotional events are some of the marketing strategies that will make your business stand out from the competition.

A promotional event is essentially the idea of promoting an item or service by holding a public event. As you can imagine, this effort requires a considerable amount of coordination and planning.

If you plan to hold such events in your restaurant, you should get a restaurant POS system that features event management capabilities. The best solution, in this case, should automate the organization, planning, and marketing of such events. Other event management capabilities you should consider having include:

Registration Management

This capability integrates with your POS, allowing you to accept or decline both offline and online registrations to various events. Some popular POS software for restaurants will even allow users to book tables, venues or rooms for the attendees.

Attendee Management

For enhanced attendee experience, your preferred software should have the right attendee management tools. Some of the capabilities you will find useful, in this case, including assigned seating arrangement, customized registration, polls, and guest list management.

engagement and assignment of qualified staff members to escort attendees. Certain solutions allow users to facilitate travel arrangements for attendees.

Ticketing Tools

This capability allows you to sell tickets or accept registration for events, such as conferences, through offline and online channels. The system you get should give you the flexibility if customizing ticket prices as well as ticket types. Additionally, the software should be capable of setting quantity limits.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

With a good mobile POS solution, your servers will not need to walk to and from the register to take orders and process payments. However, you also need to worry about the transmission of order details to the kitchen.

As you may be aware, paper orders are time-wasting and often have errors. In order to streamline the ordering process, both online and on-site, you should get a POS restaurant solution that supports KDS systems.

Most of the leading cloud-based POS systems allow the servers to fire orders directly to the kitchen from the table. In order to allow for this, the system will integrate with a kitchen display screen or a kitchen printer.

This will save the servers time and reduce customer waiting time. By so doing, the system will end in boosting customer experience and improving customer loyalty.

Online Ordering

A considerable number of consumers today prefer ordering their meals online. This way, they will find their orders ready by the time they arrive at the restaurant.

Alternatively, they can order for their favorite dishes to the delivered to their location. Filling this demand gap will create a new revenue stream for the business.

To allow for easier ordering experience and seamless order management, you should a system that can integrate with your business website. In addition to allowing the customers to place their orders online, the system should also make it easy for you to manage online and on-site orders through the POS.

The system you choose should be mobile-friendly, making it easy for customers to view menu items and place their orders from any device.

Delivery Manager

If you offer food delivery services, it is advisable for you to get a POS restaurant solution that features delivery management capabilities. The system you choose needs to be capable of managing all orders, both on-site and offline orders, that need to be delivered.

The system should allow you to keep track of such orders from the start up to and until they are delivered. A system that supports the delivery of your restaurant menu items should have the tools you need for one-time deliveries.

In this regard, you should look for a solution that can process delivery orders, capture delivery order payments and assign deliveries to drivers. In addition to automating much of the delivery process, the system should also record and analyze delivery data.

This will help you make sound business decisis regarding your delivery service. Additionally, the system you get should enhance customer, delivery driver and kitchen staff experiences. If you are currently shopping for such a restaurant POS solution, these are some of the delivery capabilities you should consider:

Online Menu and Ordering

The best POS system for a restaurant should support integration with an online selling platform, such as your business website. The solution should feature a menu of the items you offer in the restaurant for online shoppers to review. The online ordering platform offered by you preferred solution should integrate seamlessly with the POS system.

This will, in turn, allow the system to automatically update the inventory after every online order is placed. Again, the solution you get should allow for easy online menu management, allowing you to make modifications and run specials.

The system should make it relatively easy for your customers to place their orders online. Once an online order is placed, the system should be capable of firing it directly to the kitchen for preparation.

Drive Routing

This capability is essentially designed to direct your delivery drivers to customers’ locations. Some of the leading POS solutions for restaurants are equipped with even more advanced capabilities. For instance, some of the best POS delivery solutions are known to offer optimized routs.

Some will even factor in traffic conditions, baiting that your drivers take the fastest route possible. Additionally, you need to ensure that your preferred software offers customizable settings.

Kitchen Management Tools

Whether placed online or on-site, each of the delivery orders in your business has to go through the kitchen for preparation. In order to reduce wait times for your customers, your POS system should allow you to track the orders and manage the kitchen staff more efficiently.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, your preferred solution should route orders directly to the kitchen through a KDS or printer.

In addition to tracking orders, the solution should offer you kitchen staff management tools as well. It should also monitor inventory item counts automatically and notify the front-of-house staff if any of the items are running low.

Delivery Staff Management Capabilities

The system you choose for your restaurant should offer you a complete overview and insights into the delivery process. For instance, it should give you the status of all delivery drivers in the business, delivery locations as well as the status of every order.

You should also consider getting a solution that features delivery zone management capabilities. Such a solution will allow you to assign each driver to a specific delivery zone. It will also allow you to group orders that fall on the same delivery route for enhanced efficiency.

The system should also allow you to alter delivery fees based on the distance each location is from the restaurant.

Flexible Menu Management

Whether on-site or online, the menu is something every one of your customers will have to interact with before placing an order. As such, you need to come up with a restaurant menu that is appealing.

Again, restaurant menus are known to change seasonally. This being the case, your preferred POS system should make it easy for you to set up and alter the menu from time to time.

You need to ensure that you can add and remove menu items or even change item prices before buying any restaurant POS management software.

The system should also be capable of updating the menu automatically and in real-time in accordance with inventory levels. This prevents your servers from accepting orders on items that are out of stock.

Manage Your Restaurant Efficiently With POS Software

While there are numerous POS software options in the market, you should only get one that is best suited for your business.

In order to cater to your specific restaurant requirements, the solution should feature industry-specific capabilities. Like the 25 POS software options reviewed above, your preferred solution should also offer the flexibility you need.

Just as is the case with the systems reviewed above, the right solution should offer such features as food delivery, ingredient-level inventory management, loyalty programs, KDS systems, flexible menu management as well as online ordering and reservations.

As you have learned throughout this guide, the cost and feature offering of these systems varies from one provider to another. For instance, Clover may be the most affordable option of them all but only offers basic functionality.

Lightspeed Restaurant, on the other hand, offers a powerful blend of capabilities but may turn out to be too expensive for small restaurants.

This being the case, your choice of the best restaurant POS system should be influenced by your specific requirements.

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