The Best Brewery POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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brewery posThe best brewery point of sale system (POS) should offer guests an unforgettable experience at the taproom. Again, the solution should equip you with the right business data through in-depth, real-time reporting, to influence decision-making.

In addition to POS register tools you should go for a system that features inventory and labor management, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger capabilities. As you can see, only an industry-specific system will suffice.

If you are currently shopping for one, you need to consider such aspects as distributer integrations, UPC code catalog, payment capabilities, and localization. Reviewed below are the top four brewery POS systems you should consider.

The Best Brewery POS Systems

The provider offers a range of flexible hardware bundles to meet your business needs. (quote-based)
$69/month per license
2.99% +$0.15 per swiped transaction and 2.90% + $0.25 for keyed-in transactions
Depends on the hardware components you need
Varies from one payments processor to another
$649 for installation
$79/month per terminal
A flat quote-based rate for Revel Advantage payment processing

1. The Best Brewery POS System Overall: TouchBistro

The TouchBistro POS provider is well renowned for its unique restaurant POS software. Just like this popular restaurant POS, the brewery software by this provider is equally appealing. The TouchBistro brewery POS system is essentially designed to boost sales, inform your decisions and enhance customer service.

The provider simply bases the development of this software on the knowledge that you have unique manufacturing and inventory needs. As such, you will find this solution to be an all-in-one, full-featured software for bars and breweries.

Some of the capabilities that make TouchBistro one of the best brewery POS systems include:

Payment Processing

As compared to other iPad Brewery POS systems in the market, TouchBistro offers advanced payment processing capabilities. For instance, it features an intuitive integrated payment processor for swift and accurate payments. As you will come to learn, this processor allows you to accept multiple payment options.

With the solution implemented in your brewery, you will be able to accept such payment options as gift cards, cash, check, and cards. Additionally, the system allows you to customize guest checks and bills for each customer as well as void multiple items simultaneously. The ‘Fast Bar’ feature will make it easy for you to complete payments and close orders quickly.

Increased Sales

In an effort to help you generate more revenue, the TouchBistro POS system for the brewery will increase the average bar bills in the business. Additionally, the system makes it possible for you to move the more profitable items. This is achieved through a range of smart Upsell features within the software, such as Automatic Premium Liquor Prompts.

You will also like the flexible menu management functionality offered by this system. With this feature, you will be able to sell food and drinks on site as well as retail goods for purchase, such as six-packs. The solution is also packed with innovative marketing, rewarding and discounting tools to help drive repeat business to your brewery.

 TouchBistro POS System Downsides

You may fail to get a prompt response from the customer support team at TouchBistro when you need it the most.

2. The Best Full-Featured Brewery POS System: BrewPOS

Although this provider is relatively new, it offers a great value for money with its affordable, yet full-featured brewery software. The system will offer you such capabilities as gift cared management, loyalty programs, order management, delivery management, tips management as well as reporting and analytics.

Unlike most of the leading POS solutions in the industry, BrewPOS runs on Windows platform. As such, you will have a wider range of supported hardware to choose from, thus find it affordable. The provider also offers breweries comprehensive training through webinars, documentation and live online sessions.

Other capabilities that make the BrewPOS brewery software stand out from the rest to include:


The system will collect a vast array of important business data to inform decisions in your brewery. In this regard, the software is designed to generate in-depth reports on your important business processes. These reports may be viewed on any device that runs on Windows 7 and newer.

The system will allow you to filter the reports by the timeframe, such as daily, weekly or monthly reports for detailed analysis. This capability also generates real-time reports on the various inventory item types and department levels. The online business portal feature, on the other hand, will make it easy for you to transfer inventory between your business locations.

Simplified Data Export

In addition to generating informative reports and insights, the software allows you to export brewery data to third-party solutions. For instance, you may be having an external accountant doing your bookkeeping. Rather than having the accountant purchase a copy of the software, you should just give them your back-office login details.

This way, they will be able to access and export all the information they need.

BrewPOS System Downsides

Currently, the software does not have full inventory analysis capabilities for beverages.

3. The Best Platform Agnostic POS System: Vicinity Brew

The fact that the Vicinity Brew POS system can run on both iOS and Android devices means that it is compatible with more third-party hardware components. Most of its current users also love the fact that the software can integrate with such services as Microsoft Dynamics lines of products and QuickBooks accounting.

This software is specifically designed to create better products and improve business operations billing in breweries. As such, the software features demand planning, cask management, inventory management, production tracking, and quality control capabilities.

Other capabilities that make Vicinity Brew one of the leading brewery POS systems include:

Recipe Management

Are you currently using third-party solutions like Google Sheets and Excel to store recipes? If so, you need a solution that can store such information in a central location. The Vicinity Brew brewery POS system is one of the best solutions, in this regard.

To ensure that everyone in your brewery is working on the same data, the solution centralizes the storage of fermentation, brew and packaging information.  For the production of more granular records, the system allows you to manage production by recipe or process.

The system uses different units of measurement to allow for easy conversion between liters, barrels, cans, kegs cases and the like. With this software, you will also be able to calculate as well as analyze variances within the production process.

Lot Recall

The Vicinity Brew POS system for breweries makes it easy for brewmasters to track and even recall lots within their process.  Lot recalls often occur as part of audit processes or during live recall scenarios. Either way, this software will ensure that you have an easy time throughout the process.

In this case, the software has tracking capabilities for some or all ingredients as well as produced items. The system assigns lots to ingredients as soon as they are received into the brewery inventory. In addition to these, the system also allows users to modify lot trace reports in their business to cater to various needs.

4. The Robust Brewery Management POS System: Revel Systems

Get yourself a set of industry-specific tools that are aimed at helping you tap into the potential of your business. If you are looking for such a system, you should consider getting the Revel Systems POS system for Brewery.

In its functioning, the software is designed to track liquor inventory precisely, managing an evolving brewery menu and measure the amount of beer served accurately. Like most of its current users, you will also like the digital menu displays as well as custom menu building tools.

Other features you will come to like about the Revel Systems brewery POS system include:

Intuitive Brewery Management

The system is equipped with a range of tools to help you manage the business more efficiently. For instance, the solution features intelligent reporting and ingredient-level inventory management capabilities. The brewery POS software by this provider is also equipped with robust menu building tools.

These will help you tailor and update intuitive brewery menus as often as you rotate your brews. The software will also make it relatively easy for you to sell liquor by case or glass. In this regard, the system makes it possible for you to ring up tabs for both retail purchases and bar tabs as one.

Always On Mode

Another aspect you will love about this system is its ability to process payments even when the internet is down or slow. In this case, the system is designed to run uninterrupted offline and ensure that you do not miss a transaction.

Whether online or offline, the system will give you enhanced control over the cash flow. It will also allow you to set employee permissions. Again, you will still be able to monitor activities and processes in your business through the POS system in its offline mode.

Revel Systems POS System Downsides

The system is relatively expensive, especially for the startup breweries. Again, the software is rather unpredictable.

Before Choosing a Brewery POS System

In this fast-paced and highly competitive liquor industry, you will need the best-suited POS system to remain competitive and meet your customers’ expectations. Just like any other retailing software, your preferred system should help you optimize the inventory and simplify business management.

Additionally, the system should help you with compliance requirements, which are known to vary from one locality to another. You will also need a system that can implement the right tax rates automatically and feature price-scheduling capabilities. However, these are not the only things the best brewery POS system should have.

Other industry-specific features you should consider while shopping for the right solution include:

Simplified Orders and Payments

The right POS system for a brewery should be specifically designed to streamline operations in a bustling business environment like yours. Again, it should have the right tools to keep the orders coming as well as reduce customer wait times. To begin with, it is highly advisable to go for a mobile brewery POS solution, such as the best iPad-Based Brewery POS system.

In this regard, you should consider getting a system that has these capabilities:

  • Integrated Payments

Most of the leading POS solutions meant for breweries feature integrated payments. As compared to third-party payment processing software and hardware, integrated payments have been proven to be faster and simpler. With an integrated payments solution, you will be able to process payments directly through the POS system at the checkout.

  • Tabs

The system you get should make it relatively easy for you to open, close and maintain as many tabs as the day brings. One of the features that will come in handy, in this case, is Preauthorized Tabs. With this capability in your brewery, you only need to swipe a customers’ card through the system to open a tab in his/her name.

With this feature, you will not need the customer’s card for a second time while closing the tab. Again, preauthorized tabs will ensure that you do not have forgotten payments in your business at the end of the day.

  • Payment Options

Just as is the case with any other business today, you need to offer your customers the flexibility they desire while making payments. As such, your preferred POS software should support most of, if not all of the major payment options.


As you may be aware, liquor regulations vary from time to time and from one region to another—even within the same state in rare circumstances. As such, you should get a system that will help you with compliance reporting as well. For the best results, you should go for a solution that supports localization and features flexible compliance reporting capabilities.

Price and Sale Management

You should also anticipate changes in prices for the various brands or class of items you offer. The system you choose should allow for flexible and easy price management. The system should essentially allow for dollar or percentage price changes across your menu items.

The system should also feature real-time sales reporting functionality. A system that keeps you updated on sales and cash flow in the business remotely will come in handy.

UPC Preloaded Database

Following the installation of a POS system in your brewery, you will need to compile an inventory list. To make this process easier, you should get a system that comes preloaded with common brewery inventory items. The UPC code catalog in your preferred system should have descriptions for common items found in a brewery.

Over the years, this functionality has been helping brewery owners save time while compiling their inventory lists for the very first time.

Distributor Integration

For easier ordering and distribution of your alcoholic beverages, you will need a system that is capable of integrating with your distributors’ systems. For instance, the solution should be capable of issuing advance shipment notices (ASN). This will, in turn, make it easier to receive inventory accurately. Additionally, such a capability will also prevent inventory shrinkage in your business.

Our Final Verdict

In order to succeed in this competitive brewing industry, you just have to meet, or better still, surpass your customers’ expectations. As such, you will need to offer them quality products, reduce waiting time and implement competitive prices for your products.

To achieve this, you will need a system that centralizes recipe management, inventory management, and scheduling. Just like the four systems reviewed above, your preferred solution should also offer such capabilities as production planning, distributor integration, reporting, and analytics.

Whether you own a startup business or an established, multi-location brewery business chain, this guide will help you invest in the best brewery POS system.

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