The Best Quick Service POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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quick service posThe best quick service restaurant (QSR) point of sale system will enhance efficiency, and profitability in your business.

With the right solution, you will be able to offer what your customers are looking for in a QSR; speed and convenience. In this regard, your preferred POS option should be able to speed up their order, and payment processing.

In order to achieve this, your preferred solution should be packed with the right features and capabilities to keep lines moving and optimize revenue.

When shopping for the right one, you need to consider such features as a digital signature, tableside ordering, and payment processing, digital menu boards, kitchen display, and customer display systems.

Reviewed below are the top six POS systems for a quick service restaurant you should consider.

Comparing the Best Quick Service POS Systems

From $1100 for hardware bundle
From $69/month
Depends on your preferred gateway

From $69/month for a single license

From $99/month per location
Flat rate + $.15 per transaction
From $899
From $79/month
Custom quote-based

From $809.00 for hardware bundles

2.75% per transaction; 2.9% + $0.30 for invoiced and online transactions, and 3.5% + $0.15 for keyed-in transactions
From $39/month
Quote-based, contact the provider for a rate

1. The Best Quick Service POS Choice Overall: Lightspeed Restaurant

Quick service restaurants should mainly be about speed and convenience for the customers. This is why you need a system that can keep up with your speed.

The Lightspeed Restaurant POS system for QSRs helps you to deliver on your promise, and serve the customers on time. To begin with, the software has a shorter learning curve. This makes it easy for your staff to learn and operate.

With Lightspeed in your quick service business, you can guarantee your customers faster and accurate ordering, and payment processing. As far as enhanced customer service is concerned, here are some of the LightSpeed capabilities you will come to love:

Multi-Store Management

If you own a multi-location fast food chain, you will need software that centralizes most of the management work. With the Lightspeed quick service POS system, managing your various locations from a single platform will be fun. To begin with, this system allows you to save all your accounts on devices.

This will safeguard you against losing important business information, whenever you decide to change devices temporarily. The system also features centralized reporting and gift cards. In order to give you a detailed overview of the entire chain businesses, the system is designed to furnish you with real-time reports from all your locations through the same platform.

Centralized gift cards, on the other hand, allow you to print promotional gift cards that are redeemable in all your business locations. This allows the customers the flexibility of shopping from any of your locations and still get the same interesting offers.

Self-Order Menu

With Lightspeed POS system for quick service establishments, you will be able to integrate self-ordering and checkout solutions like Kiosk. As you will come to learn, the system features intuitive and easy to follow menu layouts for such solutions. With such a system, the customers will be able to place orders on their own, and then wait for their orders to be prepared.

Not only does this make ordering faster, and enhance customer service, it will also reduce the need for servers in your restaurant. These will, in turn, allow the business to save money on wages and salaries.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS System Downsides

The small quick service food establishments may find this system to be a bit expensive. Again, the POS solution is not capable of processing payments in its offline mode.

2. The Best Counter-Service Restaurant POS System: TouchBistro

Just as is the case with other types of restaurants, counter-service, and quick service restaurants have tight margins.

Again, such establishments still need to combat long lines and stiff competition in the hospitality industry. In order to address such challenges and stand out from the competition, you will need a unique POS system like TouchBistro.

Implementing TouchBistro in your business will reduce errors, keep the lines moving and be able to sale more of the profitable items. In this regard, some of the features that make Touch bistro ideal for quick service restaurants include:

Improved Customer Service

TouchBistro features an intuitive user interface and is packed with an array of straightforward tools. This has been proven to reduce training time, enhance accuracy, and streamline operations in QSR businesses.

Dissolution features predictive, quick cash buttons. These are meant to improve the efficiency and speed of the checkout process in your business.

The payment processor used on the TouchBistro POS system supports multiple payment options, such as chip cards, Android Pay, and Apple Pay. The provider offers an intuitive customer-facing display for enhanced transparency. Additionally, the POS option features a quick voids capability.

The system is also capable of tracking the inventory up to the ingredient level. The inventory manager on this system will also identify and eliminate wastage as well as boost your overall bottom line.

Informed Decisions

Business decisions should be backed by real-time and accurate data. TouchBistro will analyze your business to offer you insights into the changes you need to make. For instance, it will help you understand when to run promotions, hire more employees or even the best-selling products.

You will also like the fact that the reporting and analytic capabilities of this system may be accessed at any time and from anywhere. In this case, you may get your business reports and analytics via the cloud or through the Reports-To-Go App by the provider.

TouchBistro POS System Downsides

The customer service is a provider is less reliable. Again, the provider requires to pay an additional cost to get loyalty capabilities.

3. The Best Cloud-Based POS System: Upserve

Upserve is one of the leading providers of easy-to-use, feature-rich quick service POS systems in the hospitality industry.

Not only is this system easy to train, and implement, it has a unique blend of features to help you attract and retain customers. Formerly referred to as breadcrumb, the Upserve restaurant POS solution has a horde of interesting capabilities to offer, including:


In addition to being an intuitive restaurant POS option, Upserve is highly customizable. The system allows you to come up with as many menu items as you would like to. Again, it also allows you to categorize the various items in such groups as salads, drinks, entrees, and appetizers. Such categories will then appear on your screen as tabs on the right side.

This alone has been proven to make menu items more accessible and easier to find on the register. Additionally, this organization allows for easier menu changes. With this system, you can as well identify the best-selling items in the business.


This restaurant POS solution essentially runs on iPads. As such, it offers a mobile ordering and payment processing solution for quick service restaurants. With this system implemented in your restaurant, the servers will not need hand tickets, or scratch pads to take orders.

Equipped with the iPads, servers in your business can easily take orders at the tables and fire them directly to the kitchen display system. The system also makes it easier for you to edit the checks, by modifying or deleting items, specifying quantity, indicating seat position, and taking special notes.

Unlike most of the leading restaurant systems, Upserve allows their servers to change various item prices at the order screen. However, a server needs to have the appropriate permissions to make such changes.

Upserve POS System Downsides

As compared to other quick service POS systems, Upserve offers a relatively low value for money. Additionally, the system is known to experience occasional software glitches.

4. The Best Casual POS System: Toast

Improved efficiency, line burst, and enhanced customer loyalty are some of the best-selling points of the Toast quick service POS. The provider offers hardware and software options that are specifically designed for casual restaurants.

As such, you will find the system to be fast enough when collecting and fulfilling orders. Ranging from online ordering, and Kiosks to countertop POS stations, Toast has a myriad of capabilities to offer, including:

Industry-specific Reporting

This system features an internal reporting functionality that offers a vast array of reports in real time. With Toast, you can access the various reports, including labor reports, product mix reports, tip, and sales reports, from wherever you are.

In addition to the various, in-depth business reports, the system presents you with a comprehensive summary report. From this summary report, you will get a quick glance of the net sales, total guests, tips, gratuity, and table turn times.

The summary report will also give you a break down of the payment methods and service types in the business. As you can see, this feature is mainly meant to offer you a “scannable”, a quick overview of the important sales metrics in your restaurant.

Customer-Facing Display

This POS hardware component to by Toast lets the customers view the orders as you ring them up. Over the years, this solution has been helping quick service establishments to reduce transaction time, increase order accuracy, and deliver a seamless checkout experience.

This option allows the customers to their checks as well as tip the servers right from the display. The guest display also features a built-in loyalty program they can opt into at the checkout.

Toast POS System Downsides

The POS system is locked onto Toast credit card processing. The provider also requires you to pay additional costs to get software add-ons.

5. The Best iPad-Based Quick Service POS System: Shopkeep

Set the pace in your quick service business with one of the fastest POS systems for QSRs.  In addition to speeding up operations, Shopkeep is equipped orator the right tools to enhance day-to-day operations in your restaurant. Additionally, this system will boost efficiency, margins, even speed up orders.

Other Shopkeep features you will find beneficial in your quick service restaurant include:

Register Tools

The register on this quick service POS system has a range of tools and capabilities for speedy and easy service delivery. Shopkeep essentially offers you the ability to zip through restaurant transactions in order to combat long lines. Additionally, the system will give your customers a unique experience that will keep them coming back.

The Shopkeep register will also offer the customers enhance flexibility whenever they are paying for their orders. In this regard, the payment processor accepts such payment options as EMV chip cards, and ApplePay. The provider also guarantees the lowest payment processing rate possible in the industry.

The POS solution allows you to capture detailed orders, using modifiers and extra notes. You can then fire the orders directly to the kitchen display system. Such are the features that allow for streamlined customer service, improved accuracy, and enhanced loyalty.


As a startup business owner, you should only invest in solutions that allow your business to grow. Your preferred solution should also be scalable to accommodate your changing business needs as it grows. In order to attract more customers and grow the QSR, Shopkeep features a unique marketing tool suite.

With this system, you will also be able to capture important customer details like email addresses. This information, along with the data collected by the CRM feature, may then be used to generate personalized marketing campaigns. Such targeted promotions have been proven to be more effective at drawing more customers to your restaurant.

Shopkeep POS System Downsides

Unlike most of the leading quick service POS systems, Shopkeep lacks mapping capabilities.

6. The Best Quick Service Delivery POS System: Harbortouch

Whether you own a fast food or fast casual restaurant, Harbortouch has the point of sale system capabilities you need. POS systems by this provider essentially offer industry-specific features like caller-id integration, dynamics customization, and delivery management.

As such, Harbortouch or fast the best dynamic solution for quick service restaurants that offer delivery services. Some of the Harbortouch features QSR owners have come to like include:

Driver Management

The software features a delivery dashboard, offering QSR owners complete control over there delivery vehicles and drivers. To begin with, the dashboard will give you the duty status of every driver at any given time. This allows you to know the drivers who are out on delivery and the ones that are readily available.

Additionally, the system automatically monitors the period each driver takes to deliver each order. From the dashboard, you can also tell how long is older has been waiting. Such capabilities allow for more efficient driver scheduling and timely deliveries for enhanced customer experience.

Remote Management and Reporting

The provider offers a powerful, and highly beneficial remote management and reporting platform; the Lighthouse platform. From this platform, you will have access to real-time business reports and management capabilities from wherever you are.

You may access the Lighthouse platform online anytime to make menu changes remotely. Similarly, you may also use the platform to manage the employees in your business from wherever you are.

Harbortouch POS System Downsides

The POS system is locked to Harbortouch payment processor. Additionally, the provider requires you to sign long term contracts.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Quick Service POS System

According to US Census data, an increasing number of Americans today prefer eating out. The fact that this trend is expected to continue in years to come is great news for quick service restaurants (QSR).

In order to take advantage of this growth, you will need a solution that makes management easier and more efficient. Additionally, you will need a solution that enhances customer service in the restaurant.

For the best results, you will need a solution that is easy to use and is packed with restaurant-specific features. Basically, your preferred solution should allow for fast order taking, and payment processing in the business.

This being the case, there are a few considerations you need to make while shopping for the right quick-service POS system, including:

Menu Builder

The menu in your quick service restaurant should do much more than just display the items you’re offering. To begin with, your preferred solution should make it easy for you to build and update your restaurant menu on-the-fly.

In order to create the best-fit menu for the business, the POS system should allow you to customize each item according to your preferences. For instance, it should allow you to use descriptions and images for each menu item. Again, the system should also feature the right modifiers, and combos to incentivize your customers.

Customer-Facing Display

In order to curb long lines, and allow for faster transactions, more QSRs are investing in mobile POS, and Kiosk solutions. While this is effective, you may also need to consider implementing a customer display system in the business.

This will enhance transparency as well as offer on-screen tips during transactions. In most of the leading systems, the customer display system also allows the customers to input on-screen signatures.

Over the years, this has been proven to speed up the checkout process. For the iPad-based systems, you should get a solution that allows you to swivel the display towards the customer during checkout.

Offline Mode

As far as real-time reporting and restaurant management is concerned, cloud-based systems are the best QSR POS solutions. However, some of these systems may not be used to process transactions when the internet is down or there is a power outage.

Such a solution will definitely disrupt operations in your business. This being the case, it is advisable to get a system that will continue processing transactions whenever the internet is down or there is a blackout.

In this regard, you should only opt for providers that offer an offline/ always on mode on their POS systems.

Online Ordering and Reservations

The leading quick-service restaurants allow their customers to place the orders or make reservations online. This is actually one of the best ways to boost revenue in your business. As such, you should get a system that is capable of integrating with your business website for online ordering and reservations.

You may also need to look into that party services your preferred POS system can integrate with. For instance, it most of the day consumers are using Grubhub to place the online orders, you should get a system that is capable of integrating with Grubhub.

Additionally, your preferred solution should allow you to keep track of both your online and in-store orders and reservations through the POS system.

The right QSR POS system should also make it easy for you to keep tabs on the tables and servers in your business at all times. You may also need to consider systems that integrate with reservation management solutions like OpenTable.

Kitchen Display System

With the right kitchen display system (KDS) integrated into the POS system, your servers will be able to transmit orders from the tables to the kitchen.

The fact that they do not have to walk all the way back to relay all the information to the kitchen saves time.

Again, this real-time transmission of information between front-of-house and back-of-house enhancers efficiency, and accuracy. In order to allow for this in your QSR, you should settle for a provider that offers KDS as part of the POS hardware components.

Our Final Verdict

Ranging from hardware cost payment processing fees, QSR point of sale systems vary in pricing. However, your choice of the right solution should not solely depend on its affordability. Instead, it is advisable to go for an intuitive, industry-specific, and scalable option.

The six quick-service POS systems reviewed in this guide are some of the best, in this regard. Although they all offer industry-specific capabilities, this guide will help you choose the most ideal one for your specific QSR operation. Most of the above systems can be used as a restaurant POS system.

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