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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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POS Quote Team

The staff at is composed of industry professionals, experts, and current business owners. Through extensive research, we compile buyer's guides and review the best POS systems in the industry.

pizza pos systemThe best pizza point of sale (POS) system will help you stand out from the stiff competition, even when you have thin margins.

The right pizza parlor software should offer the functionality you need to cut costs and operate more efficiently. Additionally, the solution should be capable of addressing specific needs and challenges that pizza parlors face.

For instance, the system should tackle such challenges as multiple order types, multiple tax complexities, and pricing models as well as delivery, and inventory control. 

To choose such a system, there are various things you should consider, including online ordering, modifiers, delivery management, ease of use, and security.

To simplify the otherwise overwhelming task, here are reviews of the top four pizza POS systems you should consider.

The Best Pizza Parlor POS Systems for 2020

From $899
From $79/month
Custom-built rate
From $69/Month with annual contract
Depends on your preferred payment processor
From $99/month per location
Flat rate + $.15 per transaction
$649 for installation
From $79/month
A flat rate that is agreed upon based on business type

1. The Best Overall Pizza POS System: Toast

Toast POS system has been specifically designed for different sub-sectors in the food industry, including restaurants and pizzerias of different sizes.

As a matter of fact, it is also one of the best all-in-one restaurant POS systems in the industry. As such, Toast features a single platform to solve all your point of sale, reporting, employee management, and digital ordering needs.

The POS software from Toast is design to run exclusively on Android devices. You will find it to be relatively versatile, as compared to iPad-based pizza POS systems. This also enables the provider to offer affordable hardware bundles, with the most affordable one costing about $899.

Other pizza-specific features and capabilities users have come to love about Toast include:

Customizable Telephone Orders

With this solution in your pizzeria, you will not only be able to receive telephone orders; it makes it possible for you to differentiate new guests from call-ins and regular customers.

During the ordering process, the system will automatically display the number, past order history, and name of customers who have ordered from your business before.

Customer Data Collection and Reporting

Toast features one of the most powerful integrated customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities in the industry. The CRM on this system is essentially designed to collect customers’ order history and contact information. When coupled with the advanced reporting capabilities of the system, this solution offers you a complete overview and insights into the business.

For instance, you may use the data collected by the system to generator in-depth customer-based reports. Such reports will help you understand such things as the most prolific customers or even the ones who have spent the most amount of money in the pizzeria within a certain time frame.

From these reports, you may as well get to know each one of your customers better. In this regard, the system allows you to narrow down to such specifics as days since the last visit, customer’s average checks, and items frequently ordered by the customer.

Industry-specific Reporting

This system features an internal reporting functionality that offers a vast array of reports in real time. With Toast, you will be able to access the various reports, including labor reports, product mix reports, tip, and sales reports, from wherever you are.

In addition to the various, in-depth business reports, the system presents you with a robust and comprehensive summary report. From this summary report, you can take a quick glance of the net sales, total guests, tips, gratuity, and table turn times.

The summary report will also give you a break down of the payment method and service types in the business. As you can see, this capability is essentially meant to offer you a “scannable”, quick overview of the important sales metrics in your pizzeria.

Downsides of the Toast POS System

You have to incur additional costs to get important add-ons for this POS system. Additionally, you may not like the fact that the POS system is locked to the Toast credit card processor.

2. The Fastest Pizza POS System: Lavu

Lavu POS offers a comprehensive POS solution for swift checkouts and streamlined operation in pizzerias. Over the years, this system has been proven to enhance customer service and loyalty in pizzeria businesses.

Ranging from a simplified online ordering process to easy checkout, and a convenient pizza creator, this solution has all the important tools you will ever need. Discussed below are some of the features and capabilities that make Lavu stand out from the competition:

Pizza Creator

This is a feature that makes it easier and more convenient for you to create custom pizzas. In its functioning, the feature allows you to build virtually any pizza on the POS system. By so doing, the system makes pricing, cooking, and delivery aspects of the various pizzas easier.

As you will come to learn, this feature will also simplify the addition of different toppings to the various pizzas you offer. Using this feature, you may add toppings to half pies, or just add individual toppings to pizza portions.

Regardless of the case, the system will automatically factor any half-topping or toppings used into the bill.

Online Ordering and Delivery Manager

These two capabilities allow your customers to order for and enjoy a pizza at the comfort of their homes. To begin with, the system will integrate an intuitive online ordering page into your business website. This way, customers to conveniently place their orders right from your website wherever they are.

The Lavu online ordering platform allows the customers to order for take-out or delivery. Either way, the system makes it easy for customers to place their orders. Orders placed online will then be routed directly to the kitchen for preparation.

Lavu POS System Downsides

Lavu pizza PIS system experiences occasional software glitches. Again, you will be required to incur additional cost to get gift cards on your POS.

3. The Most Customizable POS System: Upserve

As far as pizza toppings are concerned, different consumers have varied preferences. This being the case, it is advisable to get a system that allows you to customize each other to the guest’s specific requirements.

In this regard, Upserve features a unique set of tools and capabilities to help you achieve this. Here are some of the features butternut Upserve one of the best pizza POS systems:

Compliance and Safety

As you will learn later in this guide, network and payment security are some of the key considerations when shopping for the best pizza POS system. Similarly, the right system should be able to monitor food safety and help your business remain compliant.

To help enhance safety and compliance, Upserve supports integrations with third-party services for HACCP compliance. Additionally, such integrations have been proven to help pizzerias track food safety. With such integrations in place, the POS system will automatically send you an alert if something goes wrong.

Payment Processing

The Upserve POS provider offers one of the most affordable and secure payments processing platforms in the industry. Upserve payments is integrated directly to the pizza POS system. This being the case, you will be able to accept both debit and credit card payments, including EMV chip cards, through the POS system.

Another thing pizzeria owners love about the Upserve payment processor is its rates. The provider offers a transparent and affordable processing rate for the EMV-ready payment processor. Finally, the system has been rated PCI Level 1 as far as security is concerned.

Menu Management

Not only does this solution feature an intuitive user interface, but its also equipped with an assortment of tools to make menu management in your pizzeria fast and easy.

Some of the Upserve menu management capabilities you will find beneficial include:

  • Menu Search – The servers may use this to look for menu items or even categories. By allowing them to fire orders right away, it will save the business a considerable amount of time.
  • Pre-Authorize Tab – Having to close a long list of tabs at the last minute is both time-consuming and inconveniencing for the customers and business. Rather than having to swipe cards at the end of every business day, this tool allows the staff to drop signature slips. This will, in turn, result in faster closeouts and happier customers.
  • Menu Intelligence -This feature allows you to understand how the menu in your pizzeria resonates with the customers.
  • Void/Comp Reporting This system will automatically notify you every time a server voids an item or uses a discount code or even comps something for a customer. Additionally, the system will help you understand the reason for each void/comp by each server.


The Downside to Upserve POS

The system is known to experience outages from time to time.

4. The Best Pizzeria-Specific POS System: Revel Systems

Hungry customers in your pizzeria will often want their pizzas to be made differently. Get your business a POS system that allows them to get exactly what they desire.

One such solution is the Revel pizza POS system. With this system, the customers can choose a pizza from your menu or customize a pie afresh. Other Revel POS that will keep customers coming back to your pizzeria include:

Flexible Menu Building

Although pizzeria businesses are similar in several ways, product offerings may vary from one pizzeria to another. As such, this POS system allows you to craft a menu that reflects the business. To help you build a menu that is specific to your needs, Revel features product categories and subcategories.

Just like the initial menu set up, updating and making changes to your menu will be relatively easy. Additionally, changes to the menu will be automatically pushed across the POS for enhanced consistency and accuracy.

Flexible Ordering and Payment

With this solution in your business, you can allow customers to order for pizzas and pay in whichever way they desire. As far as ordering is concerned, the system allows your customers to place online and mobile orders. While ordering, the customers will be given the flexibility of building the pizza they desire.

In this regard, the system features an array of pizza customization options. With such flexibility, your customers can conveniently place special requests, create half pizzas, and add their preferred toppings.

Once done placing the orders, the customers can make their payments in whichever way they find convenient. The system is essentially designed to accept multiple payment options, including all major credit cards, Apple Pay and EMV chip payments.

Revel POS System Downsides

As compared to other pizza POS systems, Revel is comparatively difficult to set up. Again, you may experience occasional software glitches with this system.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Pizza POS System

Basically, the best restaurant POS systems have most of the features you need in your pizza parlor. However, such software options often lack some of the most important industry-specific capabilities. This being the case, it is advisable to only invest in a pizza-specific POS system.

Whether you run a large national chain or a startup pizza outlet, implementing the right solution has a horde of benefits to offer. So, how can you tell whether a system is suited for your pizza kitchen?

To help you choose the right Pizza POS solution, here are some of the important features you should consider:

Online Ordering

A considerable number of consumers today prefer ordering and paying for various items online from their tablets, Smartphones or PCs. In order to tap this revenue stream in your business, you should get a system that integrates an online ordering platform to the pizza POS.

Your preferred system should feature advanced ordering capabilities. For instance, it should allow the customers to place their orders 24/7 and schedule deliveries or pickups at any time they find convenient.

You may also need to get a system that is capable of generating insights, regarding when you should expect the most customers. Such information will help you plan for food preparation and schedule the workers more effectively. The online ordering system in your business should also encourage the customers to pay for their orders in advance.

Integrated Payments

One of the main functions of a POS system is to process payments. In this regard, the system should feature the right integrated payment processors. This will ensure that you have a swift, accurate and reliable checkout process the pizzeria.

The system should also be able to give accurate changes for every transaction. Again, it should allow the customers to pay using their preferred method.

For enhanced flexibility, you should opt for a payment processor that supports multiple payment options, including debit and credit cards, cash, gift cards, and loyalty cards. 

Finally, the payment processor you are using with your pizza POS system should be EMV compliant. Such aspects will boost customer experience in the business and foster increased customer loyalty in the long run.

Hot Keys and Modifiers

Menu and inventory management in a pizza POS system should be automated and flexible. The right solution should allow you to personalize the ordering process as well. In this regard, modifiers will come in handy.

As far as POS hotkeys and modifiers are concerned, here are some of the things you should consider:

Industry-specific modifiers

Modifiers are essentially POS functionalities that define, change or extend items on your menu.

While most restaurant POS systems feature great modifiers, it is advisable to opt for a system that has modifiers specifically designed for pizzerias. For instance, the modifiers on a pizza POS system should make it easier for your customers to select the various options on your menu.

In this case, a pizza-specific system should allow them to choose the various options you offer, such as crusts, pizza sizes, and topping options.

Ability to Set Up ‘Hot Keys’

Many systems designed for Pizza parlors are relatively customizable. One of the capabilities you need to consider in this case is the ability to configure hotkeys. For instance, the system should allow you to preconfigure pricing for the most popular items in the business on the order screen.

Additionally, your preferred solution should also feature suggestive selling. Such a system is capable of prompting the employees, through the register, to suggest other items the customers may need, in addition to their order items. This has been proven to enhance customer experience and generate additional revenue for pizzerias.

Ease of Use

You also need to consider how easy the system is for your employees and customers to understand and use. Basically, your preferred pizza software should feature an intuitive user interface that is easy to understand.

In this regard, POS systems with a touchscreen interface are considered to be more intuitive. As you can imagine, using a touch screen to enter orders is simpler and more accurate than having to type them into the system.

A system that uses images, colors, symbols, and shapes, in addition to words, is relatively easier to implement and use. A system that is easy to use will naturally improve the employee turnover rate. Additionally, an intuitive interface will make it easier for the employees to adapt to the menu, and procedure changes.

Such a system will also allow for easier and faster ordering process as well as enhance customer throughput in the business.

Network and Payment Security

While many pizzeria owners tend to overlook this factor, it is important to ensure that your preferred software is safe and secure. A data breach in your business can cost your business thousands of dollars indirect costs. Again, such an eventuality will definitely damage your brand reputation.

To ensure that you get the system that offers optimal security, you need to consider such aspects as:

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security 4 application intelligence and protection against intrusion.
  • Such unified security management capabilities as vulnerability assessment, behavior monitoring, asset discovery, and threat detection.
  • An endpoint security system that features application whitelisting, third-party application monitoring, and OS patch management.
  • A security system that blocks known threats

A USB-based failover internet backup is something you should consider having in your pizza POS system as well. This will allow your business to process debit and credit cards securely, meeting life threat monitoring during internet outages, and allow for secure online ordering.

A considerable number of providers are offering PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)-compliance as a security feature in their systems. While this is an important POS security measure, it may be limited to the card reader and the POS terminal.

In such a case, the future does not offer security for such POS components as the back office, server, network, user access, and online ordering system. This is something you need to consider carefully as it may leave your business and customer’s sensitive information exposed to threats.

Delivery Management

If you allow for online ordering in your pizzeria, delivery will be an integral part of the business. As such, the best pizza POS system should feature great delivery management capabilities.

To begin with, the system should have an integrated customer database and caller ID. Such capabilities will come in handy while dispatching drivers as well as scheduling, and managing deliveries in your pizzeria.

In order to minimize travel and make on-time deliveries, the delivery manager should allow drivers to make multiple deliveries per trip. This will, in turn, reduce customer wait times and boost customer loyalty. Such a delivery manager will also cut on fuel costs as well as on other travel-related costs for the business.

The system should also enable customers to pay in advance. This will reduce the amount of cars delivery drivers have to carry.

Our Final Verdict

Just as is the case with your pizza ingredients, you should not settle for anything, short of the best pizza POS system. The right solution will offer you an intuitive interface, swift, and easy online ordering, payments as well as effective rewards, and loyalty programs.

For these and many other things, the four solutions reviewed in this guide are the best for pizzerias. The various systems have been proven to offer some of the best security and delivery management tools.

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