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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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car wash posThe best car wash point of sale system (POS) should allow for a flexible and easy checkout for enhanced customer service. The software should also be easy to use and make it more convenient for you to track employees, inventory, and customers in your car wash.

Whether you own a full service, self-serve or an express facility, the system you choose should have the features you need to boost efficiency and productivity. While shopping for an industry-specific POS system, you should consider such aspects as integrations, vehicle identification, and payments.

Reviewed below are the top four car wash POS systems you should consider.

The Best Car Wash POS Systems 

$9,995 for POS

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Depends on the
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2.75% per transaction
Starting from $79/month with the annual plan
Starting from $2.4% + $0.15 per transaction

1. Best Management Features: Washify

In addition to its exceptional management feature suite, the Washify car wash POS system is capable of integrating with the leading marketing solutions. This integration has been helping car wash businesses retain their current customers as well as attract new ones to the business. In this regard, the system features modern marketing tools.

For instance, the system has an integrated smartphone app, automated marketing, email marketing, and texting capabilities. You will also like the fact that the software is user-friendly and is designed to integrate with the most car was systems seamlessly. Other capabilities you will come to like about this system include:

Cloud Convenience

The all-in-one POS solution is packed with a range of management tools, including the ability to manage your car wash remotely. Again, the provider offers several software enhancements free of charge. In addition to its intuitive mobile app, the provider has equipped the car wash POS software with a range of closed-loop program management capabilities.

With such tools, the customers will be able to do several things on their own, without the help of your staff. For instance, customers will be able to add vehicles through your car wash website as well as update their cards. The system also features a detail management module. This capability allows the customers to schedule appointments online using the POS app by Washify.

Versatile Hardware

In addition to the feature-packed car wash POS software, the provider also offers rugged and intuitive hardware to meet your requirements. For about $9,995, this provider will offer you a complete hardware package, including 100 tags, a touchscreen base, and an RFID reader. While this price may appear somewhat expensive, you will come to realize that the provider offers great value for money.

2. The POS with the Fastest Order Processing: ezWash

Get a comprehensive and fresh approach to the management of your car wash operations with the innovative ezWash management platform by egenuity. The software is currently being used by a large number of car wash chains across the country. This system should not be confused with Laundromat POS.

The preference of this system over others by car wash owners may be attributed to the assortment of tools it has to offer.

In this regard, here are some of the capabilities the system is renowned for:

Management Tools

The ezWash POS system for car washes is designed to centralize your data as well as business management, even for the multi-location businesses. With this solution, you will have the option to either centralize or spread out your data. In addition to that, the software will allow you to connect to your business locations remotely.

The software also allows you to view tickets and business statements online. It will also allow you to accept online payments with ease, hence save on time and labor. As for the inventory management capabilities, the system allows for the smart generation of orders. You will also be able to configure a centralized inventory.

Rapid Entry Screen

The rapid entry screen feature by this provider was particularly designed to allow for efficient and swift operations in a car wash. Again, the solution allows for rapid cash outs to optimize the payment process as well as speed up transactions. You will also find the screens highly customizable, allowing you to add unlimited buttons to your display.

The system features an intuitive interface that makes it relatively easy for you to train new greeters in your business. For enhanced versatility, the buttons on this system are capable of doing various things. You will also have unlimited touch screen options with this POS system. The management tools on this device will make it rather easy for you to manage individual customers as well as fleets.

Snap storm Marketing Tools

With the vast array of SnapStorm marketing tools offered by this system, marketing your car wash and boosting customer loyalty will be definitely easier. This solution offers your business real-time marketing tools, such as loyalty rewards, gift cards, email marketing, and subscriptions.

SnapStorm will also give you the flexibility you need to create custom marketing programs that are specific to your business.  With this system, you will be able to configure variable and fixed solar amounts for discounts as well as generate custom gift cards.

3. The Best Cloud-based POS System: Vend

As you may be aware, Vend is one of the leading POS providers in the retail industry. Just as is the case with other products by the provider, the Vend car washes POS software is simply remarkable. To begin with, the software features impeccable reporting and analytic tools to keep you informed on your business at all times.

The cloud-based system will also allow you to run the business remotely and from almost any mobile device. With Vend, you will have all the capabilities you need to manage multiple locations and users in your business. Other capabilities that make Vend one of the best car wash POS systems include:

Business Insights

One of the things the Vend POS system for car washes is renowned for is its in-depth reporting and analytic tools. With such exceptional capabilities, the software has been helping car wash owners to understand their businesses through insights. In this regard, the system will allow you to keep a real-time track of tools and services in your business.

Additionally, the software has the right tools to monitor your customers as well as employees’ hours on-site as well as remotely. The system also allows for seamless integration with third-party time scheduling solutions.

Easy Store Set Up

Vend makes it relatively easy for you to set up menus and manage your stock more effectively. While setting up your point of sale, the software allows you to preconfigure hotkeys for the commonly sold products and services. Quick access keys will ensure that you have the best-selling items at your fingertips for increased sales.

Again, you will find it relatively easy to add as well as edit items on your menu and inventory.

Vend POS System Downsides

The provider charges an extra fee for customer support. Again, the software lacks some of the industry-specific features you will find in some of the leading software options.

4. The Best Multi-Location Car Wash POS System: NCR Silver

Get yourself tone of the most comprehensive and simplest POS solution for easier and faster business operations. As you will come to realize the system is relatively easy to install and use. You will also like the fact that the solution offers a range of advanced capabilities such as order ahead menus.

The software is also renowned for a concierge setup and reliable customer support. With such a solution, you will have an easy time setting up the POS system. As a matter of fact, you will not experience any downtimes. Here are other capabilities users have come to like about the NCR Silver POS system:

Online Store

To begin with, every NCR silver subscription comes complete with modern and easy to implement hardware components. Again, the software is capable of integrating with your business website to allow for online sales. This, coupled with the Order Ahead Menu by the provider, has been proven to boost revenue in car washes.

The software has also been proven to sync the offline and in-store menus and inventories in real-time. As such you will not need to keep a score in order to monitor stock levels in your business. In this regard, you will be able to monitor the stock in a smarter way, either by item or by recipe.

Consumer Engagement

For enhanced customer loyalty, the software features some of the most powerful customer engagement tools in the industry. In this case, the software has the tools you need to create interactions with your valuable customers.

Some of the capabilities you will find useful within the program include stored value and loyalty programs. Additionally, the software features guest feedback and digital engagement capabilities. This system can be used as Gas Station POS.

NCR Silver POS System Downsides

Reporting capabilities by this software are rather limited. Again, you may end up incurring hidden costs with this provider.

Before Choosing a Car Wash POS System

As you may be aware, most car owners would like their cars to be washed and detailed in the shortest time possible. In addition to organizing and streamlining operations in your car wash, your preferred solution should expedite the payment process. The solution also should offer your customers the flexibility of paying in whichever payment method they prefer.

Again, the solution should be capable of marketing the business and enhancing customer service. This being the case, you should only get a system that is specifically designed for a car wash. In this regard, here are some of the considerations you should make while shopping for the best car wash POS system:


To save time and improve customer satisfaction in your business, you need to speed up the checkout process. To begin with, it is highly advisable that you opt for the best-integrated payment solution to speed up the process.

The right system should also support House Accounts and fleet payments functionalities.

Other industry-specific features your preferred system should have include club payments and gift card payment options. The system should also allow your unlimited wash plan members to pay monthly using recurring credit card payments.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the solutions should also support multiple payment options, including mobile payments, cash, and major credit and debit cards.

Vehicle Identification

Some of the leading POS systems are capable of distinguishing unlimited wash members from the non-members automatically. To get this capability in your car wash, you should consider getting a POS system that features vehicle recognition technology. Such technology will help optimize revenue generation through wash sales in the facility.

Integration with Systems

The best POS software for a car wash should be capable of integrating with other systems you may be having in the facility. For instance, the software should allow for seamless integration with such systems as fuel pumps, exit, and entrance management signs as well as tunnel controllers.

By integrating your system to the in-bay automatic controller or tunnel controller, the system will ensure that every customer gets the wash they paid for. This being the case, a customer may buy a wash at the convenience store or gas pump.

Such a customer will be issued with a numeric wash code that they may redeem at the car wash.


Get a comprehensive overview of the business, including real-time sales information with the right POS reporting capabilities in your business. The solution you opt for should feature in-depth reporting capabilities. For instance, it should allow you to easily access such information as transaction history, sales history as well as the key operating statics in the facility.

Our Final Verdict

Car wash businesses require a lot of input in terms of capital and labor. Again, such businesses need to be managed efficiently for enhanced customer satisfaction.

This being the case, you need to invest in a POS system that has the right set of capabilities to manage, market and process payments in a car wash.

Like the four systems reviewed above, your preferred software should feature vehicle identification, swift payment processing, and reporting capabilities. Regardless of the size of your business, this guide will help you choose the right car wash POS for your business.

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