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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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Brianna Blaney

Brianna Blaney

Brianna Blaney, a Senior Writer at, began her career in Boston as a tech writer for a digital signage organization. She later progressed to IT support for various software platforms in San Francisco. She wore many hats and was not afraid to jump into the field of POS systems.
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smoke shop POSDue to recent changes in regulation, smoke shops and their sister industries (like e-cigs and CBD) have become excessively high in demand. That makes competition fierce. The better tools you have, the more efficiently you can get things done.

POS technology has unlocked new doors to understanding consumers, commerce, and industry trends like never before. As there are various POS systems, each one serves a different purpose.

When making your decision, consider specific aspects of your business that would need to be addressed. Planning to scale, take on more or less inventory, or change the data you collect can all affect the type of technology that would best streamline your operations.

The Best Smoke Shop POS Systems

$99/ month per
Tapped, inserted,
or swiped rate:
2.6% + 10¢
Manually keyed-in
rate: 2.6% + 30¢

Order products
directly through
POS catalogs
$99/ month per
register – but
must be billed
Integrated payments with banks offer competitive
$49 per POS
KORONA Retail is an
additional $10/month
per POS
A-la-carte pricing
menu for deep
$49/month if you
wanted more
than basic
1% transaction fee
applied to online sales
Extensive hardware selection
and Works offline

1. Lightspeed Retail – Best Cloud-Based Smoke Shop POS System

There’s a good reason why Lightspeed Retail is such a suitable system for smoke shops. The cloud-based POS solution enables you to collect multi-channel sales data. You can build a 360-degree view of your customers, all while transacting at lightning speed.

Multi-store capabilities allow you to sync inventory quickly. That means you get a product in the hands of consumers faster. Here are a few reasons why this POS system might work for your business:

Personalized Onboarding

Lightspeed Retail is a POS that specializes in onboarding. In addition, the software can help you:

  • Transfer stock
  • Guide you through the system
  • Provide free updates
  • Engage with webinars
  • Deliver videos and demos
  • Offer one-on-one onboarding
  • Email chat and support
  • Provide customer forums

It’s a POS that’s fully functional. They ensure your business is utilizing their product to the fullest extent. All requests and tickets are saved in the system for easy reference. That makes it easy for any future issues.

Inventory Management

If you are just getting started, Lightspeed Retail imports all of your inventory from another platform. It goes straight into their database using a CSV file. This is especially helpful if you have gotten into selling e-cigarette products. That’s because there can be hundreds of SKUs. The system will also let you bundle items and manage multiple variants simultaneously.

You can also centralize your purchasing. Order stock from integrated catalogs within the POS. Create single purchase orders for multiple vendors and attribute serial numbers to your products. Furthermore, you can categorize such orders by type. If a customer has a special request, create a work order and layaway right in the POS.

Relationship Management

It’s all about customer relationships. You must strive to not only know your customers (and know them well) but give them exactly what they want. The more you can read their minds, the better. That’s why the Lightspeed Retail system offers a suite of CRM (customer relationship management) tools. They drive loyalty and increase retention. This includes:

  • Building customer profiles
  • Purchase history and reporting
  • Lifetime value of shoppers
  • Customer categories

By using a smoke shop POS system, you can create a level of loyalty that will keep people coming back.

Progressive Analytics

Customer relations are facilitated by big data. Lightspeed Analytics can examine your stock levels, staff performance, and customer experience to make informed suggestions. They can help determine the next business steps for your smoke shop.

The system can track everything in real-time that contributes to your success. Take full control of your business with data like:

  • Recent sales
  • Average transaction value
  • Quarterly sales reports
  • Customer demographics
  • Sales per employee
  • Profit over year

This type of knowledge allows you to optimize your stock and ensures you are keeping the right product on hand. Lightspeed can quickly show you what is selling (and what is not) with some simple metrics. The uses for this type of POS data are limitless. It can be utilized to track employee performance or identify your most loyal customers.

2. Vend – Best System for Beginners

Vend is a POS system that is made for ease of use. It features quick keys and provides a variety of customization options. You can tailor the platform to any business—including a smoke shop POS. Since the system is cloud-based, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This includes everything from making a sale to running reports on consumer behavior.

Although deeply intuitive, the Vend POS system is designed for the everyday user. Here are a few features that a smoke shop business might find the most interesting when choosing the brand:

Consumer Data

Vend dives deep. They understand the importance of collecting consumer information for business. This is why they built data collection tools into the system. You can create customer profiles and keep all of their data in one place.

Whether you run an online smoke shop, in-person, or have multichannel sales to track, the information is aggregated. This also includes data like purchase history, loyalty programs, and account balances.

The system allows you to upload another customer database (as long as it is an .exe or .csv file). This lets you create a centralized customer repository across all of your channels. Vend keeps all of your customer data in sync. Group and segment them for easier marketing opportunities and reward programs.

Product Management

The smoke shop industry is changing with vape products (also known as electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes). This system can also be used as Vape POS. However, Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs are made with a liquid that contains nicotine. They come in hundreds of flavors. That means you need an efficient smoke shop POS to manage them all.

The Vend POS system allows for variants and composites (size, shape, color). They can all be edited in one dashboard. Then bundle them accordingly.

The Vend platform enables a smoke shop business to import their existing barcodes or create and print new ones. Additionally, you can customize reorder points. That means you always have your top-selling products in stock.

The system offers a central product catalog that allows you to sync all activity across your channels. This allows you to complete inventory counts and eliminate errors. If you have more than one location, you can even transfer stock with ease.

eCommerce Integrations

If you’re a brick and mortar smoke shop, this is your opportunity to open online. There are many products to be sold in the digital space. Vend makes the transition easy. They give you a choice of leading ecommerce integrations which can help you get online and selling within minutes.

Vend is built with powerful smoke shop pos software that connects you with leading partners like Shopify and WooCommerce. Vend will instantly sync product updates; so everything flows smoothly in real-time. With a centralized form of operations, you can manage your smoke shop, inventory, customers, products, and sales all in one POS.

3. KORONA – Most Customizable Smoke Shop POS System

KORONA is the most used smoke shop POS system (or any industry for that matter). Their all-in-one solution is the most customizable POS tool on the market. This makes it an attractive system for virtually every industry that exists. However, the a-la-carte menu makes it ideal for smoke shops.

The KORONA POS system is constantly evolving. That’s because the brand continues to add more features. It has a plug-and-play infrastructure. For a smoke shop POS, this is a platform that any type of business within the industry can appreciate, whether you sell cigars or hookahs.

Here are a few features that stand out for KORONA:

Customized Features

There is nothing else out there like KORONA’s a-la-carte menu. It is uniquely tailored to each business. So you could practically build your own system.

The KORONA Retail package is what is best suited for smoke shops. Every KORONA POS system comes with basic features (such as inventory, reporting, and data management). However, the Retail package has additional goodies like:

  • Annual counts
  • Custom condition settings
  • Inventory count automation
  • Shipping notifications
  • Restocking optimization
  • Stock receipts
  • Product receiving
  • Order optimization
  • Auto-generated count sheets
  • Assortment control
  • Customer data
  • Purchase and retail prices
  • Age restrictions
  • Product images

There are many other features specifically designed for the retail space. KORONA offers additional packages that meet other specific industry needs (like restaurants and ticketing). They also offer more involved business packages.

Agile Management

In the smoke shop industry, agility is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Especially when it comes to the popularity of e-cigarettes. Therefore, having a POS system that can perform quickly and efficiently is critical to staying on top.

KORONA has the quickest checkout time in the industry. It means more money in the pocket of their clients. Efficiency also allows cashiers to pay better attention to your customers. This inevitably leads to higher rates of satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

When it comes to smoke shop inventory management, KORONA claims they are unbeatable. Their advanced reporting helps smoke shops understand which products are flying off the shelves and which only take up space. It can handle large product databases with ease. The intuitive mass edit feature allows you to adjust thousands of products in seconds.

One Flat Rate

There are never any hidden fees or rates with KORONA. What you see is what you get. Unlike other platforms that may charge a fee per transaction, the POS offers a flat rate. KORONA never requires a contract. The system works with any processor. Customers can only expect to pay for their monthly software subscription and nothing else.

Loyalty Programs

If you want to keep your good customers, you have to show them some love. With KORONA, your smoke shop encourages repeat clients. This could be anything from giving away discount coupons to club memberships. These types of integrated loyalty programs are what sets a brand apart from the competition. They help people to remember you.

4. eHopper – iPad-Based POS Software

If you are looking for simplicity with a durable system, eHopper may be the right fit. It’s easy to use and available on a variety of devices, like iPads, Android tablets, and Windows PCs. The cross-platform POS system is designed for people that want to get started right away.

The eHopper setup is so easy, you can be taking payments within minutes. Other advantages of the free pos software smoke shop platform involve:

Flexible Operations

eHopper is one of the only smoke shop POS systems that can function offline. Avoid the stress of keeping an internet connection and get back to focusing on your business. Some of the operations you can freely perform without wireless include:

  • Save and update orders
  • Process cash transactions
  • Refunds and discounts
  • View order history and details
  • Taxes and tips
  • Anything that does not involve a credit card

Additional flexibility includes quickly voiding and refunding customer orders. This can be done manually, at any point in time, and on individual items.

Cash Management

eHopper has particular strength as a smoke shop POS when it comes to facilitating cash management. You can properly handle your assets and maintain profits with features like:

  • Payins/Payouts to add or subtract money from the register
  • End of day batches and closing for the bank
  • Track cash flow
  • Integrate with systems like Quickbooks
  • Track the quantity of each bill denomination in the register
  • Detailed reporting of transactions and profits

In terms of payins/payouts, you can have the eHopper POS manually add/subtract money from your cash drawer. The POS will also estimate the current total and report on the outcome each day. The system will help you stay on top of taxes, providing exemptions and maintaining compliance.

Hardware Selection

eHopper has the right hardware for smoke shops, whether you need barcode scanners or a customer-facing display.

In addition to the regular card readers and terminals, their equipment includes tablets, stands, hand-held scanners, printers, and AI-powered cash drawers. All of these bundles are exclusively available to eHopper customers and no one else.

The Key Benefits of Smoke Shop POS System

As a busy smoke shop owner, your goal is to maximize sales while providing superb customer service. When choosing smoke shop software, there are some features you should pay attention to.

Some of these may include inventory management, employee management, custom reporting, analytics, and third-party apps like Xero for accounting.

Scaling Brands

Consider your intent for growth and the scope of your expansion. Are you staying small? Will you be opening several stores? These types of questions should be asked prior to committing to a POS system.

If you need to scale, look for a POS system that offers multiple plans. Then you can increase strategy based on real-time needs. A good POS should evolve with your brand. If you only plan on one location, you may not need a platform with multi-store features. It’s something to take into consideration (and can also save you money).

Cloud-Based Storage

A smoke shop POS system is typically cloud-based. That means you can store all of your product and customer data online. This frees up your system to function faster and more efficiently. It secures your data. If there is ever an issue with hardware, your data stays safe in the cloud.

A cloud-based POS utilizes the internet infrastructure so you can access data remotely. All of the information stored in the POS can be backed and synched automatically. Your data is always up-to-date and safe.

eCommerce Capabilities

If you’re a brick and mortar smoke shop, an efficient POS system will allow ecommerce integrations. This can be particularly useful if you are dealing with a lot of SKUs.

A smoke shop POS can connect you with leading partners like Amazon or Shopify to facilitate the transition. This allows you to centralize your operations. You can easily marry offline and online with the right POS.

Xero is also an app that can be integrated into smoke shop POS systems. It’s an accounting program that uses your aggregated data and analytics to facilitate your bookkeeping tasks.

Inventory Management

Is your smoke shop traditional or will you be branching out into e-cigarettes? Your direction can say a lot about your inventory management needs. If you plan on selling vape products, get ready to manage a lot of SKUs.

Look for a POS system that can handle a larger product database. That way you can centralize your tasks. Otherwise, you may be wasting time entering products into a system that can’t handle the volume.

Custom Reporting

Data collection is critical to meet consumer needs. You should be looking for a POS that enables you to aggregate various forms of data.

Consider exactly what you need to know about your business, customers, employees, products, etc. What data points must remain transparent to make informed decisions? You can learn all that with the use of software.

Every POS system differs, but the following types of data you can collect include:

  • Product and Sales reports – Report by product, tag, and identifiable trends.
  • Inventory reports – Have total visibility on stock, inventory levels, and consumer preferences.
  • Employee performance – Run reports to see how staff is performing against set objectives.
  • End of day reports – Review the daily register for closure summaries, sales, and payments.
  • Customer profiles – Build customer profiles by collecting important behavioral and sales data.

The best POS system will always offer some form of customization. It makes it easier to structure your sales and marketing efforts. It also allows the use of progressive analytics to make more informed decisions.

The Bottom Line

POS technology is brilliant. It’s adaptive, iterative, and flexible. Finding the right smoke shop POS system isn’t hard. Be informed on the market and know what you need for your business. Keep in mind how you plan to scale your brand, the inventory needed, and the data you will collect to get there.

Most importantly, use these systems to better know your customers and serve them more efficiently. They are the driving force behind any business success. The right smoke shop software will facilitate your sales and boost commerce. It will keep people happier, and that’s the real bottom line.

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