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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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hotel pos systemsThe best hotel POS systems are designed to decrease manual hours, enhance customer experience, and streamline workflow.

A hotel point-of-sale system (POS) is so much more than just a cash register in the lobby gift shop. Better known as a point-of-service, the hotel POS system is a complete solution that gives hotel owners the right tools to enhance guest experience and overall profitability.

And while in this age of technology, several POS systems exist, not all of them are as amazing as they claim to be for the hotel industry. In order to get the best for your hotel, you should look at features such as mobile ordering, all-in-one billing, powerful reporting, and customer relationship management.

The most important thing to note, however, is that the profitability and overall growth of a hotel business largely depend on the experience you provide to your guests.

Reviewed below are the top 4 POS systems for hotels.

Comparing the Best Hotel POS Systems

$99/month per location
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$30/month per outlet


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1. Our Pick for Best Hotel POS System: Lightspeed

Get yourself a POS system that goes hand in hand with the full guest experience.

Lightspeed HQ for hotels is designed to integrate with your PMS, giving your guests the ultimate in convenience. The system will allow you to run your entire business from an iPad.

Check out the jam-packed features LightSpeed offers to hotel owners:

All-in-One Billing For Faster, Smoother Transactions

Get the convenience of running your business from a single place with LightSpeed. With Lightspeed’s ability to integrate with your hotel’s operating system, guests can take care of all their expenses in one single transaction.

If a guest is ready to check out after having dinner, they are able to do so right from their table.

Mobile Ordering Service

Lightspeed provides a fast and efficient ordering system that decreases downtime, speeds up the sales process, and enhances the guest experience. With the Lightspeed Restaurant add-on, you can make the restaurant, bar, and cafe experiences even better with total autonomy from the cash register.

Everything from allowing tableside orders, to charging directly to their room is covered.

Powerful Analytics

Reporting and analytics are crucial in order to help you realize the lifetime value of each guest, as well as identify your top customers in your hotel. Lightspeed offers some of the most powerful reporting tools in the industry to date.

The system makes it easier for you to learn each customer’s preferences and habits. This way, you will be able to serve them the way they prefer. Lightspeed also provides upsell reminders so your staff never misses an opportunity to make the right suggestions.

Multi-Store Inventory Tracking

Lightspeed offers one of the most advanced inventory systems among POS software. It’s known for its multi-store capabilities, which leads to amazing upsell and cross-sell opportunities to build relationships with your clientele.

There is also a loyalty premium add-on feature that provides you a loyalty system that expands what you can do for guests if a current loyalty system isn’t in place.

Seamless Integrations

Lightspeed also has a plethora of integrations available to make sure their software works seamlessly with your current infrastructure.

In addition to the multitude of scheduling, room management, scheduling, etc integrations, Lightspeed also integrates with many popular Hotel PMS, including Frontdesk Anywhere, Cloudbeds, and Oracle Opera Cloud Hospitality.

Easy Set Up and Management

Lightspeed is incredibly easy to use and according to many user reviews, easy to learn and manage. With the entire system being cloud-based, all operations within multiple hotels run more efficiently without too much downtime due to learning a new system.

Compatible Credit Card Processors

Lightspeed integrates with Vantiv Integrated Payments (Mercury), Cayan, and iZettle, which are all EMV-certified terminals. Vantiv and Cayan are both very reputable companies, allowing for merchants to shop around for the best processing rates.

Downside to Lightspeed

Despite being very robust, with Lightspeed you have to shell out a lot of extra dollars in order to arrive at that point. For the popular $99/mo price, you receive only the basic features.

If you require any of the additional features, like advanced reporting or inventory management, you’ll need to ask for a quote to double check you are getting all the features you need prior to purchasing.

2. The Most Affordable Multi-Location POS System: eZee Technosys

For POS systems, eZee Optimus is eZee Technosys’ answer to cloud-based restaurant software in the hospitality industry.

Newer to the industry at a little over a year old, Optimus was created specifically for restaurants, quick service, bars, cafes, etc. and is currently being used by many hotels worldwide.

The features Optimus brings to the table are the following:

Full Tool Box

eZee Optimus has a whole family of hospitality products backing it within eZee Technosys. Optimus instantly integrates with eZee Absolute easily, making it a powerful combination for those hotels that have cafes or restaurant establishments.

This also makes for a seamless integration if you already use eZee in your hotels, or, you are looking for a PMS and POS system!

Front End and Back End Support

eZee Optimus allows for mobile ordering, ditching the pen and paper and allowing for more efficient ordering for guests. It also allows wait staff to hold onto orders until the guest confirms, then send it to the kitchen automatically.

In addition to handling the front end of your business with guests, eZee Optimus also manages to schedule and shift management for employees.

Excellent Customer Service

While all 4 POS systems offer 24/7 support, eZee Optimus gives additional resources to simplify the onboarding process. With free onboarding, unlimited free product training, and live implementation, they are one of the most supported systems on the market.

Downside of eZee Optimus

While eZee Optimus comes at a great price, you do pay for it with lack of features. There are no aggregated analytics tied to eZee Optimus.

Also, eZee Technosys doesn’t offer any products that integrate Resort POS systems together to an all up-billing system. This means guests can’t pay for all their expenses within the hotel on one bill.

Finally, there doesn’t seem to be an app for the software, making the software dependent on a strong internet connection and web browser. If you have more than one outlet you want to do sales (restaurant, bar, cafe, etc.) than Optimus can get pretty expensive quickly.

3. Best Integrated PMS/POS System: Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a comprehensive PMS that streamlines all major hotel operations; from reservation software, front desk, housekeeping, and yes, point of sale.

Hotelogix offers above-class technology at an affordable rate, making it easily accessible to hotels who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise.

A few of its key features are:

A PMS system with POS module:

Unlike the other systems reviewed, Hotelogix doesn’t have a separate system for their POS, instead it is naturally integrated into their POS system. With a naturally integrated module, the POS runs concurrently with the rest of the operations in the hotel.

This saves on manpower and leads to faster conversion of sales with direct to room charges and upsell opportunities.

Attractive Customized UpSell Deals:

Hotelogix allows you to offer attractive deals on extra offers automatically based on the guests’ rate plan is eligible for the services consumed at spa, F&B or any other POS outlet. No need to check manually!

Unlimited POS Outlets

Hotelogix’s module allows you to have an unlimited amount of POS outlets, making it easy to manage multiple external services for several locations.

Restaurants, mini bar, spa, travel desk and many more can be managed through a single dashboard. Also, using the smart hotel POS system, orders may be sold directly to the guests, transferred to the room as “Room Service”, or billed directly to the company.

Downside of Hotelogix

If you already have a PMS system you love, you unfortunately would not be able to integrate Hotelogix’s POS system unless you overhaul your management system. When it comes to pricing, it can get pretty pricey if you have a hotel chain.

It costs $3.99/room/month at a minimum. You also have to pay an additional fee (or upgrade to Premium Plus) in order to receive any kind of analytics.

4. Best Windows-Based POS System: Agilsys

Ranging from online booking, mobile and stationary POS devices, and powerful reporting, InfoGenesis has the features you need to simplify operations in your hotel.

In addition, the system is incredibly scalable to accommodate different hotel sizes. provides a POS system that allows for guests to pay via the latest payment options in the market.

What’s kept Agilsys in business? Check out these features:

Flexible Deployment

InfoGenesis states that they allow for several installation options, including on-site deployment or Subscription-as-a-Service via the cloud. This can provide hotels an opportunity to choose which deployment would best fit their needs and lead to the least amount of downtime or interruption of service for your guests.

This can be really beneficial for hotels that only have one location, and don’t want to pay for a pricey system that is used for multiple hotel chains.

User Friendly

Several users have detailed how user-friendly InfoGenesis is to use. With their easy to use dashboard, staff can easily find what they need quickly, and have a minimal learning curve to the software itself.

Multiple Boosters

In addition to the main POS software, Agilsys also offers ‘boosters’ that help flesh out the software. rGuest Analyze, rGuest Pay, rGuest Seat, and rGuest Buy allow InfoGensesis to push your POS system to mobile kiosks and tablets, manage floor and table reservations, and more.

These boosters are typically made available in trade show POS systems. Therefore, this system can be ideal for hotels that host mini trade shows.

Protect Customer Payment Information

To protect your clients’ credit card information, you can utilize a seamless integration with Agilysys’ rGuest Pay Gateway.

The system reduces your risk, cost and compliance burden by using point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization with every credit card transaction.

With this in mind, InfoGenesis also integrates with several top of the line payment gateways. This allows for guests to have several payment options like tap-n-go, MasterCard PayPass and more, with the assurance that their information will be kept safe.

Downside of InfoGenesis

Users have mentioned that it is difficult to integrate to other third-party vendors, which makes it difficult if there are current or potential vendors you wish to work with.

This software also only seems to work with Windows, so hotels that run on iOS will not be able to use this product. There is also no free trial for this software.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Hotel POS System

Hotels thrive when they are able to enhance the overall experience for their guests. It only makes sense that the POS system you choose enables your staff to to deliver on that quality through a system that supports your operations.

Finding the right POS system should meet your industry-specific needs and can grow with your hotel, as it scales into having more services or locations.

Here are some things you should take into consideration prior to buying:

Flexible Billing Options

One of the most integral functions your POS should have, is giving guests various choices to pay their bill. If they would like to charge to the room or pay right then and there, giving guests the choice will not only make their experience smoother, but also will allow you to have a better profile of that guest to better serve them for their next visit.

Mobile Capabilities

In order to stand out from your competition, you need to have a POS system that makes it easier for guests to receive service. Research has shown that speedier service can lead to an increase in revenue over time. One hotel saw an increase of 76$ in revenue after installing mobile tablets!

Having a POS system with mobile capabilities empowers your staff to meet your guests where they are at, speeding up the checkout process.


Having a POS that integrates with several third-party vendors, and with your current hotel management system is a plus.

This cuts down on staff learning curves while keeping the cost down of having to invest in a new operating system. Having will allow all your sales to be in a centralized location, which will be useful data for your next marketing campaign.

Customer Relations Manager

An effective POS system for is able to further improve your relationship with your guests. Having a solution that can not only collect relevant customer information but keeps your customers engaged is necessary.

With this in mind, some solutions allow you to create guest profiles so you can manage client information. This can then be used to provide your guests with personalized experiences.

Furthermore, being able to tie in your POS system to integrate with your loyalty system so that your guests get a nice surprise when they spend a certain amount with your discount.

This all isn’t possible however, if your POS does not have any reporting, so be sure to pick one with robust analysis and reporting for all retail services in your hotel.


At the end of the day, picking a POS system that fits within your budget, and gives you the most bang for your buck is important. If you only have one hotel, don’t pick a pricey POS that is built for multiple locations.

If you need a POS that allows for multiple outputs (restaurant, spa, commissary, etc.) choose a POS system that has unlimited outputs, as opposed to paying per output.

Ease of Use + Support

Finally, consider how easy your staff will be able to adopt the chosen POS system, with little to no learning curves at all.

Being able to have support from the POS vendor, with simple to no training will make the transition smoother, and thus, give your staff confidence to serve your guests.

Our Final Verdict

Incredible guest experience, optimized productivity, and increased profitability are all features the right POS system would have for your business.  All four systems reviewed in this guide are some of the best for the hotel industry.

Each of these systems is unique in its offering and pricing. Since this is the case, we suggest taking advantage of the free trials and demos each of these systems offer. That will help determine which system is the best for your hotel before buying.

Whether you are looking for an affordable or feature-heavy solution, this guide will help you in determining which POS system is for you.

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