The Best Laundromat POS Systems

Last updated on April 19, 2020

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laundromat pos systemsLaundromats aren’t like other retail organizations. Sure, they might sell some goods, but they are primarily in the business of offering a service.

Depending on several factors, your laundromat may require specific sales and management tools only a POS solution can offer.

Whether you’re a coin-operated operation or a laundromat that offers dry cleaning or pick-up/drop-off services, your business can use an automation tool like POS software.

A laundromat will use a POS system to ring-up orders and manage inventory or staff. Such stores need a dedicated POS solution to improve their revenue and customer service.

Reviewed below are the top four laundromat POS systems you should consider.

The 4 Best Laundromat POS Systems

Supports iPads, iPhones, and most retail POS
Standard packages
start at $40/mo
Dependent on payment processing
Quote Required
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Proprietary POS hardware and software starts at $599
Proprietary POS hardware and software starts at $599
2.3% +$.10 per
Supports most web-enabled computers and POS systems.
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1. The Best Overall Laundromat POS System: CleanCloud

There are a few POS systems dedicated to laundromats, but few cater specifically to this market as well as CleanCloud. With the CleanCloud POS, you get a piece of software that covers all your laundromat sales needs.

How does it do that? It handles point of sales transactions seamlessly with special orders like drop-offs, locker rentals, and monthly payments. It also supports handling incoming clothing for dry cleaning by using barcode scanning technology.

CleanCloud also provides some basic, and effective, marketing tools. Depending on your operation, these tools might be perfect for customer outreach and maintaining a return customer base.

Consider the following aspects of CleanCloud that might speak to the needs of your laundromat.

Multi-Store Support

Growing businesses need to support multiple locations to get the most customers coming in. This means having a POS that can handle the same sorts of jobs across multiple stores and integrate and streamline multi-store management in an easy interface.

With CleanCloud, you get a POS that helps you manage a workflow for each of your locations. Furthermore, these locations can share a database so that information remains updated across all locations. Metrics for individual locations are also included in specific report formats.

Finally, CleanCloud supports much larger laundromats as well. If you have a large, centralized plant where you handle high-volume cleaning for hotels or other living institutions, you can use CleanCloud to manage the workflow of that plant, and track drivers to and from the plant itself.

Embedded Marketing

CleanCloud also provides several ways to up your marketing game. Start with basic email marketing so that your customers can stay up to date on specials and deals. Throw in SMS marketing for that personal touch. Include special referral codes to drive new business, and customer tracking to reward long-time customers.

If you need a POS that supports your customers and keeps you organized, then CleanCloud does it.

CleanCloud Limitations

While CleanCloud offers everything that a laundromat needs for management and support, it is also not geared for more advanced retail. It also doesn’t support much in the way of eCommerce. However, if your laundromat operation isn’t reliant on sales or advertising, then this shouldn’t be a hindrance to you.

2. The Best Laundromat POS System for In-Store Drop Off: Wash-Dry-Fold POS

Some laundromats thrive on customer interaction and repeat business. They look to set themselves apart from other competitors by providing excellent service and plenty of incentives for customers to continue bringing their clothing in.

With the Wash-Dry-Fold POS, you get plenty of ways to support that customer base. But what this POS excels at is inventory and customer management. A great laundromat will be able to manage a large, rotating inventory and staff while still providing excellent customer service.

Consider the following about Wash-Dry-Fold POS system:

Specialty Laundromat Hardware Support

Since high-volume laundromats deal with lint, heat, and limited counter space, they need a unique POS to handle it. With the Wash-Dry-Fold POS, you get specialty hardware that lets you handle those sales easily.

With this POS, you can get integrated weight scales that let you price per pound of laundry. With that, you can also get seamless bag labeling solution that labels bags after the laundry has been processed.

When running a laundromat becomes a logistical challenge, Wash-Dry-Fold POS helps you face it.

Customer Management

Customer management is also a huge necessity in managing a laundromat. This POS allows you to manage your customers so that they stay customers for the long haul.

How does Wash-Dry-Fold POS handle that? For starters, you can build a database of customers with custom notes so that you can track preferences. Ease customer drop-offs with clear memos regarding what customers need. Also, you can open your doors to pay-per-clean consumers and large commercial clients with monthly invoicing.

Wash-Dry-Fold POS System Downsides

Wash-Dry-Fold POS is straight forward, but what it does it does well. You won’t find individual garment tagging here — which is needed for an actual Dry Cleaning facility. For delivery, other software might have more mobile functionality. Wash-Dry-Fold POS is best for an in-store laundromat solution.

3. The Best Laundromat POS for eCommerce: CurbSide POS

eCommerce is a new endeavor for many laundromats. Primarily, laundromats operate by word of mouth and repeat business. However, since the laundry industry has become competitive, it helps to use every tool in your toolbox, including marketing.

With CurbSide POS, you get the best of online marketing and retail right at your fingertips. CurbSide was built for laundry with a retail design in mind, and it brings modern sensibilities to your laundry so you can sell, sell, sell.

Here are some of the reasons your laundromat could benefit from CurbSide POS:


As we mentioned, CurbSide excels in eCommerce and online sales. With CurbSide, you can launch your own website, including content and storefront, for great SEO and online ordering. This allows customers to find your site in a crowded online market. it also allows you to show off all your offerings and includes options for customers to place online orders for drop-off cleaning.

Over the Counter Sales

Not all laundromats are coin-ops or dry cleaners. You might make a nice profit off selling cleaners, washing materials, or clothing care items. With the CurbSide POS you have the full functionality of a retail POS at your fingertips.

What’s even better is that this retail POS also includes basic inventory management so you can track your stock, just like any store.


CurbSide is completely cloud-based. What this means is that you can access it from nearly any supported device. You simply load the POS on a web browser on your POS computer system and start taking orders. They provide a supported hardware setup, but they will also get you started on your own hardware.

Limitations of the CurbSide POS System

This POS system includes all you need for eCommerce and sales. It doesn’t cover some of the more specific needs of a laundromat POS, however, like supporting specific hardware like Wash-Dry-Fold does.

4. The Best Laundromat POS System for Reporting and Store Management: Clover

Sometimes you need a POS for your laundromat that handles everything for you. Staff, inventory, and customers–a central place to manage your operation. Clover POS does just that. With robust reporting, inventory management, and staff management, this POS will help you scale a small business into a large one easily.

Payment Processing

Clover supports payment processing in a way that other systems don’t. For starters, their hardware supports EMV chip cards right out of the box. They also support several forms of digital payment, like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and others. As they like to brag, “the days of relying entirely on quarters are over!”

Why is this such a big deal? Well, more people are looking to use digital payments for all their expenses. Laundromats that allow customers to use slide cards or digital credits for basic services are going to be more helpful to customers who don’t want to bring cash or carry around piles of quarters.

Clover makes paying for services easier, which can boost your basic laundromat business.


If you deal with any sort of volume or dry cleaning, then inventory reporting is a must. Out of all our items, Clover seems to support the most robust reporting from its POS. This includes inventory reporting, employee management, and more.

First, Clover provides reports for merchandise and sales. This POS integrates with QuickBooks, and associated apps like Commerce Sync, QuickBooks Sync, and InvoiceASAP. This makes keeping your books and tracking profits and casts that much easier.

If you manage a staff of any size, you need a way to track hours, time clocks, and payroll. Clover supports this kind of management by integrating with apps like Schedule to let you track brakes, manage shift reassignments, and payroll.

Clover POS System Downsides

While Clover is a great POS, it does have some downsides. For starters, you need to use proprietary hardware with Clover, so no cloud services. Furthermore, Clover handles its own payment processing. While their support is great, this means you can’t select a payment partner of your own.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Laundromat POS System

Laundromats are unique, in that they serve numerous customer needs and have several different business models.

You might be a traditional coin-operated business, a dry cleaner, an industrial cleaner, or a boutique. Heck, you might be a combination of any of these, which means more complex tracking and management.

When purchasing a laundromat POS, make sure you’ve taken the following items into account:

Simple Payment Processing

Plenty of laundromats still use coin-operated machines. This model doesn’t seem to be going out of style yet. But it is quickly becoming the norm for laundromats to offer alternatives to coins that include card readers for in-store payments cards or direct debit and credit withdrawal.

If you run a store with a bank of washers and dryers, consider installing more modern payment methods and picking up a POS that allows customers to use them. This can mean direct credits from a register, direct payment at the machine, or magnetic swipe cards that allow customers to load credits.

Managing Multiple Locations

A single laundromat can bring in great money. But multiple locations can catch customers that don’t want to make long drives to laundromats across town. Or, if your goals are bigger, multiple locations can help you support drivers and delivery services as well.

A POS that allows you to manage multiple stores opens new avenues for revenue generation. A POS that lets you centralize a database for all your reporting and management is great. One that allows you to track invoicing, specialty orders, or delivery trucks is even better.

Flexible Ordering

Speaking of deliveries and orders, more dry cleaners and boutique laundromats are offering online ordering or special delivery services. This lets people use pick-up support or easy drop-off cleaning that works with their schedules.

It should be obvious that any laundromat that works with someone’s schedule is going to get that customer’s business. So, make ordering, invoicing, delivery, or pick-up easy.

Specialized Hardware

POS hardware is often a secondary thought in other industries unless they have specific needs. Laundromats have specific needs. Get a POS that supports heat-resistant barcode printers and scanners to track customer drop-offs as well as specialty orders.

Having an integrated weight scale can also provide you with an easy way to price out large volume orders or any order scaled by weight.

Final Verdict

Laundromats are a one-of-a-kind business, but the essentials are the same as most other industries: satisfy the customer. A POS should support easy, custom ordering, specialty services like deliveries and drop-offs, and easy payment processing.

The POS systems discussed here do all of that, and more. From specialty hardware to multi-site management and reporting, these POS systems can fit nearly any style of laundromat, from washer-and-dryer setups to full dry-cleaning boutiques.

It doesn’t matter if you run a local laundromat or a large plant serving the hospitality industry, either–one of these systems will help.

No matter what your business model is, one of these laundromat POS systems should fit the bill.

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