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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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museum posMuseums are popular because they bring us closer to art and history; they tell a story of the past, of a movement, of an event that sparks our interest.

If you operate a museum, then you know the importance of quick and easy transactions to keep your lines and wait times manageable. Ideally, you want more people to be able to access treasured artifacts and documents of the past. This is where reliable POS software comes in.

A POS for museums will make selling and reading barcoded tickets using barcode scanners. In addition, it will be managing your in-house collection, and issuing season passes and memberships a breeze.

A museum’s POS is the basis for the success of its operations, so choosing an efficient and integrated POS will make daily operations at your museum all the easier.

Reviewed below are the top four museum POS systems you should consider.

The Best Museum POS Systems

Requires Quote
Requires Quote
Requires Quote
Requires Quote
$49/month for a single terminal with options for
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Depend on payment processing provider
$149/mo. for software and hardware bundle
Hardware and software
start at $149/month
2.4% + $.15 per

1. Best for Customer Management: Argus POS

A museum POS needs to handle multiple avenues of customer interaction in order to be successful. From ticketing to customer management, a museum POS can remain flexible while still giving staff what they need to succeed. This is exactly what Argus POS does.

First off, Argus works great with your staff with a simple user interface. In turn, this streamlines the work of museum managers and IT so that new exhibits can be shows and advertised quickly.

Argus allows the ability to use the platform in multiple ways, either on the cloud or by using the locally installed version. If you want a mobile-friendly POS or one that works on a central kiosk or register, Argus is an ideal choice.

Consider the following aspects of Argus that might benefit your Museum and your staff:

Customer Support

First and foremost, Argus is all about customer support. Since the platform can work with many industries, it would seem like it would have limited applicability with museums. But with its excellent customer support and adaptability, you get a POS that fits your museum wherever you need it.

This is great news, because the POS itself is flexible, with cloud and local-based configurations that makes helping guests easy. Scan and process tickets, provide directions, or sell from your gift shop all from the same terminals.

Hardware and Mobility

Did we mention mobility? Argus comes in a cloud-based and installation-based solution. The company also offers custom hardware options to go along with that flexibility. You can get traditional touch screen POS systems and barcode scanners that help manage your museum.

If you want something more flexible that enables your staff to support guests as they browse your collection, Argus offers wireless EMV terminals and more hardware like card scanners, tablets, and more. All of these connect to the cloud and your local database.

Sintel Systems POS System Limitations

While Argus is a great museum POS, it doesn’t provide the kind of reporting you might want for a fully functional POS. However, since museums are unique and often don’t need this kind of flexibility, this might not be a huge issue for you.

2. Top Museum Software for Memberships: Korona

Korona is all about handling membership services and other membership related POS needs. So, it probably isn’t a huge shock that the Korona POS system is great for museums that handle memberships as part of their core business practices.

What’s more, Korona is great for those museums that need extra strong inventory management. While this isn’t all museums, if you run one that manages more inventory than most, then Korona could be a great option for you.

Consider the following about Korona POS system:

Admission Services and Ticketing

Korona candles admission services for museums like a dream. Normal museums might have free viewing hours or required admission for all guests. Some might only require admission for

First, Korona can handle customized and specialized ticketing for annual or regular events. Second, Korona can form and print customized passes for special membership tiers, print paper and digital tickets, and support modern turnstile entry points.

When it comes to entry and customer management, Korona has it all figured out.

Inventory Management

Inventory isn’t always a big concern for museums, but that isn’t true across the board. Museums with a lot of merchandise, clothing, food sales, or other items will be thankful when they run across a POS that handles daily museum tasks and inventory as well.

With Korona, you get powerful inventory management for your museum. This POS will notify you about low stock and auto-generate purchase orders. You can also tie this with your sales and management reporting to better understand your inventory and sales.

Korona POS System Downsides

Korona is a great POS for museums, but it does have its limitations. Some users have complained that functionality works strangely (or not at all) after updates, which makes it hard to work smoothly from day to day.

Also, the POS software isn’t supported by all platforms, and some users report that it doesn’t play well with Apple hardware.

3. Best Museum POS for Customer Support and Retention: Bepoz

Want a museum POS that handles customers and ticketing better than the rest? This means linking promotions and discounts with reporting, membership, and seasonal trends. This is where Bepoz POS shines.

If your museum is plugged in to your community, then this is the POS for you. It easily supports seasonal promotions and special sales targeting members and regular guests. If you want to build a community and convince people to join your membership program, let Bepoz help.

Here are some of the reasons your museum will benefit from Bepoz POS:

Memberships, Discounts, and Promotions

Membership programs aren’t just about annual fees. They are about repeat business that you bring in with specials, events, and sales. This is even more true for museums that use special events to keep business up.

With Bepoz, you can tie membership and ticketing with special promotions easily. Link these promotions with gift shop sales and online ticketing sales to really bring people in.

Cloud and SaaS Features

Bepoz is also totally cloud-based, which means that so long as you have an internet connection, you are up and running. Furthermore, you can link the disparate parts of your museum (gift shop, cafe, online shop) with online cloud support

With Lightspeed, you can do all of this from a single interface. What’s more, Lightspeed offers customizable reports so you can track performance in real-time, when it counts. Bepoz also offers a ton of custom hardware custom-built for POS use that includes scanners and custom printers.

Limitations of the Bepoz POS System

Even though Bepoz is a SaaS platform, it does put its own hardware first, which can limit your choices. Customers also complain about a lack of customer service and training when signing up for Bepoz.

4. Best Reservation & Ticketing Software: NCR

While we’ve talked a lot about memberships and ticketing, there are other considerations for museum POS systems. Other considerations include working through busy lines quickly (especially in the busy season) and online commerce.

NCR POS provides both. This POS streamlines online and offline selling and ticketing to make your sales easy. While some may think sales is a dirty word for museums, this POS provider knows that you need to sell goods and tickets to keep the doors open. NCR provides the tools to do just that.

Online Ticketing and Payment Processing

Online ticketing is the new way of selling tickets for museums these days. With more people shopping online, they like to buy their tickets online before they get to their destination.

Even more so, they want to be able to buy things like specialized gifts online. More and more gift shops are opening online stores, which means that need more eCommerce functionality. This same should go for your museum gift shop.

With NCR, you can enable online ticketing easily with the NCR Counterpoint system. This provides a common interface for online and offline sales, streamlining the entire process.

Reservation Management

While we are on the subject of online sales, you should consider reservations a top priority for your museum.

If you offer specialized tours or events that are not open to the general public, that means that people need to pay for a seat. This also means that they need to make reservations. With the Counterpoint Reservation and Ticketing modules from NCR, you can streamline this process right on your website.

Since you can do this, you can increase your online visibility by using branded web pages that serve as landing pages for your reservations. This way, you always have a professional look to all your online offerings.

NCR POS System Downsides

While many of these functions are great, anything above and beyond this will most likely require expensive add-ons. While the central POS system itself is relatively cheap, the modules can get pricey.

Before Choosing a Museum POS System

Museums are special places, and they don’t run into the same needs a restaurant or a retail store. However, they do contain some traditional stores–like cafes and gift shops–that makes finding a one-stop-solution difficult when it comes to museum POS systems.

When on the market for a POS system for your museum, consider some of the following necessities:

Sell Tickets Wherever Customers Want to Buy

Your museum should be in the business of selling tickets. You want people to come in a view your exhibits, and pay to get in. Even if you receive some support from local government funding, you probably need to make up the money with ticket sales to stay in business.

Luckily, museums often sell themselves, if you make it easy. Offer classy and professional ticket purchasing avenues on your property and online. A quick and painless ticketing process at the door will make your guests happy. Online shopping that is just as easy will make them twice as happy.

Streamline Tickets and Traditional Shops

Chances are that your museum sells gifts and keepsakes as part of a gift shop. You may also include some sort of cafe or coffee bar for people to relax in while having a drink or some lunch.

A good museum POS can bridge the gap from museum ticketing to retail and restaurant sales. This POS should also be able to handle basic inventory.

Include Special Events

Special events are the lifeblood of museum sales. Special exhibits, new items or inventory, and professional speakers should be coming through your museum all year. Your POS systems should support ticketing and membership for these events, as well as offering ways to promote them.

Also consider seasonal promotions as part of this deal. Make it easy for people to know about specials and make them want to come in with easy purchasing for all events.

Support Memberships

Long-term members pay dues, which can support long-term efforts for your museum to grow. Retail POS system cannot store membership info, print specialty member receipts and membership cards, and more. Furthermore, this is where meusem POS comes in.  In addition, you should be able to track members and offer special deals based on length and tier of membership.

Our Final Verdict

Museums are pretty special, but they also need a lot of the same things other places do. Handling long-term members and ticketing are just a few of the things at the top of this list.

The POS systems discussed here, however, can usually fit a niche that you need. Whether you need advanced ticketing and member management, more extensive inventory management, or streamlined eCommerce purchasing, there is probably something here for you.

Just make sure to consult with the company beforehand to ensure they fit your business model. The most important part of choosing a POS system is that it fits your specific needs.

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