The Best Jewelry Store POS Systems

Last updated on April 9, 2020

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jewelry store posA customizable and jewelry-specific point of sale system (POS) will help organize your valuable inventory. This will, in turn, save time, boost customer satisfaction and enhance your profitability. Each jewelry shop may be unique, but they all have common challenges.

For instance, jewelry stores need to manage special orders, schedule special repairs for their customers, accurately track inventory and accept multiple payment options. It is only an industry-specific POS software that can address such challenges.

As such, you need to consider such aspects as service manager, multi-dimensional records, sales commission, ID tracking, layaways, and customer deposits. Additionally, your preferred system should be able to send out maintenance alerts and print custom labels.

Reviewed below are four top-rated jewelry store point of sale systems.

Comparing the Best Jewelry Shop POS Systems

From $99/month
Depends on the hardware components you need
Varies from one payment processor to another

From $69/month per register

Will depend on the POS hardware you need
2.75% for invoice and swiped transactions
3.5% +$0.15 for Keyed-in transactions
From $29/month
Between 1% and 2% per transaction
$75/month per store
2.7% per transaction

1. The Best Choice Overall for Jewelry Store POS Systems: Lightspeed Retail

Get yourself a POS system that is just as unique as your shop. Lightspeed’s POS system for jewelry shops is designed to help you find items swiftly and make the right suggestions in a matter of seconds.

The system will allow you to access to the entire business from an iPad. Lightspeed supports multiple payment options and features a detailed checkout. From this system, you will be able to schedule repairs as well as track their progress, process orders with multiple suppliers within a single master order and manage the entire stock.

Additionally, the system has several other impressive features and capabilities, including:

Reporting and Analytics

Lightspeed Retail has some of the most powerful reporting and analytics tools in the industry. To begin with, the system will let you know whether you have the right stock as well as how often each customer shops from your store.

The system will also allow you to access your business data in real time, regardless of where you are. This way, it will be easier and more convenient for you to know how your business is faring, at all times.

The system also allows for integration with third-party accounting software, as well as exportation of reports. In this regard, the system is capable of exporting all it’s reports to PDF or Excel. Other modules may also be exported to CSV.

Integrated Payments

POS mobile payments have never been easier than they are with Lightspeed Retail POS for jewelry stores. This payment platform is essentially designer to accept payments from anywhere, ranging from the sales floor to the cash register.

In addition to reducing customer wait times, this feature has several other benefits to offer, including:

Multiple Payment Options

Accept payments in form of any bills, coins, and cards used in the country. This gives your customers complete flexibility whenever they are making payments.

EMV Compatibility and PCI Compliance

The payments integration on this system allows the customers to tap or insert their card in any way they desire. The fact that it is PCI compliant means that you can transmit, process and even store credit card data electronically in a safe and secure manner.

Omnichannel and Easy Refunds

Just like the other leading providers, Lightspeed offers omnichannel capabilities. This will give your customers enhanced flexibility whenever they are making payments. With this system, you will be able to process refunds without having to ask the customers for their cards again.

Lightspeed Retail POS Downsides

Monthly software subscription fees for this software are billed annually. As such, you will be required to make a year-long commitment to use the system.

2. The Best Cloud-Based Jewelry Store POS System: Vend

Vend is loved by more than 20,000 retailers in the country. This may be attributed to the diverse feature suit it has to offer retail and jewelry stores alike. To begin with, you will find this system comparatively easy to set up and use.

According to its satisfied users, the system enables you to make better decisions and stand out from the competition. Not only is the software compatible with a wide range of hardware, it is also equipped with all POS tools a jewelry shop may require.
Some of the retail capabilities you will come to like about this system include:

Inventory Management

Vend makes it comparatively easier for you to manage your stock. As a matter of fact, it allows you to remove, add or edit inventory items in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the system is capable of importing the existing inventory in your jewelry shop in no time.

The inventory manager allows you to order new stock, track inventory across a single store or even multiple business locations and complete stock takes. All these are carried out in real time and in just a few clicks.

E-commerce Integration

Open up your jewelry shop online and create a new income stream for the business. This is precisely what the Vend jewelry store POS system helps you achieve. In this regard, the provider allows you to connect the system to your preferred e-commerce platform.

In addition to giving the customers a unique shopping experience, this capability has many benefits to offer your businesses. For instance, it allows you to keep track of your customers, stock, orders and inventory details. This is because the system automatically syncs with the physical store in real time.


Making accurate and relevant business decisions is not easy, especially when you have to process all the data manually. Vend POS is designed to collect business data, process it and automatically offer you the right insights into the business.

The system is equipped with a set of powerful reporting tools to give you insights over several aspects of the business. The system enabled you to oversee such aspects as the stock, staff, and sales from anywhere and at any given time.

Offline Capability

A considerable number of cloud-based systems can only work when they are connected to the Internet. Unlike such systems, Vend features an offline mode. As such, you do not need to worry about internet outages.

The system will process transactions offline and then resync them automatically to the cloud when connection is restored.

Vend POS Downsides

In order to get priority customer support, the provider requires you to pay additional fees.

3. The Most Affordable Jewelry Store POS System: Shopify

Enjoy low transaction fees of 1 percent with Shopify POS system for jewelry stores. In addition to this, the provider allows you to try out the system for 14 days risk-free

Thereafter, you can choose your preferred payment plan, with the most affordable plan costing $29 a month. The system has a horde of benefits to offer jewelry shops, including:

Improved Customer Interaction

The system will change how you interact with your customers right from the moment they enter your shop. For instance, you will only need to select the items a customer wishes to purchase on the iPad and then hand it to the customer to swipe his or her credit card.

Works With Your Payment Processor

Although the provider offers some of the most affordable payment processing fees, you are also at liberty to use your existing card reader. In this case, you will still be able to accept MasterCard, Visa, and Amex card payments.

Additionally, the system allows you to set up such custom payment options as partial payment processing and debit payments.

A Comprehensive Dashboard

The provider allows you to manage both your online and retail stores from a single dashboard. From this dashboard, you can conveniently monitor such business aspects as online and retail sales, and customer activity.

You will also be able to access detailed reports and analytics on your jewelry store over the cloud, through this dashboard.

Shopify POS Downsides

As compared to other renowned jewelry store POS systems, the offline mode on this system is comparatively weak.

4. The Best Jewelry POS System for Enhanced Ease of Use: CashierLive

Streamline operations in your jewelry shop and enhance productivity with CashierLive POS system. The automated system is essentially designed to help you connect with your customers in a better way.

CashierLive couples extensive usability with a great design and enhanced functionality. Such efforts by the provider have resulted in a jewelry store POS system that is easy to use and highly beneficial. For instance, completing a transaction on this system only requires you to scan, click and then swipe the card.

Other features jewelry store owners have come to like about this system include:

E-commerce Platform

The provider has partnered with Bigcommerce—a global leader in e-commerce. This partnership allows you to open and run an online store right front your CashierLive POS system. As you will come to learn, setting up an online shop with this system is rather easy.

Once you have added Bigcommerce to your CashierLive account, your store inventory will be automatically transferred to the e-commerce platform. As such, you can start selling your jewelry online with a single click.

Payment Processing

The Cashier live payment processor is equipped with an array of tools to make things easier and more convenient for you. To begin with, the system allows you to hold transactions. Unlike many other POS systems for jewelry stores, CashierLive allows you to hold a transaction, continue with other transactions and return to complete the held transaction later.

With this system, you will also be able to accept all forms of payment, split payments and offer custom discounts for various jewelry items. Finally, the system is also capable of collecting tips, including credit card tips.

CashierLive POS Downsides

Reporting capability of the software is a bit limited. Additionally, the system lacks offline functionality.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Jewelry POS System

All retail verticals, including jewelry stores, are unique in their own way. In addition to stocking an array of luxury and beautiful gems and diamonds, jewelry stores offer an assortment of specialized services. Such a business is essentially a niche market.

As such, they tend to have specific business processes. This is why you need a jewelry-specific point of sale system for your jewelry shop. In this regard, you should only get a system that has industry-specific functionality for optimal operational control.

In this regard, these are some of the things you should consider while shopping for the best jewelry POS system:

Modern Jewelry-specific Features

Modern retail POS systems are known to have a tone of features and tools. However, the right system must have the functionality you need to support your unique business model. In this regard, you need to consider features beyond basic billing and inventory tracking.

These are some of the features a jewelry-specific POS system should have:

Layaways and Customer Deposits

A system that has layaways capability will allow you to collect deposits for various jewelry items while holding the relevant items out of the inventory.

The customer deposits feature, on the other hand, allows you to accept as well as track deposits by your customers.

Multi-Dimensional Records

Keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of your customers’ information is important for enhanced customer relations and marketing. In addition to this, a jewelry POS should be able to manage multiple items in one customer record.

Such a capability makes it possible for you to track separate jewelry items or watches belonging to the same person or family. Even so, multi-dimensional record allows you to maintain separate service records for each of the items owned by the same individual.

Sales Commissions

Your preferred system should as well allow you to accurately monitor productivity in your business. In this regard, the sales commissions feature will come in handy. The feature is essentially designed to calculate the sales commission on each item based on the gross profit or sales volume.

In other jewelry POS systems, this feature is designed to track commissions by the employee.

ID/ Serial Number Tracking

This feature will keep things organized in your store. It essentially keeps a record of such details as the time each item was received in the business, sold and who purchased it. This makes it easier for you to monitor your merchandise.

Other specialized systems will even allow you to track such product details as specs, manufacturer, as well as details specific to jewelry merchandise.

Product Images

This feature allows you to include an image of the products in your inventory. As such, you will be able to see the image of each item as you ring up each sale at the register.

Maintenance Alerts

Some of the leading jewelry points of sale systems feature alerts that help remind customers when maintenance on their pieces is due. As a business, this feature can help boost your recurring service revenue.

Service Manager

In addition to the reminders, your system should make it easier for you to manage the service department in the business. The right POS should allow you to bill for your services by the job or by the hour.

Additionally, it should also allow you to bill for materials and merchandise used during such services.

Back/ Special Orders

With this capability, you would be able to track special order jewelry items from customer orders until they are delivered, right through the POS inventory.

Custom Labels

Some of the best jewelry POS systems give you the ability to design and print custom labels using the system.

In other cases, the system will allow you to integrate the POS with your preferred label production service. Either way, this is an important feature you should consider having.

Email Marketing

Using customer information collected by the POS system, this feature will help you generate and send custom marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

In addition to tracking inventory movement, the right POS should also combat stock outs, shrinkage and stock discrepancies. In this regard, the leading jewelry systems will allow you to manage item descriptions, track purchase orders, and count inventory as well as product inventory count sheets for a group of jewelry items.

Integrated Card Processing

As far as card payments are concerned, you need to guarantee your customers exceptional levels of security. Some of the best POS providers are known to offer a payment gateway. Other providers will allow you to choose your preferred payments processor.

Either way, your preferred system should allow you to securely accept card payments. Again, your preferred processor should meet industry standards, such as PCI DSS regulations for security.

Employee Management

Just as is the case with other types of businesses, managing employees can be quite challenging for jewelry shops. The right POS software should offer you the tools you need to manage the employees more effectively.

In this regard, the leading providers feature employee time clock in their jewelry POS software. Additionally, the right option should have such capabilities as automatic commission calculation and employee productivity reports.

Accounts Receivable

This one allows you to generate statements, apply credit limits to various customer accounts as well as post and track payments.

Final Verdict

In order to streamline operations and boost profitability in your store, you need a jewelry-specific point of sale system. Your preferred POS solution should be just as unique as your diamonds and gens; with features to address your specific needs.

All the systems reviewed in this guide are great choices for a jewelry store. However, you should choose the one that works for you and is affordable. All the 4 systems offer a risk-free trial, ranging from 14 days to 30 days.

This way, you can try them out for free before making your choice. All in all, Lightspeed features a great blend of features. However, Shopify is equally great for jewelry store owners who find Lightspeed to be costly.

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