The Best Beauty Supply POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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beauty supply posThe best beauty supply point of sale (POS) system will help you manage the diverse cosmetic inventory, employees, and customers more effectively.

The solution will also offer you insights to optimize the inventory in an industry where trends and prices change every now and then. An industry-specific solution will also allow you to monitor sales and the overall store performance on-site or remotely.

However, this is only possible with a POS solution specific to your business. For instance, the system to get should be capable if creating product groups, importing bulk product SKUs and categorizing items. This will make inventory management simpler and accurate, however big the business is.

In order to get such a system, you need to evaluate such features as the inventory manager, mobility, Integration support, discounting rules as well as reporting and analytics.

Reviewed below are the top four beauty supply POS systems you should consider.

The Best Beauty Supply POS Systems


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1. The Best Beauty Supply POS System Overall: Lightspeed Retail

With Lightspeed Retail, you have access to an all-in-one beauty supply solution. This solution offers you the convenience of mobile-based mobility to streamline the way you run the business. Whether you are using a laptop, an iPad, or just a Smartphone, this system gives you all the tools you need to manage employees, customers, sales and the inventory.

Additionally, the software offers you multi-location capabilities as well as the ability to accept all the major forms of payment. With Lightspeed in your business, you will be able to speed the checkout process, both on-site and online. Here are several other capabilities you will come to like about this solution:

Reliable Customer Support

Basically, the Lightspeed beauty supply POS system features an intuitive interface. Even so, you may need professional assistance with the system every once in a while. In this regard, you will find the customer support at Lightspeed reachable, reliable and responsive. Should you have any question on the POS system, you can get in touch with their customer support team 24/7.

The provider has a team of knowledgeable experts to help you with any POS-related problem you may be having. Again, you will find the customer support experts at Lightspeed friendly.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Run and manage your in-store and online sales and activities from the same platform. Lightspeed offers beauty supply businesses some of the best e-commerce capabilities. The Omnichannel tools offered by the provider are meant to optimize productivity and sales while managing the inventory and workforce in real-time.

Lightspeed Retail POS Downsides

The one-year commitment requirement by the provider makes the software a bit expensive for smaller businesses. Again, the custom fields on this software are not searchable.

2. The Best POS Loyalty Programs: Vend

Are you looking for the best beauty supply multi-store point of sale system? You should consider getting Vend POS. In addition to its superior multi-store capabilities, this software offers you a unified sales and management platform to grow your margins and returns.

In order to foster business success, this solution brings every aspect of your business together with POS, Inventory management and reposting tools. Other features you will come to like about the Vend beauty supply POS include:

Sales Management Tools

Vend makes it easy and convenient for you to add new business locations as well as sales channels. Additionally, the software offers an intuitive management dashboard that offers you a complete overview of all your locations and sales channels. The solution also allows you to connect to business management and sales apps.

You will also love the fact that the software features open APIs. This gives you the opportunity to build your own custom apps and integrate them into the software. Vend will also make it easy for you to manage the entire business remotely through the cloud.

Powerful Retail Capabilities

The intuitive beauty supply solution by Vend is packed with an assortment of tools to help your multi-outlet business flourish. In this regard, the provider offers a comprehensive retail software, featuring POS, advanced inventory, customer and employee management tools.

In addition to that, the provider offers powerful capabilities to offer you real-time insights to help you grow the business. You will also find this software highly scalable; allowing you to add new registers, locations, users and channels as the business grows.

Vend POS Systems Downsides

Despite having so many appealing capabilities, this provider charges additional costs for priority customer support.

3. The Best Beauty Supply POS Reporting: Revel Systems

Your business deserves a POS system that streamlines operation, saves you time and boosts profitability. If you are looking for such a solution Revel Systems beauty supply POS system will come in handy. Though affordable, the system features an array of modern business management and sales capabilities.

The all-in-one beauty supply system by Revel has a horde of desirable feature to offer your business, including:

Simplified Checkout

Revel POS solution is designed to ensure that you do not have long lines of shoppers on busy days. To help you avoid this, the register on this system is loaded with convenience and ease-of-use features. For instance, your staff will have an easy time searching for items in the inventory and can even hold transactions.

However big your beauty supply business may be, Revel has all the features you need to speed up checkouts. Such capabilities have been proven to improve customer service in beauty supply businesses.

Appointment Scheduling

With Revels POS system implemented in your business, you can conveniently allow your customers to schedule appointments online. Alternatively, the solution makes it easy for your employees to input appointments into the POS directly. Either way, the solution will consistently give you an overview of all appointments placed in the business.

Revel Systems Downsides

The software is known to experience glitches occasionally and its setup is rather complicated.

4. The Best Industry-Specific Beauty Supply POS System: Brilliant POS

Brilliant POS guarantees beauty supply owners simplified business management and enhanced customer service. To help them achieve this, the solution offers you innovative management and analytic tools. The unique feature suite offers by this POS system has been helping business owners manage the inventory, sales, employees, and customers with ease.

As such, this system will help you reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks. The superior tools offered by this software will Al’s help you keep track of the important business processes. Other industry-specific capabilities beauty supply owners have come to love about this POS system include:

Inventory Manager

To begin with, Brilliant maintains an accurate and real-time track of the versatile inventory in your business. In this regard, the software features real-time low-inventory alerts. Again, the solution is equipped with an array of tools to help you remain in touch with the constantly changing beauty trends.

Using the robust inventory management Capabilities of the software, you will remain well informed on the best and worst selling items. This tool has been helping beauty supply owners manage their inventories more intelligently for enhanced profitability. Additionally, the system has tools for managing vendor relationships as well as generate purchase orders.

Cloud-based Mobility

As you may have noticed, the Brilliant beauty supply POS system is cloud-based. This alone gives you the convenience of managing your business remotely. Again, the system allows your staff to interact and process customer payments from anywhere in the business. This makes it a perfect solution for trade floors, exhibitions, and expos.

Brilliant POS System Downsides

Small businesses may find the upfront hardware Cost required by this provider to be a bit high.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Beauty Supply POS System

Managing a successful beauty supply business requires you to keep an accurate track of a vast array of cosmetic product lines, new arrivals, discounts, and affiliate products. Without the right point if sake system, this is almost impossible. In addition to the diverse inventory, your preferred system should make the management of employees and customers easier

A system that is able to collect and analyze customer data will also come in handy in such a business. This is mainly because it will help you optimize the inventory in accordance with the prevailing trends and customer demands.

This being the case, not just any retail POS system is suited for such a business. For the rest results, you need a solution that is specifically meant for a beauty supply business. In this regard, here are some of the considerations you should make while shopping for one:

Inventory Manager

As you must have realized, the beauty and cosmetics industry is very competitive. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to optimize the inventory. In other words, you need to have the right amount of every product in stock at all times. Again, you need a solution that makes stock taking easier and accurate.

To begin with, your preferred POS solution should allow for mass inventory imports for item updates and price changes. In this regard, it should allow you to I import thousands of beauty supply SKUs at once to save time.

In addition to keeping an accurate count of the products in stock, the system should also allow you to configure local tax rates. For enhanced organization, the system you choose should feature modified groups, categories and labeling capabilities. Other capabilities the best beauty supply inventory manager should have include:

  • Modifiers – preset modifiers will help you speed through orders, especially for the items that have options in your inventory.
  • Transfers – if you have multiple business locations, your preferred POS should make it easy for you to transfer merchandise. It should also Mae it easy for you to create transfer orders.
  • Purchase Order– the system should either automate or make it easy for you to generate purchase orders. Unit is an automated system, it should be able to generate purchase orders by sales, maximums or minimums. The solution should Al’s allow you to reorder in a matter of minutes.

Reporting and Analytics

As far as the beauty supply inventory is concerned, you should get a solution that will ensure that the shelves are always stocked with the best-selling items. Now, this is only possible with powerful reporting and analytic tools on your beauty supply POS system.

Such analytics tools will keep you informed on the best selling and worst selling products. This, coupled with In-depth sales reports, will give you an idea of how well each item is selling.

Sales Capabilities

As opposed to the first systems, modern POS systems have a lot more capabilities to offer, than just ringing up sales. The system you settle for should have the sales tools you need to speed up sales. The system should as well capture vital business information you will need to improve efficiency and productivity.

To begin with, the register should feature an intuitive interface—preferably a flexible and responsive touchscreen display. Again, it should support an array of time-based discounting rules. The system should also be capable of no adding new customers at the POS and track store credit.

An integrated credit card processor will save you money in hardware costs and speed up the checkout process. Too speedup checkout even further, you should get a system that allows for flexible alternate code search, especially EAN and 2 UPC fields. The solution you implement in your business should be capable o printing custom receipts, as well as hold and void sales.

E-commerce Integration

You may have noticed that the leading beauty supply businesses have a web presence of some sort. In order to succeed in this industry, you need to flow suit. A simple business website or social media platforms like Facebook will help you market the brand online.

However, you will need an additional sales channel to sell your products online. This channel is often added by integrating with an e-commerce platform. As such, it is advisable to get a POS solution that allows you to integrate with the leading e-commerce platforms.

Our Final Verdict

Managing a beauty supply business may seem to be an easy task. As the business grows and you get more customers, you are bound to find it rather complicated and time-consuming. Investing in the right POS solution can help improve your operations.

Master POS is another great beauty supply POS that was not mentioned.

Like you have learned throughout this guide, it is advisable to go for an industry-specific solution. The inventory management Capabilities of your preferred system particular need to be tailored for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

It should also have additional tools to help the business flourish and grow, just as is the case with the systems reviewed above. All in all, this guide has everything you need to choose the best beauty supply point of sale system.

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