The Best Nail Salon POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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POS Quote Team

The staff at is composed of industry professionals, experts, and current business owners. Through extensive research, we compile buyer's guides and review the best POS systems in the industry.

nail salon pos systemIn order to manage your nail salon efficiently, you need the best nail salon POS system. By taking advantage of a user-friendly management system, you’ll be able to easily book appointments, create employee schedules, track performance, manage payroll, and more.

With the right system, it will be easier to manage your technicians, prices and services. Additionally, the nail salon POS system you choose should make it easy for you to reschedule appointments and engage with clients.

By using marketing initiatives like SMS and email campaigns, you’ll stay in touch with your clients. This way, they’re more likely to come back.  Also, you want a point of sale solution that helps you sell memberships, gift certificates, and helps boost overall revenue.

In order to choose a POS system for your nail salon, consider the size of your business and features of each vendor you consider. In this guide, we’ll review mobile-friendly solutions that will help you fill appointments through online booking and in-salon walk-ins.

Comparing the Best Nail Salon POS Systems 

From $60/month
Flat 2.75% per transaction
From $14.99/month
$200 to $400
0.30% + 5¢ to 2.5% + 15¢ depending on the bank
From $99/month
$59 to $169/month + $39 per additional register
2.5% + 30 cents
From $85/month
Between $129 and $349

1. The Best Overall Nail Salon POS: Square

Years ago, Square was used mostly in barbershops and smaller retail operations. As its been growing its user base, Square is one of the most preferred nail salon POS systems in the industry. Ranging from next-day deposits and enhanced tipping to online appointment booking, the system has all the features you need.

Discussed below are some of the features capabilities that work there Square POS system stand out:

Reduced Deposit Time

With this POS solution in your nail salon, you will have your money at your fingertips. Fast Deposit is a standard feature of the system. Basically, payments accepted through Square will be available in your bank account in a day or two. What’s more, you will not be charged a dime for this standard reduced deposit time capability.

The system also allows you to get your money even faster. You may choose to have your money deposited instantly or later the same day. For on demand feature, you will be charged 1% of the deposit amount.

Customer Engagement Tools

The system is equipped with a range of tools to help keep your customers engaged in a time efficient manner. For instance, the system will allow you to send out email marketing campaigns faster and more effectively.

Additionally, Square also allows you to run customized loyalty programs, response to feedback and get a clear view of your bottom line.

Square POS Downsides

Point of sale system works exclusively on iPads and has several pared-down features. Again, the system offers poor reporting capabilities for the Cost of Goods field.

2. Best for Flexible Payments: Clover Mini

Featuring cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art hardware, Clover Mini POS offers you an innovative and flexible payment terminal. With such a system, you will be about to allow your customers to pay using multiple payment options.

Additionally, the system has several other capabilities to offer, including:

Customer Engagement Tools

As a service-based business, you need to attract as well as retain customers in your business. To achieve this, you will need a unique set of POS features and tools. Just like the other products by Clover, the Clover Mini POS is equipped with several of these tools, including:


Clover Mini POS system is designed to offer you the best blend of convenience and ease of use. In this regard, the system does not require you to set up anything. All you need to do is install the application on your phone or tablet.

Having done that, the system will be sending you feedback privately to your email address. Similarly, it allows you to respond to feedback appropriately. For instance, you may offer coupons to make up for negative feedback.

Customer Management

The system will automatically collect and store relevant customer information. This allows you to build up a customer list using every transaction in the nail salon. You may use such information to send custom promotions to your customers. Clover Mini also allows you to add such details as like notes, workplace and birthdays to your customer profiles.


The POS system allows you to create personalized loyalty programs in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the system will automatically keep track of customer rewards balances for your convenience. Such are the things that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Clover Mini POS Downsides

The provider only offers proprietary hardware for this POS solution. Similarly, you cannot separate the payment processing platform from the POS system.

3. Best for Scheduling: Vend

If appointment scheduling is an important part of your business, you will need a system like the Vend POS. The system is essentially designed to help you manage your nail salon more effectively, simply and certainly.

The ease of use and effectiveness of this system may be attributed to its unique blender features and capabilities, such as:

Retail POS Payments

The provider offers an integrated payments solution to help streamline sales in your business. This system allows you to accept any mode of payment your customers wish to use. In this regard, Vend POS system accepts all major credit cards in the country, including American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards.

In addition to chip, swipe, and tap card payments, the system also supports contactless payment technologies. Some of the contactless payment options you can accept through the Vendor nail salon POS software include Apple Pay and NFC.

Such capabilities make it easier and more convenient for you to accept payments. Again, such a system will eliminate errors and double handling in your nail salon. Syncing a card reader to your POS system will curb human error, double entries as well as the need for manual end-of-day reconciliation.

Payment Processing

With Vend, setting up an online store is rather easy. To help you process payments with ease, the provider has partnered with such companies as MercuryPay and PayPal. This being the case, you may now use PayPal, Stripe, Payment Express or to set up the service.

Vend POS Downsides

With this POS solution, you will be required to incur additional costs for priority support services.

4. The Most Comprehensive Nail Salon POS System: Booker

Get yourself a nail salon point of sale system that saves your stylists time and keeps your customers satisfied. Ranging from online booking capability to flexible payment processing, the system has much more to offer your nail salon.

Some of the capabilities you will come to like about the Booker POS system include:

Booker Sale

This feature offers your customers a convenient checkout system. In this regard, the software connects seamlessly with the credit card processor. This allows for effortless and swift transactions in real time.

Additionally, the system allows you to analyze and manage transactions more securely, track customer purchases overtime and accept multiple payment types. Booker is also great as Beauty Supply POS.

Booker Attract

Marketing your business is an important task as far as increased profitability and business growth is concerned. This is why Booker’s POS system is packed with a range of tools to help you attract more customers to your nail salon.

The Booker marketing tool, for example, will help you market the open appointments in your nail salon more effectively. In this regard, the system makes it possible for you to display unfilled time slots across a network of partner sites, including Bing, Yahoo, SuperPages and Yellow Pages.

Other attractive capabilities that make this product stand out include a customized booking page, social promotion, and a business intelligence dashboard.

The downside to the Booker POS System

You may find this product to be costly, despite the fact that the provider offers different pricing plans.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Nail Salon POS System

Nail salon owners and independent stylists need a great POS system to help manage their day-to-day operations. The right point of sale system allows you to automate various processes, such as customer management, employee management, scheduling and appointment booking.

While this is the case, not all the nail salon POS systems are as good as they claim to be. As such, it is advisable to take your time and choose the best system for your business.

Here are a couple of things you should consider while shopping for one:

Size of the Business

Basically, the right POS system for your business is the one that meets all your requirements. That said, your POS requirements will mainly depend on the size of your nail salon as well as how you operate it. As such, here are some of the things you need to consider:

Individual Professionals and Small Nail salons

Nail salons that operate at individual capacities or have less than five employees may be considered to be small nail salon businesses.

For such businesses, managing daily appointments is often a top priority. If you own such a business, you should consider getting a nail salon POS system that prioritizes on appointment management.

If the employees in your business are constantly on the go or you would like to manage the business remotely, a cloud-based POS will come in handy. In this regard, you should opt for providers that offer the best mobile POS apps or systems that are mobile-friendly.

Mid-Sized Nail Salons

As your business grows, you will need to capture relevant customer data as well as generate targeted campaigns. Other POS features you will find useful in a mid-sized nail salon business include loyalty programs and appointment scheduling.

Large Enterprises

Large multi-location nail salon businesses have unique POS requirements that are often different from those of smaller nail salons. To begin with, the right POS system for a large Enterprise business should have an intuitive interface that allows you to perform multiple functionalities simultaneously.

Other features you should look for in a POS system meant for large Enterprise nail salons include work-order and inventory manager, employee time management, real-time reporting, and multi-location support. In most cases, it is best to get a system that is scalable and customizable to accommodate your changing needs as time goes by.

Loyalty Programs

Service-based businesses, including nail salons and spas, depend on customer loyalty almost exclusively. In addition to attracting new customers, you should make an effort to retain the current customers in your nail salon.

In this regard, a nail salon POS system with a relevant customer loyalty program will help u get life-long devotees as customers. In most of the leading brands, the Customer Loyalty program allows you to create loyalty systems and coupons the traditional way.

When coupled with a CRM feature, the system will use actionable customer information to develop sustainable rewards programs. All in all, it is advisable to get a system that allows you to create multiple loyalty program types.

Reporting Capabilities

Real-time reporting is an important functionality in any conduction system today. This being the case, most of the best nail salon POS systems allow you to view inventory and sales information in real time.

Other specialized systems will even allow you to break down this information by the day, hour, shift, month or year.

By running sales reports from your nail salon POS system, you will be able to ascertain the best-selling products and styles. This way, you can ensure that in-demand products are in stock at all times.

Our Final Verdict

Different nail salon POS systems vary when it comes to complexity and functionality. All the POS systems reviewed in this guide feature online booking, inventory tracking, point of sale and inventory tracking capabilities.

Additionally, most of them give you an opportunity to experience their features first hand through a free demo.

Basically, the best nail salon POS system should be both functional and affordable for your business. Regardless of your specific business needs, this guide will help you choose the right point of sale suitable for your operation.

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