The Best Ice Cream Shop POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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ice cream shop posThe best ice cream point of sale system (POS) should be capable of managing the various flavors and toppings you offer effectively. With an apt POS system in your business, you will be able to track product and employee performance as well.

The right solution will help you ascertain peak hours as well as best-selling products, hence plan accordingly. The system you opt for should be specifically designed to combat common ice cream parlor challenges. For instance, it should prevent ingredient wastage and pilferage.

While shopping for such a system, you should consider such a feature as inventory management, scale integration, demand forecasting, and intelligent menu management. Reviewed below are the top four ice cream parlor POS systems you should consider.

The Best Ice Cream Shop POS Systems

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1. The Best Ice Cream Shop POS System Overall: ShopKeep

If you are looking for a renowned POS provider that offers a great value for money, you should consider getting the ShopKeep ice cream POS system. This is the kind of POS software that will keep lines moving, even during peak hours. Again, the system will help ascertain profit margins, and ensure that staffing levels are always in line with the demand.

In addition to streamlining operations in the parlor, this system will enable you to track your employees and inventory remotely. Though offered at an affordable price point, this solution has a myriad of great capabilities to offer, such as:

Innovative Management Capabilities

Whether you are on-site or away on a vacation, ShopKeep allows you to manage the various aspects of the business effectively. To begin with, the system makes it easy for you to monitor raw materials as well as employees’ hours.

The system is also designed to automatically monitor the various processes in your ice cream parlor and generate the right reports. For instance, the system allows you o monitor real-time sales remotely and even generate custom reports. These, along with the powerful analytic tools, will always keep you updated on the profit margins.

Intuitive Register Tools

The ShopKeep POS system for ice cream parlors makes it easier and even faster for you to ring up sales. The stem incorporates barcode scanning capabilities to allow for speedy and accurate checkouts. Again, the system features a clean and intuitive interface.

As such, you will find it relatively easy to train new employees on how to use the system. The solution is also capable of printing custom barcode labels for your products using the LableKeep feature. The CRM feature, on the other hand, will automatically collect important customer data.

ShopKeep POS System Downsides

The back-office reporting feature on this system does not allow you much flexibility to personalize reports. Again, editing and managing individual inventory items can be time-consuming.

2. The Best iPad-Based POS System: Lavu

The enhanced ease-of-use and mobility of the Lavu POS system will increase revenue in your business. The provider offers in-house payment processing, loyalty programs, in-depth reporting as well as labor and inventory management capabilities. All these are aimed at delighting your customers and boost sales.

Other capabilities you will come to like about this POS system include:

Scale Integration

As you may be aware, much of your merchandise is sold on a weight basis. This being the case, Lavu allows you to integrate scales to your POS system. This integration allows you to calculate the total price based on item weight at the register.

You will also like the fact that the POS system connects to portion-control scale wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Reduced Footprint

In addition to its sleek appeal, the POS hardware components by this provider are designed to take up minimal space. As such, you will find this system to be a great fit for a bustling ice cream shop. In this regard, you can run the POS software on just an iPad, iPod or an iPhone.

Additional hardware by this provider, including printers cash drawers, also requires minimal space on the desk. Additionally, most of them are designed to connect to the main POS terminal wirelessly.

Enhanced Customization

The ice cream shop POS system by Lavu offers you the flexibility of customizing menus to your preferences. It does not matter the number of ice cream flavors, sizes, specials and toppings you offer, you will have an easy time creating a menu. Again, the software is fitted with an array of customization options, including notes and modifiers.

Lavu POS System Downsides

The system could benefit from better tip reporting capabilities to include tip totals, tip pool, and tip out functionality.

3. The Fastest Ice Cream Parlor POS System: Rezku

The Rezku ice cream shop POS system is designed to save you both time and money. To begin with, the software is known to have a relatively short learning curve. As such your employees will find it easy to learn and use the POS system.

Similarly, the system makes it easy and fast for you to manage the business using its innovative dashboard infographics. Other industry-specific features you will come to like about this software include:

Improved Security and Accountability

Improve the level of security and enhance accountability among employees in your frozen yogurt or ice cream shop. By allowing you to manage permissions, the system ensures that only the authorized employees can give comps and discounts. The system will also capture verification images whenever an employee clocks in or out.

The inventory management feature in this system features wastage management capabilities. Such tools will help you monitor and mitigate spoilage and losses. The system also generates detailed reports on sales to include all details for each order.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

The system is known to collect valuable business data automatically and generate in-depth reports. The reporting and analytic tools on this software are designed to improve your profitability. The system allows you to access a wide range of reports, including sales reports, remotely over the cloud.

You may also filter the reports by the timeframe to view daily, weekly or even monthly reports. The system will also allow you to export labor, transaction and sales data to third-party services like QuickBooks or Excel.

 Rezku POS System Downsides

The system can only integrate with a few third-party services.

4. The Best Android Native Ice Cream Shop POS System: Brilliant POS

The Brilliant POS system is packed with the features you need to simplify operations and expand your ice cream shop. The robust inventory, employee and customer management capabilities of the system will boost customer service. This will, in turn, keep your customers coming back.

The advanced reporting and analytic tools of the software will give you a complete overview of the business. Discussed below are some of the features that make Brilliant one of the best I’ve cream shop POS systems:

Customer Management

In addition to precise marketing strategies, you need to satisfy your customers’ needs to keep them coming back. This provider makes this possible by equipping you with the right customer management capabilities. To begin with, the solution allows you to customize receipts and even include your business logo.

The system will also offer you a complete overview of the business, exposing what is working and what needs to be improved. The solution will also make it relatively easy for you to offer discounts and run point-based loyalty programs. Additionally, the software is capable of generating branded gift cards and track their performance.

Inventory Manager

With the Brilliant POS system for ice cream shop, you will have control and oversight into the inventory. The system is essentially designed to keep you updated on inventory levels with real-time counts and low-level alerts.

Following installation, the software allows you to import your inventory data to the POS system. In this regard, you will have an easy time importing thousands of SKUs through its bulk inventory management functionality. Additionally, the system allows you to configure tax rates as per your business type.

Brilliant POS System Downsides

The provider does not allow you to use a third-party card processor with its POS. Again, the software may only run on proprietary hardware.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Ice Cream Shop POS System

As your business grows, you will need the best POS system to transform the long lines in the Ice cream shop into profits. Additionally, the system should also be capable of tracking and improving staff performance as well as manage flavor batches. Basically, the right solution should have the features you need to boost customer service, increase sales and grow the business.

In addition to having industry-specific capabilities, the solution you opt for should feature a clean and intuitive user interface. Such is the system that will simplify your day-to-day ice cream parlor tasks. As you can see, you will need much more than standard retail POS features in your shop.

While shopping for the right solution, here are some of the Ice cream POS features you should consider:

Inventory Manager

To begin with, your preferred solution should make it easy for you to manage the production of semi-processed products. In this case, the software should be capable of tracking Rae ingredients required for the production of the various ice cream types.

They should also make it easy for you to order raw materials by generating purchase orders. Here are some of the inventory management capabilities you should consider include.

  • Re-order Levels

The system should allow you to preset low inventory level thresholds for the various inventory items and raw materials in the parlor. This way, the system will automatically notify you when any of the thresholds is reached.

Additionally, the system should be capable of monitoring and keeping you updated on raw material consumption in real-time.

Again, the system should have the right analytic tools to help you buy the right amounts of every raw material. This will help you avoid under or over-ordering as well as ingredient wastage in your parlor.

  • Spoilage Monitoring

The system you opt for should be capable of monitoring expiry dates on the various inventory items and ingredients as well. While adding items to the inventory, the system should prompt you for their expiration dates. The system should also help you buy the right amounts while re-ordering to prevent wastage and cut costs.

Price Markup

For optimal profitability, the system you get should also automate pricing. For instance, it should set an overall price markup or allow you to specify the profit rate for each menu item.

For the best results, it is advisable to get a system that features an inbuilt profit margin calculator. This will help you work out the best price points for the various products and services you offer.

Advanced Reporting

4Some of the leading Ice-cream POS systems feature advanced reporting capabilities. Such a system will give you an enhanced overview of the business and more control over the various processes. The system should help you understand such aspects as your customers’ shopping behavior.

Again, the system should help you gain insights into the products and ice cream flavors you offer. Such capabilities have been helping ice cream shop owners make important business decisions and develop new strategies.

Get reliable peak hour predictions and track overall shopping behavior and business performance. The system should also help you ascertain the best-selling products and generate sales statistics. This will help you understand product flow in your business.

Demand Forecasting

The right POS solution for your ice cream parlor should feature a performance tracker for the products as well as employees. With the right analytic tools, the system will also help you ascertain peak hours in the parlor, hence plan ahead.

In this regard, the solution you get should be capable of generating accurate sales pattern reports in real-time.

Our Final Verdict

As opposed to other types of businesses, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops have unique POS requirements. For instance, you will need intelligent menu management and scale integration capabilities in your preferred solution.

Just as is the case with the four systems reviewed above, you need an all-in-one solution that integrates payment processing and POS functionality. Again, you need the right set of tools for simplified operation, customer engagement, effortless inventory, employee and customer management.

Regardless of the business mode, you are using, this review will help you choose the best ice cream shop POS system.

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