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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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winery POSThe best winery point of sale system (POS) should allow for effective management of wine production, bottling, shipping, and sale processes. The software should also enhance the customer experience in your business. This enhanced hospitality experience will, in turn, allow you to convert customers to your tasting room into wine club members.

The right system will also integrate with an online reservation and wine selling platform, hence increase revenue. In addition to such benefits, a winery-specific solution will make employee, inventory, and sales management easier, and accurate.

It is highly advisable to go for the industry-specific system that is flexible enough to resolve such challenges. While shopping for one, you need to consider such aspects as the POS menu management, online reservations, event analysis, e-commerce, and wine club integration capabilities.

Rather than having to filter through the hundreds of systems in the market, here are reviews of the top five winery POS systems you should consider.

Comparing the Best Winery POS Systems

From $725 for Hardware bundles
A free subscription plan, $299/month + setup fees for Elite plan, and 549/month +setup fees for the Plus package
Depends on the payment processing gateway you choose


$69/month for one register, and one location
2.6% + 10 cents per Swiped transaction, and 2.6% + 30 cents per keyed-in transaction

Depends on the required Hardware components
From $99/month + $50 for each additional license
An agreeable flat rate + $.15 per transaction

Varies according to the required hardware components
From $69 / month per iPad or $49/month if you opt for the annual contract
1.75% and $0.10 per transaction, and 2.5% and $0.30 per keyed-in transaction
From $649 for installation
From $79/month per terminal
Negotiable, based on business type

1. Best Winery POS System Choice Overall: WineDirect

With more than 1,500 wineries using the WineDirect POS system, you must be wondering what makes it so special.

To begin with, the provider is one of the leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) service providers for winery businesses. The POS software is essentially designed to manage winery customers, inventory, products, and orders as well as wine clubs easier.

In this regard, the system has a horde of beneficial features to offer, including:

Online Reservations

Just like most of the leading wineries today, a considerable amount of revenue in your business is generated by wine tasting events. This being the case, you need a system that makes it easier for more people to attend such events. The online reservations feature of this system is precisely designed to make this a reality for your winery.

In addition to increasing DTC sales in the business, this feature has been proven to reduce the number of no-shows scenarios while boosting efficiency in the tasting room

Mobile Register

WineDirect POS system allows you to make sales from virtually anywhere in the winery. With this mobile POS solution implemented in your business, employees will be able to ring up sales from wherever the customers are in the winery.

As such, the customers will focus on enjoying a glass of wine, rather than having to walk to and from the POS terminal to make payments.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Offering your customers an exceptional experience will make them want to come back to the winery or even join your wine club. The CRM feature on WineDirect makes it possible for you to treat each and every customer as though they were an old friend.

The system is meant to collect important customer information and avail it to you whenever you need it. Some of the valuable data collected by The CRM feature include the customer’s purchase history in your business, notes, lifetime value of every customer, and club memberships. This will help you understand each customer, hence establish lasting business relationships.

Over the years, personalized winery products and services have been proven to enhance customer loyalty. Additionally, offering superior hospitality services to the customers in your tasting room will make them more likely to join your wine club.

WineDirect POS System Downsides

A considerable number of users find it comparatively difficult to navigate the spreadsheet layout on this POS system. To read our full review of Winedirect POS.

2. The Best Winery POS System Register: Lightspeed Retail

If you are looking for one of the most reliable, cloud-based POS solutions offering robust reporting, and excellent register capabilities, Lightspeed Retail would be a great choice.

This premium-class system is backed by reliable onboarding assistance. You will also like its work order management capability as well as the innovative e-commerce platform offered by the provider.

Other aspects that make Lightspeed Retail one of the best winery POS systems include:

Wine Club Management

Although many of the leading systems feature remarkable CRM tools, you will need much more to manage your wine club more effectively. The wine club management feature on Lightspeed is designed to simplify your operations, allow your business to reach its optimal potential.

In this regard, you need to couple the POS system with VinStream. VinStream is equipped with a unique set of tools to offer your customers a distinct level of service. With this feature in your business, you will be able to sign up new members to the club through the POS system at the tasting room.

Additionally, the system allows you to set up recurring billing for every member you sign up. This is meant to help with batch processing of the memberships.

Management Capabilities

The Lightspeed Retail Winery POS System is designed to manage the employees, inventory, sales, and customers in the business from a single platform. To begin with, the system offers you an array of adaptable features for efficient inventory management. With such tools, you will be able to organize the inventory items into specific categories.

This, in turn, makes it more convenient for your employees to pull up items on the register while ringing up sales. One of the things that make this solution stand out from the rest is its ability to manage your business license information. In this case, the winery software is capable of tracking information on the various business licenses you have for the winery.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Downsides

The various subscription plans by this provider are billed annually. As such, businesses are required to sign a one-year commitment. Small and startup businesses may find this to be inconvenient and expensive as well.

3. The Best Cloud-Based POS System: Upserve

Formerly referred to as Breadcrumb, Upserve is one of the leading providers of POS systems for an array of retail businesses.

As a matter of fact, the winery POS system offered by this provider will help your business save up to 48 percent in costs. Additionally, the system is loaded with a number of winery-specific features to save time, improve efficiency, and profitability.

Other capabilities you will come to like about the Upserve winery POS solution include:

Swipe to Pre-Authorize

Opening and closing tabs in a winery tasting room can be cumbersome and time-consuming if not managed properly. With the Swipe to Pre-Authorize features, the servers in your winery will only need to swipe customer’s cards just once. With this system in your business, you will need to swipe a customer’s card through the POS to open a tab in the customer’s name.

When the time comes for you to close-out the tabs, you only need to give the customer his bill and signature slip. You will not need his/her card for a second time to close out the tabs. Although this option is only available for the tab-type checks, it will save on time, and enhance customer experience.

Upserve Menu Intelligence

Under normal circumstances, it will take you a considerable number of hours in a week to fully understand how your menu and servers are performing. To save you the time and headache, the Upserve Menu Intelligence feature allows for automatic numbering and data processing. According to the winery owners already using the solution, this feature has a number of benefits to offer your business.

For instance, it will help you figure out ways you can turn your first-time customers into repeat customers, and make informed menu-related decisions. This feature will also make it easier for you to optimize the winery menu in accordance with buying habits. The system will also make it possible for your servers to suggest marquee items in the business targeting Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Upserve POS System Downsides

You may experience occasional outage issues with this provider. As compared to some of the leading winery POS systems, Upserve offers a relatively lower value for money.

4. The Best iPad-Based Winery POS System: Shopkeep

In addition to offering winery industry-specific features, the provider allows you to tailor your POS around your specific business model. With this system in your winery, you will capture customer information for efficient marketing efforts, and personalized customer service.

Again, printing barcode labels for the various items, and managing the inventory will be a breeze with this winery POS system. Other than that, the provider guarantees that you will have access to customer support services 7 days a week. So, what exactly makes Upserve stand out from other winery POS solutions?

Winery Management

Ranging from sales, and employee management to inventory and customer management, this software has all the tools you will need. For instance, the system is known to produce an array of updated reports on various business aspects in real time. By analyzing such reports and automatically tracking sales by hour, cashier, item or department, you will get a clear overview of how the business is faring.

For enhanced ease of use, the system allows you to import the existing inventory. The system will also automate several of the important day-to-day tasks in your winery.

Simplified Staff Management

As you will come to learn, the Shopkeep POS system is relatively easy to implement and use. As such, you will not need to waste money, and time training your employees on how to use the system. Secondly, Shopkeep will make it easier and more convenient to keep track of all the employees.

For example, the system will automatically track employees’ hours of service, and rank them according to their performance. This will help enhance employee productivity in the winery. With this solution, you will also be able to restrict employee access to the POS system according to their roles.

Shopkeep POS System Downsides

The system does not allow for multi-location winery business management. Again, it does not feature APIs.

5. The Best PCI/P2PE Compliant Winery POS System: Revel Systems

PCI/P2PE compliance, intuitive user interface, and easier business management are some of the best selling points of the Revel Systems winery POS system.

The system is capable of tracking the exact amounts of wine poured as well as bottles sold. Again, the provider offers competitive payment processing rates, through its Revel Advantage gateway.

Other intriguing capabilities of this winery POS system include:

Streamlined Winery Operations

This system has been proven to help winery employees to offer customers an exceptional experience. By connecting the back-of-house to front-of-house, and offering seamless checkouts, the system will boost service delivery. The system is also reliable and accurate as far as tracking wine inventory levels is concerned.

With Revel Systems, you will find it relatively easy to start a wine club for enhanced customer loyalty. In this regard, the system also features customizable customer rewards programs.

Always On Mode

Just as is the case with other retail businesses, you need a system that will not disrupt operations in your business whenever the internet is down. The Always On mode on the Revels Systems winery POS system will ensure that you can continue processing transactions when there is a power outage or the internet is down.

Revel Systems POS System Downsides

Small and startup winery businesses may find this POS option to be comparatively expensive. Again, you may find the software to be a bit unreliable.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Winery POS System

Good wine deserves a certain level of appreciation. In addition to offering the best wine, you will need to employ the right technology for enhanced customer experience in your winery. In this regard, a good POS system will come in handy. The right technological solution will make it easier, and more convenient for you to keep track of shipments, sales, and inventory as well as schedule wine tasting in the establishment.

A winery-specific system will also make it easier for you to run an online shop that syncs with the brick and motor winery in real time. This will, in tur, lead to streamlined operations, efficient management, and enhanced profitability in the business.

In order to get such a winery POS system, there are a few things you should consider, some of which include:

1. Online Reservations

In order to drive more traffic to your wine tasting space, you need to make it more convenient for existing, and potential customers to make reservations. Some of the best winery POS systems in the market are known to feature reservation capabilities.

With such a system, you will not need to invest in separate reservation software, which would cost you more money. In this case, the right online reservation platform should allow you to showcase the various tasting options you offer in the winery.

Additionally, the solution should make it easier for you to Upsell and cross-sell your customers in a friendly manner so as to increase revenue.

Additionally, your preferred POS option should as well be capable of collecting the relevant customer information, along with the reservations. This will offer your business valuable customer insights as to what each customer may or may not like. Such information puts your staff in a better position to offer the customers personalized, world-class hospitality.

2. Menu Management

While all wineries may offer the same products and services, each business is unique in its own way. Get a system caters for your specific business model to save on time and costs, and enhance compliance the business to remain compliant.

To begin with, the winery menu on your preferred solution should be highly customizable. In this regard, the menu should feature the right menu options and modifiers for customizing winery items. The system should make it easier for you to organize your menu in whichever way you find appealing, on the fly.

For instance, the software should allow you to feature precise menu item variants, such as different cheese plate sizes, and wine glass types.

Finally, the solution should be capable of updating the register, online and printed menus in real time, and even tie them to the available inventory. For this purpose, most of the leading systems use purchasing formats to monitor stock levels.

3. Winery CRM and Analytics

Just as is the case with other hospitality pos systems, gaining a better understanding of the customers in your winery will help offer personalized services. The customer relationship management (CRM) should be able to do much more, than just compiling a customer database.

For instance, the CRM should capture and store such details as how much each customer has spent, order history as well as customer preferences.

Such a system ensures that you have access to valuable analytics and insights for the business. Coupling such CRM tools to menu intelligence and internal sales indicators will help you make important business decisions. For instance, it will help you ascertain the best selling vintage in your winery.

4. Event Analysis

Wineries are known to host an array of events. As time goes by, you will want to know which events were worth your while. In this case, it is advisable to invest in a winery point of sale system that allows you to analyze the events you have previously hosted.

The event analysis tool should be able to break down the data on the various events, allowing you to compare the ROI on each of them. Again, this feature should make it easier for you to plan for future events. In this case, you should go for a system that centralizes the various event planning aspects.

For instance, it should feature a detailed event calendar, and allow you to communicate with the guests, and team members directly through the POS system. In addition to these benefits, you will find a cloud-based solution to be ideal for planning winery events remotely.

5. E-commerce and Wine Club Integration

The level of customer service you offer in your tasting room can actually encourage customers to sign up with your wine club. This enhanced loyalty for the business will, in turn, result in increased revenue.

This being the case, your preferred solution should enhance the level of serve offered in the tasting room as well as in your wine club.

In this regard, POS software that supports wine club management, and e-commerce integrations will come in handy. Such integrations will allow you to monitor everything from a single platform, hence give your customers a holistic experience.

Final Verdict

Your fast-paced, high-volume winery tasting room needs a robust winery-specific POS system. Although there are numerous retail POS solutions available, you need to get one that is best suited for your business. In this case, a system that allows for easier, and more convenient online winery reservations, inventory and menu management will be a great choice.

The five points of sale systems reviewed above are some of the best, in this regard. In addition to such capabilities, the systems are packed with a myriad of winery-specific capabilities. Whether you are looking or an affordable or a feature-rich system, this guide will make your decision easier.

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