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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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Erply POS ReviewRetailers need a POS solution responsive to their specific needs. A complete system should include powerful functionality and be customizable. Erply POS represents a solution that accomplishes both of these capabilities.

To run and grow a successful retail business, operators also need to find a technology partner they trusts to meet their needs for years to come. POS systems need to be scalable and flexible to maximize the potential to grow your brand.

Cloud-based software platforms offer many benefits to businesses of any size. All your data and transactions are protected by the latest security standards and capabilities. Erply POS is recognized as a technology leader in this area.

Continue on for the full review of features and capabilities that Erply POS offers retailers of all sizes across all industries.

Erply POS – Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Erply POS has grown into a full-feature POS solution designed to offer flexibility for small to medium-sized businesses.

Headquartered in New York City, the team at Erply includes development talent from all over the world. Erply cloud-based POS solution processes billions of transactions for over 100,000 stores globally in 15 different languages. They strive to develop the best software tools in the industry for businesses of any size.

Erply POS Features

The daily operations of running a retail business can be complex. Dozens of tasks and processes are repeated on a daily basis. Erply POS streamlines and automates your most common tasks.

An employee time clock app allows associates to use a unique login to track time. Managers can create schedules, modify hours, and generate reports. Access for everyone happens anywhere on the POS system, including mobile devices.

Keeping your registers balanced and generating end-of-day reports is simple with Erply POS. It includes a Cash In/Cash Out feature that records all miscellaneous movement of cash from the till. Opening and closing the day generates all the reporting needed and creates an audit trail to prevent loss or theft.

Enhanced Sales Functions

Erply POS has a unique layaway function that can increase sales on big-ticket items. Customize down payments, set-up payment dates, and view inventory items on hold. Alerts and automation keep everyone in the loop.

Retail is an OmniChannel experience. Customers want to shop online in a variety of places as well as in-store. Erply POS makes it easy for your customers to browse from anywhere and complete a purchase online or in your store. This is a great option to create more foot traffic and increase impulse buys.

Epry POS empowers your employees with access to recent sales receipts and customer purchase histories. Remind them what size they purchased last time or help process returns without a receipt. Save a Sale functionality allows you to move and complete transactions anywhere on the POS system, including mobile devices.

Streamlined Transaction Completion

Erply POS can be customized to move your customers quickly through the checkout process. Setup quick select keys for popular items or products sold in bulk without a barcode. Customize by location anywhere you do business.

Hassle-free stock and price lookup helps employees become more efficient and delivers better service to customers. Erply POS search features are intuitive and completed manually or with a barcode scan. All product availability, pricing, and information are updated in real-time when changes are made from the back office.

Erply POS’ return and refunds settings allow you to enforce store policy and create an audit trail. Managers can add their own unique reason codes, approval requirements, and receive detailed reports. Transaction records help process returns properly without a receipt.

Inventory Management

Erply POS is a complete inventory management system bringing all your information and activities onto one platform in the cloud. Their Product Information Management (PIM) options simplify the complex world of inventory. All changes are updated globally across the platform in real-time.

If your operation operates a warehouse or multiple locations, Erply POS accurately tracks all inventory transfers. These functions work hand-in-hand with Erply’s stocktaking capabilities. Completely paperless, the system enables employees to use a mobile device and/or scanner to quickly complete the task which perfect accuracy.

Selling products with a wide variety of sizes, colors, and other attributes are easily managed with Erply POS’ product matrix functions. Easily customize categories and drive reporting for useful insights. All inventory functionality can be accessed from your smartphone with the Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Similar to Lightspeed Retail, Erply POS also makes it simple to organize and manage all your suppliers. Purchasing management tools can be customized at any level of your business. Quickly create PO’s and review orders and inventory down to a line-item level. Stock replenishment reports and alerts can be completed manually or automatically.

Superior Sales Management and CRM Tools

Businesses that generate revenue by generating quotes and closing deals can create their own custom sales processes. Reports and dashboard visuals help your management team forecast revenues. Invoicing and payment capabilities are also integrated into these functions. 

Eperly POS has the CRM capabilities you need to manage all the ways you connected with your customers. Develop a customized loyalty program and create personalized communication and offers to segmented lists. Learn more about your customers and increase your lifetime customer value.

Integrated Payments Options

Erply POS can integrate with your preferred payment processor. The system also allows associates to accept more than one card payment method within transactions. Payment processing functions handle all payment methods including cash, credit/debit cards, checks, or gift cards.

All of this functionality is also available on the go on mobile devices at remote locations. Erply POS is also compatible with Apple Pay and other NFC contactless payment readers.

Business Types

Erply POS has a solution for every industry and every size organization. The team at Erply can help your business identify the right level of service and features to meet the current and future needs of your operation.

  • Enterprise Retail
  • Retail Franchise
  • Retail
  • Apparel
  • Coffee Shop
  • Beauty/Health
  • Food & Grocery
  • Garden Center
  • Pet Supplies POS
  • Toy Store
  • Vape Store
  • Wholesale


Erply POS is hardware agnostic so you are free to utilize the devices you prefer. Their support team is available to assist in getting hardware or credit card processing equipment setup.

Hardware Devices

Preferred Hardware Manufacturers

  • IBM
  • Toshiba
  • Star
  • Epson
  • Verifone
  • MagTek
  • Ingencio
  • Paypal
  • APG
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Avery
  • Honeywell
  • Motorola

Erply POS Pricing

The company offers a range of pricing tiers allowing operators to choose the plan most appropriate for their needs. Erply POS also offers a 20% discount when you sign up for annual billing.

POS without Inventory Features:  $49/mo or $39/mo billed annually.

Ideal for small shops that do not carry inventory.

  • Includes 2 User Accounts
  • 1 Point of Sale License
  • Basic x-/z-reports to run your shop
  • Basic CRM
  • POS Mobile App
  • Cayan Integrated Payments
  • mPOS
  • Email Receipts
  • Flexible Hardware Support
  • Bluetooh Peripheral Support
  • Pop-up Shop Support
  • Limited e-mail support only
  • No Warehouse Management

POS with Online and Offline Inventory:   $89/mo or $69/mo billed

A solution geared for web shops and warehouses.

  • Includes 2 User Accounts
  • 1 Warehouse License
  • Real-time Inventory Backend System
  • Product Management/Inventory Database
  • Reporting
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase and Receiving
  • Packing Lists/Barcode Labels
  • Cycle Counts
  • Multiple Product Types
  • Kitting
  • E-mail Purchase Orders
  • Mobile Inventory
  • Customizable Document Designer
  • Shopify Integration/E-commerce API
  • Import/Export Tools

Inventory + POS: $119/mo or $99/mo

Perfect for high volume single or multi-store retailers.

  • Includes 2 User Accounts
  • 1 POS with Inventory License
  • mPOS
  • Inventory Database
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Customer Database + API – 1M customers
  • Purchase and Receiving
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Gift Cards, Store Credit System
  • Promotions/Coupons and Marketing Intelligence
  • Quotes/Sales Orders/Invoices
  • Sales Commission Calculations
  • Customizable Document Designer
  • Wholesale/House Accounts
  • Customer Facing Display
  • API Access
  • WMS – Warehouse Management System Capability

Enterprise:  Call for consultations and custom quote

A solution for larger multi-store franchises or enterprises.

  • Franchise and Chain HQ Module
  • Multi-store Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Facing Display with Ad Module
  • Advanced Customer Database + API – 10M customers
  • 900+ POS Registers Supported
  • Gift Cards, Store Credit System
  • Promotions/Coupons and Marketing Intelligence
  • Invoicing/Quoting
  • ERP Integration/API Access
  • House Accounts
  • Wholesale, EDI Integration Option
  • WMS – Warehouse Management System
  • mPOS
  • Dedicated Customer Management Cloud
  • High Scalability (800+ locations)
  • Centralized Reporting & Purchasing
  • Commission Management
  • Development & Professional Services
  • Dedicated SLA, Transition Services, and Account Team
  • World-class Security & Hosting
  • Over 200 Custom Add-On Modules

Erply POS Benefits

  • Comprehensive POS features
  • World-class API
  • Highly secure servers
  • Personable customer support
  • Mobile applications

Erply POS Drawbacks

  • Basic plan does not include inventory features
  • Tiers can get expensive for advanced features

Our Final Verdict

Erply POS offers a modern cloud-based solution that can be configured to meet the needs of businesses of any size. Secure and leveraging the latest technology, users will find that Erply POS is a complete solution that is scalable for all your future plans for growth and expansion.

With offices around the globe and world class customer support, the experts at Erply can help you configure the optimal POS solutions empower your employees, amaze your customers, and increase the value of your brand.

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