Rezku POS Review: Top Features, Pricing & User Ratings

Last updated on November 28, 2020

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rezku pos review

Rezku POS is one of the most powerful restaurant management solutions. The best reason to choose Rezku is for its ability to provide a comprehensive package that caters to every aspect of your food business.

After an extensive Rezku POS review, we found that while other restaurant POS systems may charge additional fees for each feature, Rezku offers core features at no additional cost. This includes inventory management, online ordering, customer loyalty, gift cards, employee management, and many more features.

Whether you own a full service or a quick-service restaurant, a brewery, a bar, or even a pizza restaurant, Rezku’s software can handle tasks like advanced reporting, analytics, and various customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives.

Additionally, Rezku has the capability to integrate seamlessly with hundreds of POS integrations for online ordering, delivery, accounting, employee timecards, ingredient-level inventory tracking, and more.

Rezku excels when it comes to ordering and service features like check splitting and tableside ordering using state-of the art hardware. However, where Rezku really shines is with its management features like real-time reporting (to monitor your sales by the hour or day), food cost calculation, KPI’s, and various other metrics.

Finally, you can easily customize or update your menu with Rezku. And, if that wasn’t enough, Rezku focuses on customer loyalty, letting bar and restaurant managers set happy hour and cash discounts. Also, you have the ability to text or e-mail customers about special events (keeping them coming back to your establishment).

We’d love to tell you everything right in this overview, but there’s much more in the extended review to come. Let’s learn more about Rezku below.

Who’s Rezku POS?

Rezku started with founder Paul Katsch, who wanted to develop a POS system for restaurants that “actually work like they should.” What this means is that the POS would handle the unique needs of restaurateurs from top to bottom.

The goal is to produce a POS that makes operating a cutting-edge restaurant easy without sacrificing quality or speed. This includes small cafes and bars to the most sophisticated food service operations in the world.

Rezku development started with the launch of the “Rezku Prime” product. They then spun off the iPad version called “Tablet” (now Rezku Reservations). Also, “Waitku” (now Rezku Waitlist).

Rezku POS Demo



Rezku is a hybrid-cloud system, working specifically with iPads. While it is locally installed, all your data is backed up to the cloud so you never lose data. Access sales and custom reports from anywhere, anytime.

Rezku also pushes functionality like tableside ordering and digital Kitchen-Display Systems (KDS). Their team believes that communication between the front and back-of-house is most important in a restaurant business.

Don’t have time to read our full review? Skip all the nitty-gritty details about this POS system. Easily customize a point-of-sale solution for your restaurant in just 60 seconds by clicking here. If you’re not in a rush, read our comprehensive 5000+ word guide on the top 20 restaurant POS systems in the industry.

Rezku Is Ideal for Various Quick Service & Food Establishments

Maybe most importantly, Rezku tailors its benefits for large and small businesses. This system has the functionality to be considered brewery POS, nightclub POS, and cafe POS.

Some of these functions cross over into multiple business categories. Others, like table management, are specialized based on the business type. Before we dive into the key features, let’s take a look at the main menu screen.

Key Features

  • Online Ordering: Setup and build your menu at no additional cost. Add custom branding to your website. Take online payments and manage your orders in one dashboard.
  • Inventory Management: Update your inventory as it is added in real-time. Analyze your food costs. Get an e-mail when your stock goes low. Track your ingredients and use the software to avoid employee theft.
  • Delivery Management: Set delivery zones with different fees by location. Integrate Google Maps so you can direct your driver to the right destination.
  • 3rd Party Online Ordering: Manage orders in an orderly queue. Send orders right to the kitchen as soon as they come in. This works with nearly any 3rd party online menu.
  • Menu Management: Modify your menu by adding colorful images and item descriptions. Integrate this menu with your website for online ordering.
  • Tableside Ordering & Payments: Customize your floor plans and table management. Split payment, seats, or even orders. Use handheld EMV card readers for fast and secure payments.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Use a point-based rewards system to keep patrons coming back. Set discounts and apply them to your physical location and online orders.
  • Gift Cards: Sell an unlimited amount of gift cards and keep all the profits. If you already have a gift card system, you can migrate those into Rezku. The team at Rezku will help you design a gift card as well.
  • Rezku Ready™: Convert from a stationary point of sale device to a mobile one in minutes. With its wireless design, Rezku Ready will help you be more mobile around the restaurant. Take care of tables or curbside orders quickly and efficiently.

Other Rezku Products & Services

Rezku POS is part of a multi-platform package that you can sign up for on a per-platform basis. If you run a restaurant, the only software component you would need would be the core POS software.

Let’s explore these vital Rezku products:

  • Rezku Reservations: This advanced reservations app gives you plenty of flexibility to manage your reservations by controlling what tables are reserved, and by whom. Make special notes regarding events or allergies. Keep track of all table reservations so that you never double book or force people to wait.
  • Rezku Waitlist: This tool helps you manage your dining room from behind the host counter with mobile table management. With this software and an iPad, your hosts can seat customers immediately from their device and provide accurate wait times, depending on how busy you are. It also includes CRM for repeat customers.
  • Rezku Prime: Rezku Prime is an expanded table and dining room management tool that combines functionality between Reservations and Waitlist. Prime allows you to connect reservation services to table management so that you can micromanage table availability. Rezku Prime brings tons of personalization tools so you can track things like customer names, special events, and allergies in a visual layout. This is a great tool to help if you have overbooking problems on busy nights.

These tools complement the core functionality of Rezku POS by integrating advanced restaurant management into your POS solution.

Rezku POS: Plans and Pricing

Rezku POS starts at $69/mo for the basic package. However, pricing plans are not listed on the site. This is because Rezku believes in customizing your POS experience so that you don’t pay more for features you don’t need. 

Other Rezku products are priced similarly. Rezku Prime (table management software) also requires a quote from Rezku to get pricing. Rezku Reservations (reservation software), on the other hand, offers two tiers of pricing with a free 2-week trial.

Both plans are the same, but if you pay annually ($59/mo) instead of monthly ($69/mo) you save about $120 per year. Rezku Waitlist is much the same. Pay annually at $49/mo and save $10 per month over a monthly plan at $59/mo.

They also do not provide any information on payment processing, but their integrations page shows payment processing partners such as Worldpay.

Notable Features and Capabilities

Rezku prides itself on having built a platform for restaurants and businesses in the food and drink industry. As such, the majority of its features are geared towards supporting food service, nightlife, drink orders, or some combination.

Payment Flexibility & Security

Rezku leverages mobile and wireless payment processing with tight security measures. The platform includes end-to-end encryption to protect customer card data. This comes with Rezku’s 100% PCI-compliant payment system and reduced scope of data collection.

Rezku also supports hardware using EMV technology for chip readers. With that said, this POS system offers several ways to take payments. Rezku’s software makes splitting checks and adding suggested tips easy. If you run a bar in your restaurant, it’s also simple to create an ongoing tab for customers.

Hybrid-Cloud Service

Rezku in 100% cloud-based, which lends to its use on iPads. However, Rezku also runs on your devices even if the cloud is down. That means you can still ring up orders and send them to your kitchen. Keep working until your connection is up and running again.

Offline access even extends to payment processing. If your system goes offline, you can still collect payments through a credit card reader. Count on the system to reconcile your books when you are back online.

Tableside Service

More restaurants are switching to tableside ordering to cut down on time and miscommunication between the front-of-the-store and kitchen staff. Using an iPad, your waiters can take orders as they get them, notating for special items or customer needs.

These orders are immediately sent to the kitchen once finalized and allow for easy adjustment afterward. Tableside ordering also makes specialty menus easier to implement. For example, if you want to offer multi-course meals, this feature makes it simple.

Your staff can simply follow up with customers as they complete courses, and signal to the kitchen that they need to prepare the next course with a simple tap.

Online Ordering and Reservations

Customers like to order online. If your business provides delivery or carryout dining, Rezku provides partner tools for various online ordering options.

Some Rezku partners include:

  • Zuppler
  • Brandibble
  • 9Fold
  • Grubhub
  • Uber Eats

And more. With Rezku, you can give your customers an easy way to make reservations online or via phone and integrate it into a single, simple system.

If you use Rezku Prime, Reservations, or Waitlist, you can also streamline those orders and reservations across your entire operation.

Kitchen Display System

Rezku favors digital, paperless tech, which is apparent in their Kitchen Display System (KDS). Digital KDS software allows nearly instantaneous communication between wait staff and line cooks by automatically organizing orders as they come in.

Rezku leverages KDS technology alongside their mobile-focused POS to make ordering a nearly instantaneous event: just type in the order, submit, and the kitchen knows what’s next.

Some of the advantages of using Rezku KDS include:

  • Easier coursing. Multi-course meals can track through the KDS system and trigger based on inputs from the wait staff.
  • Tough hardware. While Rezku uses iPads for their operation, they also sell cases and stands that are meant to withstand rugged kitchen use. That means that kitchen staff gets a tough tech that also uses intuitive touch navigation.
  • iPads are flexible, and you can put one at every key kitchen location. Food that requires multiple components from different stations can be coordinated easily.

Hardware and System Requirements

Rezku has a list of hardware that you can use with your Rezku system. While they do sell these hardware systems as part of their monthly packages (integrated with their software), they do not offer prices for them.


Rezku sells iPads as their primary POS hardware platform, as Rezku is a tablet-based POS.

Their website lists the following models:

  • iPad Generations 6, 5, 4
  • The iPad Air and Air 2
  • An iPad Mini Generations 4, 3, 2
  • Any iPad Pro model

While they sell iPads as part of their solutions, it isn’t clear if you can use your own devices without additional setup with the company.

They do, however, also sell iPad stands for the counter, kitchen, and tableside use.

They sell three different models of stands from Heckler Design:

  • Stand Prime for iPad and iPad Pro 10.5”
  • Stand Tall for iPad Pro 12.9” and 9.7”
  • Duo Tall for iPad Air and iPad Pro 12.9”

Feasibly, you could use stands from third-party designers that fit your iPad model. 

Printers and Registers

Rezku does use separate dedicated printers for kitchen use and receipt printing from the front of your restaurant. They offer models from Epson ™ and Star Micronics.

For receipts, they offer the following printers:

  • The Epson ™-T20ii
  • Epson ™-T88V-i
  • The Epson ™-M30
  • Star Micronics TSP-65011
  • Star Micronics TSP-143

For Kitchen use, they offer these printers:

  • Epson ™-U220B
  • Star Micronics SP700

Rezku also only offers two different cash drawers:

  • A “Standard” cash drawer connecting to the receipt printer.
  • A “Bar” drawer with stacked drawers for multiple users.

Readers, Scanners, and Accessories

Rezku also offers a single scanner, the Honeywell Hyperion 1300g USB model. Other hardware packages may offer other standalone scanners or ones that can be connected to the iPad.

This includes a Magtek iPad card scanner and several independent card swipers and scanners. Additionally, Rezku does offer a food scale for businesses that sell or track inventory based on weight.


rezku pos integrationsWhile Rezku doesn’t offer as many integrations as other POS systems in the hospitality sector, their management team has been working on adding more partners to improve the system capabilities. For most businesses, it won’t be necessary to use too many third-party integrations. This is because Rezku has more than 30 powerful features built into the software, like employee timecards and reporting features.

To integrate accounting with your POS software, you can use Quickbooks, Xero, and Sage. For delivery, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub. Want to integrate your POS system with the online menu on your site? For online ordering, Rezku integrates with Open Dining and 9Fold. For scheduling and employee management, you can use the well-known 7Shifts or Rezku’s built-in timecards module.

And, if you want to manage reservations and your seating, you can use Rezku Reservations. If you need more advanced reservation capabilities for a high volume restaurant, you’ll want to consider Rezku Prime. With this module, you’ll be able to see an overview of your restaurant’s seating arrangement and floor plan, the volume of orders, and other vital information. Avoid booking too many tables or not using your floor plan according to your restaurant’s space.

Payment Processing

Some POS providers limit you to using just a few merchant processing companies or using their own processing services (like Square). Rezku doesn’t do that. With Rezku, you can use almost any credit card processing company you’d like. If you are already working with a merchant, you should be able to make the switch to Rezku POS and still use your processor.

Even if your business processes lots of transactions, being able to choose your own merchant processing company can save you a lot on processing fees. If you haven’t done so already, shop around for the best rates before deciding on a payment processing solution.

Customer Support

Customer service is highly important. When your POS system is down, your business could be losing sales. The good news is that the Rezku team is always available and offers 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and email. What’s more, when you become a customer you’ll get a point-of-sale specialist assisting you during the onboarding process. This person will help you and your staff learn the system and answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that onboarding can take as long as 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of your business. This includes fully adding your food menu items, your logo, pricing, staff, specials, drink menu, and other customizations you may need. While you may need to schedule a time to speak with your advisor, the Rezku team is readily available to help.

Although the software can be a bit lacking when it comes to integrations, most restaurants are satisfied with the customer support and Rezku’s ability to help with customizations or errors. According to some users, there’s a known printer error for a specific model of Rezku’s hardware. But, after speaking to the company, they assured us this can be solved with simple troubleshooting (by contacting them).

Alternatives to Rezku POS

Rezku is the Flexible POS that Your Restaurant Needs

Rezku is a rock-solid POS, purposely built for bars and restaurants. What that means for you is that you get customizable software that works with mobile devices, without sacrificing the functionality of a restaurant POS system.

The cloud features and basic reporting are nice, but where this POS shines is how it modernizes customer interaction. From waitlists to reservations and ordering, your wait staff can take orders easily with a little communication breakdown between themselves and the kitchen staff.

The interface for table management is easy to use and customizable. Payment processing is easy. All your POS interactions work through iPads, so you can remain mobile and strategic in where you want your POS stations.

Of course, all of these features may be too much overwhelming for a small restaurant. By working with a Rezku sales associate, you’ll be able to customize a solution for your business.

If you run a bar or restaurant, you do yourself a disservice if you don’t at least check out what Rezku has to offer. To learn more, click here to get a quote or watch a demo.

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