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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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nightclub posThe best nightclub point of sale system (POS) should allow you to serve more customers in less time and control the best more efficiently. In addition to handling sales and finances, the system should simplify bookkeeping and inventory management. The right system will make it easier to track employees as well as customers on site and remotely.

The right solution will also offer your business enhanced security and make it easy for you to track sales. Such benefits will, in turn, streamline operations, optimize the inventory and boost customer experience. However, you need to choose a solution that is best suited for a nightclub.

In this regard, you should consider such aspects as tip tracking, age verification, inventory management, pre-authorized tabs and price schedule. Reviewed below are the top four nightclub POS systems you should consider.

Comparing the Best Nightclub POS Systems

Depends on the required hardware components
from $99/month per location
Quote-based flat rate + $0.15 per transaction
Varies based on the hardware components you need
from $99/month
Depends on your preferred payment gateway
from $69/month
$649 for hardware installation
from $79/month per station
Quote-based flat rate

1. The Best Nightclub POS System Overall: Upserve

Get a POS system that lets you do it all efficiently, fast and conveniently.  The Upserve nightclub POS system gives you an opportunity to treat each of your customers as a VIP guest. In order to achieve this, the system will open customer tabs before they arrive, handle house accounts and take customer notes.

Not only does this solution make tab management easier but will also help servers save time and boost customer service. The system allows the bartenders to create and name tabs with a single card swipe, check notes, and clear floor plan.

In addition to these, the Upserve nightclub POS system is also renowned for:

Flexible Customization Options

In order to allow for easy and fast checkouts, especially on busy days, you should ensure that items are easy to find on the register. This is particularly why Upserve allows you to customize your nightclub menu and register for easy access. In this case, you may customize it in a way that gives bartenders easy access to popular items.

Easy Tab Management

Upserve features pre-authorization, which makes it easy for you to start new tabs. In this regard, you only need to swipe a credit card to create a tab in that customer’s name. This feature will automatically save customer information securely. As such, you will not need the card again while closing the tab.  This will save you time and prevent walkouts.

Additionally, this feature offers other tab management capabilities like splitting checks, creating and separating tabs. The system also allows you to add gratuity to customer checks as well as comp and void checks. Such capabilities have been proven to boost customer experience in nightclubs.

Workforce Management

You need to manage the staff in your nightclub more efficiently in order to achieve optimal productivity. Upserve nightclub POS system features a workforce integration to help you achieve this. Not only does this feature support payroll capabilities, but also allows for easy shift scheduling and communication. With this system in your nightclub, tracking employee hours will be a breeze. By allowing you to allocate tips accurately, this system helps you reward your bartenders accordingly.

Upserve POS System Downsides

The system is known to experience occasional outages, which may slow operations in your club. Again, Up serve offers a relatively low value for money as compared to the best POS systems in the hospitality industry.

2. The Fastest Nightclub POS System: Lightspeed Retail

As you may be aware, Lightspeed Retail is one of the best bar and nightclub POS systems. To begin with, the POS system makes it possible for you to accept limitless orders in a faster manner. With Lightspeed POS solution, your bartenders and servers will be able to take instant orders from anywhere in the nightclub.

Regardless of where the orders are taken, the orders will be relayed to the bar instantly by the system. Similarly, the solution ensures that bartenders have an easy time opening tabs and taking payments. In his case, the bartender will be able to access my items, open tabs and take parents right from the order screen.

Other features nightclub owners have come to like about Lightspeed Retail include:

Easy Employee Training

Do not waste valuable business time training new employees on how to use the point of sale system. As opposed to some of the leading POS solutions, Lightspeed Retail has a comparatively short learning curve. According to thousands of nightclub owners who are already using Lightspeed, new employees can learn and use the solution within a day.

Again, you will like the intuitive user interface on this system. This allows new and experienced users to take orders, manage tabs and process payments fast and efficiently. This being the case, your new employees will be ready to ring up sales by the end of their first day.

Offline Mode

Slow internet and outages can interrupt operations in your business. This is particularly the case for cloud-based POS options that do not have an Offline mode. As opposed to such systems, Lightspeed is capable of processing payments both online and offline.

Whenever the internet is slow or down, Lightspeed will remain fully . In this case, transaction data is securely stored in the system. Once the internet connection is restored, the Lightspeed Liteserver will automatically sync this data to the server.

Lightspeed Retail POS System Downsides

The provider requires you to commit to a year-long contract. As such, small nightclub owners think of the system as complex and expensive.

3. The Most Affordable Nightclub POS System: Shopkeep

In today’s competitive business world, you need to do a lot more than just running your nightclub. This is precisely what the Shopkeep POS system is designed to help you achieve. Once installed in your club, the system will offer you compete for control over the business for easier management.

Additionally, the solution presents you with an assortment of tools aimed at growing the business. Again, the solution is affordable, easy to set up and highly dependable. With regards to business growth, Shopkeep has been proven to grow nightclub sales by more than 8 percent.

Here are several other tools that make Lightspeed Retail POS system stand out from the rest:

Simplified POS Tools

With the simplified nightclub tools offered by the Shopkeep feature suite, you can streamline day to day tasks. The system is designed to automate some of the important management tasks to save you time. Again, staffing and employee management are easy and effective with this solution.

In this regard, the system reduces staff training time considerably and automatically tracks employee hours. Shopkeep nightclub POS system is also capable of monitoring staff performance. The system will also make it easy for the bartender to add drinks, split checks and accept multiple payment options.


While a POS system is important for your business, most of them require a sizeable monetary investment. However, the best nightclub POS system does not have to be expensive. You will love to know that the Shopkeep POS solution is comparatively affordable. To begin with, the provider will help you get the most efficient hardware components for the nightclub.

Secondly, Shopkeep offers an affordable quote-based price to suit your business. In this case, the provider offers pricing that is customized to your specific business needs. Either way, you will find Shopkeep to be cheaper than some of the best nightclub POS systems. The all-in-one pricing model you will be charged will be for hardware, software and integrated payment processing.

Shopkeep POS System Downsides

Though highly beneficial, Shopkeep does not have table mapping capabilities. Again, the software lacks some of the important nightclub inventory management tools.

3. Robust Nightclub Management POS System: Revel Systems

Managing a successful nightclub can be a bit challenging, especially when done manually. Revel Systems features a suite of powerful nightclub management tools. Additionally, this solution will simplify and streamline all your nightclub operations. This will, in turn, allow you to test each of your customers like a VIP.

The various management capabilities offered by this software are aimed at improving efficiency, and optimizing profitability. For instance, the system helps you manage the inventory up to the ingredients level. It is also capable of tracking precise amounts of alcohol poured.

Other features you will come to like about the Revel systems POS include:

Enhanced Flexibility

Serve your nightclub customers up to their satisfaction and they will keep coming back. This will only be possible with a POS solution that allows for flexibility like the Revel POS system. For example, your customers will have the flexibility of paying for their orders using any payment mode they prefer.

Other tools you will come to like, in this regard, include pre-authorized tab creation, and the ability to split bills. The system will also collect and save customer information through its CRM feature. Through the flexibility offered by the solution, you can serve each of your customers according to his/her preferences.

Inventory Manager

Running out of a product on a busy day is any nightclub owner’s nightmare. To avoid this unfortunate eventually, you need to keep track of inventory levels. For enhanced convenience and precision, Revel systems automated inventory management up to the ingredient level. As such, the system will automatically update inventory levels after each drink is served.

The system features in-built low inventory alerts to let you know when your stock is running low. Additionally, the analytic tools of the system will help you optimize the inventory for improved profitability.

Revel Systems POS System Downsides

Setting this POS system up is rather complex. You may also experience software glitches from time to time.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Nightclub POS System

A bar and nightclub POS system should make it easier and faster for managers and staff to oversee the sale of beverages. In this unique hospitality business, you will need more than standard retail POS capabilities. For instance, it should feature drink recipe lists, price schedule, tab management, and split inventory tools. As such, not just any POS system will be suited for your nightclub.

While shopping for the right point of sale system, there are certain features you should consider. Discussed below are some of the key features and capabilities you should look for in the best nightclub POS system.

Price Scheduling

As you may be aware, clubs and nightclub menus, specials and happy hour promotions change periodically. This being the case, the system you settle for should allow for easy management of such aspects, preferably over the cloud. Some of the best nightclub POS systems are designed to automatically rotate prices in accordance with the POS internal clock.

As the club owner or manager, the system should allow you to adjust item prices for drink promotions and special events. In this regard, you should get a system that is configured to alter drink and food prices at the SKU level. Again, it should be easy for you to change prices back to the normal once the special events are over.

Nightclub-Specific Inventory Manager

The inventory in bars and nightclubs is rather diversified. In addition to an industry-specific solution, you need a solution that helps you optimize the inventory and prevent shrinkage. The system you choose should also have ordering and receiving tools suited for an inventory that fluctuates and moves fast.

If you have regular shopping schedules with suppliers, you should get one that accepts automatic shipment notices (ASNs). The system you choose should also allow for accurate inventory calculation and reduction of storage costs. The inventory manager in your preferred solution should feature low-inventory alerts as well.

The system should also be able to track server log-ins and generate reports. Such a system will help you identify the employees who may be causing shrinkage. It will also help you spot employee theft, whilst ensuring that you have the right amount of each drink in stock.

Age Verification

As you are aware, selling alcohol to an underage is illegal regardless of the state you live in. However, verifying your customers’ age can be challenging. POS options that are specifically designed for nightclubs are capable of verifying customer’s age. In this regard, most of these systems require the customer’s ID to be scanned while opening tabs.

With such a system, the customer’s age will be automatically verified by the POS system whenever a tab is opened. If the customer’s age is not verified, the system will not allow you to complete a transaction involving the sale of alcohol.

Convenient Tab Management

You also need to choose a system that allows for easy and efficient tab management. To begin with, the system should allow for pre-authorized tab creation. With this feature, you only need to swipe the client’s credit card through the system to create a tab in his/her name.

One of the biggest benefits of a bar POS system is the ability to efficiently manage tabs. No matter who you’re serving or how they’d like to pay, a bar POS system automates the process to make things easy and efficient. Afterward, you will not need the customer’s card again while closing the tab.

Additionally, the system should also offer industry-specific capabilities for enhanced convenience. For instance, it should be able to split checks in just a few taps. These customization capabilities allow you to offer personalized customer experience.

Recipe Customization and Definition

The POS system you choose for your nightclub should allow you to create and store drink preparation recipes. This way, bartenders will have an easy time preparing various drinks as per the customer order. With such a system, your staff will also be able to search for definitions to retrieve drink components.

The system should also allow for easy customization of recipes. Your preferred system should also feature a drink ‘Hotlist’ comprising of popular drinks. It should allow for customization of items on the hotlist according to each order.

Final Verdict

Just as is the case with any other hospitality business, you need to improve efficiency as well as attract and retain customers. Without the right POS system, these may be next to impossibility. In addition to nightclub-specific register tools, your referred solution should help you thrive.

Ranging from customer, employee and inventory management to flexible payment processing, you will the best tools to run the nightclub. With such considerations in mind, the above-reviewed four solutions are some of the best nightclub POS systems.Certain establishments may have a bar & nightclub combo,they should check out bar POS systems.

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