4 Best Gym POS Systems: Top Club Management Software

Last updated on January 8, 2021

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gym POS systemMemberships, classes, training sessions, and scheduling are just a few of the challenges that gyms and fitness centers have to handle on a daily basis. The more streamlined your process, the more successful your business will be.

The global fitness industry may be $87 billion, but your ability to capture your share of that market depends entirely on how well you can process payments, retain members, and upsell when necessary. One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to make that happen is your point of sale (POS) system.

The right gym POS system should make it easier to manage memberships, process payments, build rewards programs, and other key functions that will boost your bottom line.

Unlike other industries, fitness studios and gyms rarely rely on single purchases as their primary revenue stream, with the exception of individual classes. Since most of your business comes from memberships, your POS system should reflect this reality.

You should be able to handle billing, promotions, rewards programs, scheduling, reservation management, and marketing — all from one central device. With the right POS system, you’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on recruiting and retaining new gym members.

So what is the best gym POS system? Out of all the options out there, we put ZenPlanner at the top of the list. It features auto-billing, integrated websites, advanced workout tracking, and the ability to track members’ workout progress for custom promotions and upsells.

Finding the perfect POS system for your specific business needs shouldn’t be a heavy lift. That’s why we’ve reviewed the top four gym POS systems to easily help you find the best one.

The Best Gym & Facility POS Systems

$0 startup fees
$99 per month
2.49% per transaction

Depends on the hardware you need.
The provider charges
an additional fee per month,
if you decide to use third-party hardware

$85/month per location
Depends on your
preferred payments
Contact the credit
card processor for
accurate quote
Depends on the hardware
components you need
Varies from one payments processor to another

1. The Best Gym POS System Overall: Zen Planner Club Management

Zen Planner offers one of the best member management software solutions for gyms and fitness studios. This provider offers a comprehensive POS suite comprising of all the capabilities you need, including auto-billing, integrated, lead-generating websites, automation, and scheduling.

For the same price, the provider will also offer you a member and staff mobile Apps as well as a range of retail POS capabilities. Here are some of the features that make Zen Planner one of the best POS software for martial arts and gym facilities:

Advanced Workout Tracking

This solution allows trainers to program workouts into the Zen Planner POS system and then share them on the gym website, social media platforms or blog. From their member mobile Apps, your members will be able to view these daily workouts as well as your gym leader board.

Again, this system allows your members to log their results and even like or comment on other member’s results. The POS system features an inbuilt percentage calculator that may be used by coaches and members. You may use this calculator to work out max lift percentages.

With a simple click of a button, Zen Planner allows you to view the progress various gym members have had over time. The system will also help you analyze trends to ascertain the members who are doing well and those that require more attention. The system will also make it more convenient for you to engage with the athletes.

Integrated Websites

In addition to offering you a set of superior POS and club management features, this provider will also build a responsive website for your gym. Websites by this provider are known to be mobile-friendly, offering your members the best experience possible, regardless of the device they are using.

Having been integrated with your Zen Planner POS system, the website will offer you embedded calendars and forms. These have been proven to drive more leads to gyms and studios. For enhanced visibility of your brand, integrated websites by this provider will allow you to incorporate search engine marketing strategies.

Zen Planner POS System Downsides

Unlike some of the leading POS systems for Yoga, Zen Planner does not offer nutrition tracking capabilities. Additionally, the software does not support online coaching as of now.

2. The Best Mobile Personal Training POS System: GymMaster

Would you rather have a POS system that allows you to make sales and process payments from your members on the go? Well, you should consider getting one of the best mobile gym POS solutions like GymMaster. This cloud-based club member management software is suited for use in fitness studios, gyms, and clubs of any size.

GymMaster essentially offers an all-in-one POS solution with such capabilities as automated marketing and membership management. The software also supports billing and scheduling and will make it easier for you to manage administrative tasks in your business.

Some of the capabilities that make this solution stand out from the rest to include:

Flexible Payments

As far as membership payments are concerned, you should get software that allows your members to use their preferred payment method. The software also caters for other gym payment requirements as well. For example, there are members who would wish to pay upfront in cash and there are those who prefer having the charge added to their monthly billing cycle.

The POS software is also capable of saving card information securely for use in the member’s usual billing cycle. You will also like the fact that the software is compatible with a vast array of cash tills and card processing hardware in the market.

Staff App

For enhanced mobility, this provider allows you to monitor and manage various administrative tasks on a mobile App. In this regard, you only need to install the GymMaster Staff App into your device to view business and member information as well as manage the facility on the go. From this App, you will have a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) in the facility.

Regardless of where you are, this App will also allow you to access members’ profiles and edit account information. The App will also give you real-time statistics on club visitors, bookings and classes. This app will also allow you to monitor and regulate member access to your facility remotely.

GymMaster POS System Downsides

With this system, you may have a hard time switching between users.

3. The Best POS for Club Management and Fitness Studios: EZ Facility

Are you looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one POS system that will simplify and streamline daily operations in your gym? You should consider getting the EZ facility POS system—one of the best management solutions for personal trainers. As you will come to learn, this solution allows you to offer custom branded Apps to your members.

While this is the case, you will not have to create such Apps from scratch. Again, the software is renowned for its success in automating daily gym operations. In this regard, the system will automate much of the point-of-sale, scheduling, inventory and payroll management tasks.

Other capabilities you will come to like about this gym POS software include:

Invoicing and Payment Tracking

The EZ Facility POS software has the tools you need to automate payment schedules, invoicing and billing in your facility. With this system installed in your facility, you will be able to set rates for billing items, services, equipment and merchandise in the gym.

The software will also make it easy for you to track member payment schedules, due dates, purchase histories, and collection. The system will also furnish you with detailed reports on deposits, revenue stream and accounts receivable.

League Scheduling and Management

Would you like to schedule teams, back-to-back doubleheaders or just single BYEs? With the EZ Facility POS for the gym, you can come up with complex tournament and league schedules in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the system will ensure that the games run on time with printable scorecards, referee assignments, and Photo ID player verification cards.

While scheduling, the software will take team preferences, bye weeks, blackout dates, tournament seeds, and other important considerations into account. Afterward, you can easily publish the tournament schedules online with a single click.

EZ Facility POS System Downsides

The system does not support the creation of family accounts for simplified membership management and billing. Again, you may find it relatively difficult to bill for monthly packages on this software.

4. The Most Customizable Software for Martial Arts: Clubworx

The Clubworx gym management software will streamline club management and streamline operations in your studio or gym. With this membership management solution for a fitness studio in your facility, you will have access to some of the best POS, payment processing and workout tracking capabilities at your disposal.

Over the years, the Clubworx POS solution has been proven to be beneficial for PT studios, health clubs, dance, and yoga studios as well. The system is essentially meant to help you manage prospects, memberships, clients, payments and timetables on-site as well as online.

Some of the capabilities gym owners have come to like about this software include:

Online Booking and Payments

Allow your prospects and members to book as well as make their payments online with the Clubworx gym POS system. In this regard, the software allows your website visitors to make their booking and make payments instantly. To begin with, the system will prompt the member to enter his or her email address.

If the member is registered with your gym, his/her account will be displayed under the Contact Information section. For new prospects, the system will only display the email address. The member can then proceed to choose his/her preferred event. The member should then click on Continue to proceed to the payment information page.

Membership Management

This gym POS software is designed to collect important member information automatically. The system will then generate important reports and insights on the things that matter. This will, in turn, improve the way you relate with your customers, and grow the business.

You may also use the contact and demographic data collected by this system to power your marketing campaigns. This has been proven to be a cost-effective marketing solution for personal trainers and gym owners. Clubworx will also let you stay in touch with your members through email and SMS communications.

Clubworx POS System Downsides

The problem with this software is that it can only run card payments in batch at the end of the day. As such, you will not be able to know when a card is rejected until the following day.

Before Choosing a Gym or Facility POS System

Exploit more opportunities to grow your revenue and spend less time on administrative tasks with the best POS system for gyms. Whether you run a public, private, small or big membership-based organization, you need to operate efficiently and offer your members the best experience.

As you can imagine, all this will be impossible without the right fastness studio POS system and club management solution in place. You will need a system that offers billing, scheduling, marketing and membership management capabilities. However, these are not the only things you need to consider.

To get an industry-specific POS system for your gym, here are some of the key features and capabilities you should consider:

Membership Management

Memberships are the life force of any membership-based club or business. As such, you should invest in a system that allows you to attract and retain more members. Additionally, you will also need gym-specific management capabilities for the enhanced member experience. A system that automates much of the member management tasks will save you time and boost management efficiency.

To begin with, the system should make it relatively easy for you to monitor member activities through the POS software. Again, a system that integrates an online portal to the Club POS will come in handy. In most of the best fitness club POS systems, this capability allows members to view and edit their information through their membership accounts.

In this regard, most of the leading club management solutions allow members to pay their bills, add membership information, change gym timings and schedule appointments. On your end, the software should feature the right administrative tools. For instance, it should give you the ability to downgrade and upgrade memberships.

Secure Member Access

Most of the leading gyms allow their members to access and manage their membership accounts online. However, you need to ensure that this is done in a secure environment. Additionally, you need to ensure that members can securely check in or out of the facility, whether you are on the desk or not. In this case, you may get a system that facilitates member check-ins and checkouts through barcode or biometric scanning.

You should also get a solution that automates much of the access control functionality. For instance, the system should automatically apply expired memberships to the respective member cards. The system should also deny access to members who are late with their payments without requiring your intervention.

Member Forums

In addition to member accounts, you also need to offer your gym members an online forum. This is essentially an online community where your members can meet for discussions. The forum should also allow them to share network and even files among themselves.

Billing and Payment Processing

You also need to ensure that your preferred system has the right billing and payment processing tools for a gym. For the best results, it is advisable to get a solution that offers comprehensive billing and reporting capabilities. In addition to simplifying online signups and payments for members, the solution should be capable of sending automated reminders to members who are late with their payments.

The system you settle for should offer you a vast array of payment collection options for enhanced flexibility. Again, you will need that makes it easy for you to manage income generated by memberships, PT sessions, concessions, and classes. You also need to ensure that the software supports both subscription billing and recurring payments options.

Scheduling and Reservations Management

The point of sale system you choose should allow your staff and club members book, search as well as schedule classes and appointments. Some of the leading solutions are known to allow members to schedule and make reservations through social media. For enhanced flexibility, you need a solution that lets members make their bookings for PT sessions and classes online or from a mobile app.

Again, the software should make it easier and more convenient for you to manage the reservations made by your members. The system should also allow your staff to make reservations for members on the POS system. In the event that an appointment is canceled in your gym, the system should allow you to create a waiting list.

Reporting and Analytics

Just as is the case with any other business, you need a solution that keeps you updated on what is happening in the gym in real-time. As such, you should opt for the best gym POS system that features powerful reporting and analytic capabilities. The right solution is one that allows you to generate an array of gym specific reports and analyze them.

In order to get a complete overview of the gym, your preferred system should be capable of generating such reports as billing statements, class attendance, revenue per client, account deposit summaries and invoices. Equipped with such data and insights, you will be in a better position to make important business decisions.

Our Final Verdict

As the number of members in your gym increase, you will need the right POS capabilities to manage them for the enhanced member experience. In this regard, you will need software that is specifically designed to combat common gym-related challenges.

Like the four systems reviewed above your preferred system should have the right payments and billing, member management, access control, and point-of-sale capabilities. Additionally, you will need a solution that integrates with your website and allows for online reservations and reservations.

Are you looking for a feature-rich suite or just an affordable fitness membership management POS solution? This guide has everything you need to choose the best gym POS system. You may want to check bike Shop POS.

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