The Best Florist POS Systems

Last updated on February 28, 2020

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florist posImprove the way you relate with your customers, suppliers and other businesses with the best florist point of sale system (POS).

Again, the right solution will help you prevent your perishable stock from getting spoilt. Your preferred system should be able to address your specific inventory concerns.

For instance, it should ensure that you have enough stock for occasions that require specific flowers like pink roses on the breast cancer awareness day. This suggests that you need to get a solution that is specifically designed for flower shops.

If you are shopping for florist software, you need to consider such capabilities as trip sheet management, enclosure card printing, as well as spoilage, and standing order management.

Reviewed below are the top three florist POS systems you should consider.

Comparing the Best Florist POS Systems

Depends on the hardware components you need in your business

From $99/month
2.6% + 10 cents per transaction for the shipped transactions and 2.6% + 30 cents for every transaction your key-in

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Allows you to bring your own iOS or Windows hardware
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1. The Best Florist POS System Overall: Lightspeed Retail

The Lightspeed florist POS system is a one-size-fits-all solution that is specifically designed to enhanced efficiency, and profitability. This platform-agonistic system features a powerful web-based back office has all the tools you need to grow your flower shop. Additionally, the system features one of the best e-commerce functionalities in the industry.

Here are some of the features florists love about the Lightspeed POS system:

Multi-Store Management

If you own a multi-location flower business you will need software that centralizes most of the management tasks. With the Lightspeed florist POS system, managing your various locations from a single platform will be fun. In this regard, the system allows you to save all your accounts on a device.

This will safeguard you against losing important business information, whenever you decide to change devices temporarily. The system also features centralized reporting and gift cards. In order to give you a detailed business overview. The system is designed to furnish you with real-time reports from all your locations through the same platform.

Centralized gift cards, on the other hand, allow you to print promotional gift cards that are redeemable in all your business locations. This allows the customers the flexibility of shopping from any of your locations and still get the same interesting offers.

Sales Capabilities

The iPad-based register of this solution is packed with a myriad of tools and capabilities to make things easier and boost customer experience. To initiate a new sale on this system, you only need to access the pop-up menu on the left-hand side of the screen. From this menu, the system also allows you to continue a sale you had paused, or even cancel a sale.

You may also use this menu to issue a refund or access the sales history. The business owners and employees with the required permission are capable of managing all the registers in the business as well. The payments and search functionalities of the Lightspeed POS are also clear and relatively easy to navigate.

Lightspeed POS System Downsides

While this is one of the most powerful POS solutions for a flower business, it requires businesses to commit to a year-long contract. This may prove to be expensive for a small business.

2. The Best Cloud-based Florist POS System: FloraNext

Get your business point of sale software that is built by florists for flower businesses. To begin with, FloraNext is relatively easy to set up and use. The fact that it is cloud-based means that you can manage the business and get real-time reports from wherever you are.

The provider offers a one-stop shop that is meant to save your business time and allows you to run the entire business more efficiently. In addition to that, Floranext is equipped with a horde of industry-specific capabilities, including:

Digital Device Compatibility

The Floranext POS platform is a feature-rich platform that is meant to work on all digital devices. In addition to supporting a multitude of devices, the florist website by this provider is relatively easy to navigate. Whether you are using a Mac, PC or iPad device, you will find the platform simple enough for first-timers.

In a bid to streamline your business operations, the provider makes it easy for you to create an intuitive, yet appealing business website. In this regard, you will be able to create a website that is unique to your business through the Floranext hosted, e-commerce platform.

Having been designed specifically for florists, this feature allows you to build a custom storefront, organize floral products, track and even respond to customer orders. Again, the e-commerce platform by this provider is mobile optimized.

Enhanced Flexibility

Unlike some of the best florist POS systems, Floranext offers you flexibility if choosing your preferred card processor. Additionally, you will be glad to learn that this solution is compatible with an array of third-party POS hardware components. As such, the software is compatible with Mac, PC, and iPad. This presents you with an opportunity to save on hardware and payment processing.

Floranext POS System Downsides

While the system is capable of sending digital receipts via email, it cannot send out invoices.

3. The Best Accounting POS System: Floristware

Floristware is the other industry-specific POS solution you should consider having in your flower shop. In addition to an easy and intuitive order-taking and processing capabilities, this system features powerful accounting tools. With this provider, you will also get performance reporting, advertising, and marketing budgets as standard features.

In addition to these, there are other capabilities you will come to like about the Floristware system:

Powerful Reporting and Website Integration

The Floristware solution is specifically meant to offer florists powerful business management and marketing tools. For instance, the system features advanced reporting capabilities to help you understand your business, hence improve and grow it.

You will also love the fact that the system is capable of integrating with the leading e-commerce platforms for florists. In this regard, you will be able to set up an online flower store in a matter of minutes with your preferred e-commerce platform. Additionally, the system is capable of integrating with third-party order relay services and credit card processors.

Enhanced Versatility

Despite having some of the most powerful florist-specific capabilities, you will find this solution to be quite versatile. In this case, the system can run on both Windows and iOS devices. This allows you to use the hardware components you desire or can afford. Whether you decide to run the software on Windows or iOS devices, you will get the same easy-to-use, yet powerful feature suite.

Floristware POS System Downsides

Although the system features some of the most powerful florist-specific capabilities, it may take your time to learn how to use all of them. Again, you may find the multi-screen order entry feature a bit confusing.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Florist POS System

As opposed to other types of retail businesses, florists exclusively deal in perishable products. In addition to moving your merchandise in a timely manner, you also need to ensure that other aspects of your flower business are well taken care of.

For instance, you need real-time inventory monitoring, sales reporting and speedy transaction processing in your business.

As such, you will need much more than a conventional cash register at the checkout point. With the best florist POS system, you can speed up transactions, boost customer service, and manage the business more effectively; all at the same time.

Below we’ll examine some features you should consider while shopping for the right POS solution.

Arrangement-specific Inventory Management

To behind with, your preferred solution should be capable of monitoring inventory levels automatically and generating real-time inventory reports. Again, the system should be able to analyze business information and let you know how the various products are faring.

Such capabilities will ensure that you always restock the right amount of each menu item in a bid to minimize spoilage. This will also ensure that you always have the products your customers need. However, a florist inventory manager should be able to do much more than just that.

The system should also be able to continually monitor the inventory for components required in every flower arrangement you offer. In addition to tracking the flower stock, such a solution will also match those with other components required to make different arrangements, such as vases.

Reciprocity Monitoring

When orders are too big for a florist to handle, most business owners tend to share business with other florists within their trade area. This is the same course of action you are more likely to take if you get orders that are outside your delivery area. Again, florists are known to work with other businesses and professionals like wedding planners, funeral homes, and candy shops.

Such collaborations are necessary when you or the other businesses are required to fulfill a special-order package. This being the case, the POS system you choose should be able to track how such opportunities are shares forth and back. A system with this capability will help you ascertain the most profitable partners and business collaborations for your flower shop.

Spoilage Management

As you know, flowers are highly perishable. This being the case, it only makes sense to get a system that helps monitor and possibly prevent spoilage. The spoilage management feature on your florist POS system should monitor and keep you posted on the spoilage dates and times.

In other words, the system will automatically keep track of the spoilage dates and let you know when any product is about to go bad. Additionally, the solution should also track items that may have spoiled prematurely. By tracking spoilage in your business, you can easily understand the quality of stock offered by each of your suppliers.

Florist Service Management

If you have been in the flower industry for a while, you already know that services like Interflora and FTD can be great sources of business. As such, a POS solution that can integrate with such services will come in handy for your flower shop.

Such a system will automatically maintain the inventory in your business in relation to the advertised arrangements on those platforms. This way, you will be in a better position to fulfill most of the advertisements and make more money. Additionally, this capability should make it more convenient for you to accept orders from the services.

The solution should also have the right tools to help you place orders with the relevant service partners, whenever necessary.

Enclosure Card Printing

For ages now, enclosure cards have been one of the main florist hallmarks. Unfortunately, a considerable number of florists still rely on heavily manual card printing solutions. Would you like to make things easier and present your customers with a professional appearance? Then you should get a POS system that can print enclosure cards as well.

With such a system in place, you only need to have the customers email you the messages they would like you to print on the cards. In this case, you only need to copy the message as it appears on the email and then paste it on the POS system for printing.

Final Verdict

As opposed to other retail businesses, flower businesses are somewhat unique. To begin with, florists deal with perishable products almost exclusively.

Again, such businesses need to establish and nurture reciprocity relationships. As such, florists need to get a POS solution that is tailor-made for such a business.

The three systems reviewed in this guide are some of the industry-specific solutions you should consider implementing in your flower business.

As you have learned, the three have features and capabilities that have been specifically designed for florists. With this guide, choosing the best florist POS system should be a walk in the park.

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