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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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spa posThe best spa POS will offer you the best ROI in terms of streamlined operations, enhanced customer loyalty and employee retention.

Additionally, the right solution will better your overall bottom line. In order to reap such benefits, you need to choose a system that specifically addresses common spa challenges.

For instance, your preferred solution should make it easier and more convenient for customers to schedule appointments. Also, the chosen POS should make it easier for you to manage the customers, inventory, and staff as well as market the business.

You should also get a system that helps you understand the customers’ requirements, hence offer personalized services. In order to get such a solution, you should consider such features as appointment manager, online booking, customer relations manager as well as reporting and analytics.

Reviewed below are the top four spa POS systems in the industry.

The Best Spa POS Systems

From $79/month
Custom-built rate
From $69/Month with annual contract
Depends on your preferred payment processor
From $99/month per location
Flat rate + $.15 per transaction
$199 for the POS stand
From $79/month
A flat rate that is agreed upon based on business type

1. The Best Overall Spa POS System: MindBody

It does not matter where you are; checking your customers out is always fast, flexible and convenient with MindBody POS system. In this regard, all the sales on this system are powered by integrated payments.

The system allows the customers to set up recurring payments, buy contracts or your services as they are listed on search engines. In addition to exceptional payment processing, this product has several other outstanding features to offer, including:

Online Booking

As you will learn later in this guide, incorporating online booking into your spa business can create a new income stream. The system features a set of branded web tools to help customers view the schedule, book and pay online.

Such tools make it relatively easy for you to incorporate the online booking capability onto your website or Facebook page. Regardless of the online platform, you are using, the system makes it easy for the customers to join waitlists of any of the services you are offering.

However, you may need to set out a limit for each waitlist to avoid overbooking. Again, the system is capable of adding a new customer, if any of the enlisted customers cancelled his or her appointment.


Attracting and retaining customers is something every service-based business should take seriously. Unlike many other spa POS solutions, the MindBody system will help you achieve much more than just creating marketing campaigns and sending them.

To begin with, the system features Frederick—a tool that is designed to engage spa customers and encourage them to keep coming back. This, along with its Promote tools, will help you connect with your customers every step of the way. By so doing, the system will introduce you to new clients and establish lasting relationships with them.

MindBody Downsides

The system is somewhat buggy and features a steeper learning curve. Again, smaller businesses may find this system expensive.

2. The Best All-In-One Point of Sale System: Booker

Booker is a renowned point of sale system among retailers for affordability, ease of use and versatility. The system strikes one of the best balances between in-depth and complexity as far as its capabilities are concerned.

The Booker spa management software is specifically designed to automate most of your day-to-day activities. With this system in your business, the customers can book online wherever they are and from any device.

Additionally, the system gives you the opportunity to accord every customer the attention he or she deserves. So, what are some of the features that make Booker stand out from the crowd?


This feature offers your business a set of tools to make every checkout convenient and stress-free for you and the customers. Chances are that you are already offering the best services to leave the customers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Whether the customers are paying at the front desk or online or any other part of the spa, this system will make them feel noted and important. With Booker, payments are also easy, convenient and relatively flexible.

Secure Data Management

Similar to the other leading POS systems for spas, Booker is designed to collect and store certain business and customer information. Not only does the system make the stored data safe and secure, it also centralizes the information for easy access.

In this regard, the information in client profiles, schedules, reports, and payroll, as well as staff data will be stored in the same place. This way, you will be able to retrieve it in a timely manner whenever you need it.

Superior Customer Booking Experience

To begin with, setting up online booking is quite easy with Booker. This is simply achieved by pasting some HTML to your business website. Thereafter, the link will be displayed as a button your customers can click whenever they need to schedule an appointment.

Again, the Booker online booking page may be customized in accordance with your business theme. Booking from this page is also easy. To book, the customer needs to select any of the services you have included in the drop-down menus to get an appointment number.

Downsides of Booker Spa POS System

Al in all, Booker has a relatively poor reputation. Again, you may find the spa management software somewhat buggy.

3. The Most Affordable Spa POS System: Harbortouch

As far as full-featured spa POS systems are concerned, Harbortouch is one of the most affordable solutions in the industry.

To begin with, the provider offers a 30-day free trial period to help you gauge its capabilities first hand. Even after this trial period, you will be presented with affordable payment plans to choose from.

Despite its affordability, this system has a range of great features to offer, including:

In-Depth Reporting

One of the things spa owners love about this solution is its extensive reporting capabilities. As a matter of fact, the system is capable of generating more than 25 different types of reports for your business. For instance, the system allows you to generate such employee reports as commissions, appointment metrics, earning report, call list, tips report, tips reports and sales performance.

Additionally, the system is also capable of generating a wide range of product, sales, and customer reports. All these are aimed at offering you a better understanding of the business and allowing you to make the right data-backed decisions.

Customer Database

The system features all the tools you will ever need to capture and store relevant customer information as they check out. The customer database feature helps organize all the customer information collected along with notes, appointments, photos of services previously offered and customer preferences.

Harbortouch POS System Downsides

The system comes with long-term contracts as may charge you hidden fees. Additionally, the POS system is inseparable from Harbortouch payment processing.

4. The Most Sophisticated POS System: Square

Ranging from online booking to payment processing, next-day deposits, and enhanced tipping Square has the features you need to simplify operations in your spa.

In addition to keeping the important processes at your fingertips, the system is highly scalable to accommodate businesses of different sizes.

The popularity of this spa POS system may be attributed to its exceptional blend of features, including:

Customer Engagement and Rewards

In order to attract and retain more customers in your business, you need to keep them engaged and offer them incentives from time to time. This is precisely what this feature is designed to do. From its dashboard, you can easily generate custom-designed marketing emails.

You will also love the fact that the system allows you to see how the marketing campaign is faring from the dashboard. The system also allows for private and direct feedback from your customers through Square Feedback and digital receipts.

You may respond immediately to such feedback, offering the customers discounts and promotions. This will incentivize them to keep coming back.

Stress-Free Scheduling

With Square POS system in your spa, scheduling will be swift, error-free and convenient. To begin with, all updates to your schedules will appear automatically and in real time. With this system, you can also allow the clients to schedule appointments 24/7.

In this regard, the system displays your openings online for any time and day. Based on your availability, the customers can then book through your website, the booking site or email. Once you have confirmed the appointment, it will be automatically updated to the schedule in real time.

Square Spa POS System Downsides

The Square POS App is only compatible with iPads. Additionally, the system has a couple of paired-down features.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Spa POS System

Like many other service-based businesses, the success of a spa business will mainly depend on the delivery of exceptional services. In order to enhance customer satisfaction in your business, hence retain more of them, you need to tailor your services around their preferences.

With the right spa technology, you will not only be able to grow the business; it will be relatively easier for you to outshine the competition. The right solution will also make it easier for you to process payments, attract and retain customers, understand and manage the clients as well as optimize employee productivity.

Here are some of the things you should consider while shopping for the best spa POS system:

Online Booking

In order to stand out from your competition, you need to make it easier and more convenient for your customers to schedule appointments. Based on research findings, about 40 percent of consumers are more likely to schedule an appointment during non-business hours.

A POS solution offering online booking capability allows the customers to schedule spa appointments whenever they find convenient. Coupling online booking with the right appointment manager will give you a complete overview of your work calendar.

Combining these two capabilities also allows spa owners to get a real-time estimate of their potential revenues.

Appointment Management

If you still experience double booking problems in your business, you are not using the right appointment management technology. The right spa POS system should make it easy for you to manage all appointments more efficiently.

Additionally, the system should allow the staff to access the appointment manager remotely. The system should also be capable of notifying the staff of last-minute changes. A good appointment manager should also feature text and email reminders.

With this capability, the employees do not have to waste time confirming bookings with the customers. Finally, the system should make it easier and more convenient for you to assign customers evenly across the employees as they come in.

Reporting and Analytics

With such a business, you will need to record, and get real-time reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and sales data. As such, the right solution should allow you to view simple reports on a dashboard.

With such a system, you can log into the dashboard from anywhere and get up-to-date information on such aspects as schedules, inventory, costs, and profitability.

The more advanced spa POS systems will also allow you to pull reports with the objective of tracking KPIs in your business. Such a feature is designed to help you understand how you are progressing towards your business goals.

For additional accuracy, efficiency and convenience, it is advisable to opt for a system that is capable of integrating with reputable accounting software as well.

Customer Relations Manager

As a service provider, you probably are aware of the importance of keeping your customers engaged.

In addition to collecting relevant customer information, the system should help you engage keep the customers engaged.

In this regard, some of the leading solutions allow you to create customer profiles for the purpose of collecting and managing customer information. You may then leverage this information to offer the customers a personalized experience. This has been proven to enhance customer loyalty in spa and salon businesses.

Our Final Verdict

Great services, personalized customer experience, and efficient management are some of the things you have to implement in your spa for you to succeed. However, these are not the only things you need; you will need the right point of sale system as well. Four systems reviewed in this guide are some of the best for spas.

All the four systems are packed with the features and tools you need to streamline operations, engage and reward your customers. Additionally, the systems feature such industry-specific capabilities as online booking and appointment management.

Whether you are looking for an affordable or simply a feature-rich solution that is specifically designed for your business, this guide will save you time and money.

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