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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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Brianna Blaney

Brianna Blaney

Brianna Blaney, a Senior Writer at, began her career in Boston as a tech writer for a digital signage organization. She later progressed to IT support for various software platforms in San Francisco. She wore many hats and was not afraid to jump into the field of POS systems.
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stadium pos systemsIncreased government funding in the past five years has led to a boom in the sports stadium industry. Total revenue in 2018 was over 11 billion dollars with 2,740 brands in competition.

As university-level sports become increasingly popular, more money is being spent on customer engagement. This means stadium owners must find a way to equip their business with technology that puts them ahead of the game.

Modern point of sale systems can perform a lot more than transactions. They are minicomputers designed to collect and store valuable data for key insights.

In order to comprehend the type of software that best suits a stadium, consider some of these common features for a POS platform:

  • Loyalty-boosting strategies and shopper incentive programs.
  • Self-service technology to increase efficiency and save on labor costs.
  • Omnichannel management with data aggregation.
  • Detailed reporting on variables like customers, sales, and marketing.
  • Instant notifications for real-time management.
  • Cloud mobility that syncs offline and online data.
  • Staff management and employee scheduling.

These are an excellent place to start. Every venue is different so it’s important to consider your top three to five greatest needs prior to deciding.

The Best Stadium POS Systems


2.4% + $0.15 transaction
A hardware portfolio
designed to handle high-traffic
and large volume

$99/ month
per register
Tapped, inserted, or swiped rate:
2.6% + 10¢

Manually keyed-in
rate: 2.6% + 30¢
reporting and
customer data for
the entire stadium
$99/ month
per terminal
Must get a quote for flat
fee payment rates
Insights app for real-
time reporting
and notifications

$69/ month
per register
Unlimited transactions
A profitable VIP and
gift card program
with custom designs

1. NCR Counterpoint – The POS Software to Accommodate High Volume

Whether it’s an indoor basketball court or a football stadium, the NCR Counterpoint POS system is designed to suit a business of any size. That also means the ability to handle a high volume of traffic in a short amount of time. Here are a few features that make this system stand out for stadiums:

Hardware Portfolio

A stadium employee will need more than a barcode scanner to handle the amount of business running through the grounds. NCR Counterpoint realizes the need for unique POS hardware that’s built for heavy traffic. The brand designs the system to include eco-friendly devices that reduce energy costs. Some components involve:

  • Touchscreen and Membrane Keypad POS Terminal – 76-key pad to enter orders rapidly.
  • Q1515 POS Terminal – 15-inch touchscreen POS terminal designed specifically for premium areas.
  • T1000 POS Terminal – A mix of ergonomics, speed, and reliability. 10.1” projected capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch functionality.
  • NCR Walkabout Handheld POS – Take orders and process payments from anywhere in the venue.

While most POS software companies can use their own mobile devices, a stadium requires a different level of technology to do the job.

Self-Service Capability

The more people that can serve themselves in a stadium, the faster everyone can get seated. Much like the airlines have done, NCR has developed a system that allows people to help themselves. Self-service kiosks eliminate wait times, increase efficiency, and save on labor costs.

The POS platform integrates with consultative mobile tools (like a tablet or smartphone) to create an in-depth experience. This operational solution is known as “line-busting.” All lines are “busted” by automation before they even form.

Instant Notifications

When it comes to running a business as large as a stadium, it is critical to know what is always going on. NCR Counterpoint technology has an alert system that will email and text real-time reports. If there is an issue, you will know as it is happening.

Instant notifications serve as a safety mechanism for everyone involved. The program also lets a business know of any customer issues that can be addressed immediately. This increases customer satisfaction and leads to a higher rate of retention.

2. Lightspeed Retail – The POS Platform for Omnichannel Management

A stadium has multiple stores and points of sale to manage. That’s what makes Lightspeed Retail an ideal POS system. The software focuses on centralizing operations and aggregating data from multiple sources. A few reasons why this solution is a good fit include:

Centralized Data

Lightspeed allows a business to form a single inventory system for as many points of sale as they manage.

They offer a powerful means of centralizing your activity. The main dashboard enables a stadium to perform tasks like:

  • Streamline the brand experience
  • Centralize customer and sales data
  • Update inventory count in real-time
  • Purchase new stock for all locations in one spot
  • Track inventory across all channels
  • Transfer items between locations to accommodate customers

Lightspeed is a brand that understands the needs of a stadium. This is why they give a business many options to integrate activities into one channel.

Cloud Mobility

Cut the long wait lines and send clerks out with handheld POS devices. You can walk customers through tickets, pricing, and products wherever they’re standing at the event. Accept payments on-the-spot while speeding up transactions and exceeding sales goals.

The cloud-based platform also allows any employee (with permission) to check on inventory and stock in real-time. This enables them to immediately answer consumer questions and increase revenue when possible. If something is running low, they can transfer it from another area and restock in minutes.

Mobility and cloud capabilities also allow you to process and retain information without the need for wi-fi. This means data is always synced, no matter the device or location.

Detailed Reporting

With large volume comes bigger responsibility.  A stadium requires a robust POS system like Lightspeed for detailed reporting. While the program collects data on consumers and sales, it’s important to put the insight to good use. This means studying the trends and using them to make more informed business decisions.

Lightspeed POS allows you to run reports remotely and easily export them. You can keep track of metrics like:

  • Attendance
  • Sales
  • Employee performance
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • And more…

The ability to assess the lifetime value of a customer and reward them with a VIP program is one way in which Lightspeed effectively serves stadiums.

3. Revel Systems – The POS System for Mobile Administration

As Revel puts it, their system allows customers to “spend more time watching the game and less time waiting in line.” In fact, stats report that wait time at Citi Field (NY Mets) for a milkshake can be up to three innings. This vastly interrupts the consumer experience. Here are a few ways Revel POS is helping stadiums achieve success:

Always On

Revel’s hybrid infrastructure enables a POS system to continue to function, even during an outage. A stadium will run offline and process transactions with or without wi-fi. Simply set your account parameters to “always on” mode and you never have to worry about losing data. The entire system will sync up as soon as there is a connection again.

Increased Efficiency

Even the slightest difference in “average time per customer” can equate to a lot of revenue for a stadium. Studies of Revel Systems in stadiums have shown it can increase business by up to 14%. This means shorter wait times and a surge in sales.

Most customers can tolerate raising prices at a stadium, but they can’t stand missing the game. Therefore, increasing efficiency through the Revel POS system is a two-fold win. You save on labor and cost while also driving consumer satisfaction.

Insights App

In order to consistently track business, you need a system for real-time alerts. The Insights app by Revel Systems allows a stadium to perform a variety of tasks from any mobile device outside of the business. This can include:

  • Instant reporting
  • Employee scheduling
  • Inventory control
  • Sales performance
  • Customer issues

The more a brand can stay notified of any issue, the quicker it can be addressed.

4. ShopKeep – The POS Platform for Quick-Service Efficiency

The ShopKeep POS system is a dynamic platform that supports many business models. Built with speed in mind, the brand is defined by a quick-service structure. Through effective inventory management and brilliant analytics, the system is fully capable of supporting an entire venue for service. Some of the key features include:

Payment Flexibility

The faster the better. Credit and debit cards are no longer the quickest way to pay. If you truly want to speed things up, payment flexibility should also allow people to pay with their phones.

There’s no need to enter numbers, swipe a card, or insert a chip. The customer simply taps their screen to your chip reader and the transaction is complete. In addition to accepting EMV chip cards and Apple Pay, ShopKeep also takes traditional options, like cash and credit.

Employee Management

A stadium has a lot of employees to track and there is nothing more convenient than doing it through the POS system. From the time they arrive, a business can oversee metrics like:

  • Transaction history
  • Performance
  • Clock in/out
  • Time management
  • Sales goals


The platform even allows you to administer payroll. This type of tracking enables you to correct any staff issue quickly and reward those going above and beyond.

Customer Loyalty Program

A unique feature of ShopKeep, unlike any other POS system, is their integrated customer loyalty program. The profitable plug-in is built into the platform. It even allows a brand to customize the design of a gift card.

This not only increases your average revenue per customer but serves to improve retention. Return visits are practically guaranteed when the food is free.

The Primary Advantages of a Stadium POS Platform

A stadium performs daily operations on a large scale. The venue must accommodate high volumes of people in a tiny window of time. That means any form of POS system should be designed with speed and efficiency in mind. Some other advantages of installing an intelligent POS today are:

Time Per Customer

The last thing a fan wants to do is miss a large portion of a game simply for a refill. Thus, it is critical that any POS system installed in a stadium must increase productivity and decrease the time per customer. This can be done with systems that are mobile, cloud-based, and take advantage of modern payment options, like chip readers.

Staff Performance

There are a lot of moving parts in a stadium and management should be able to easily supervise. The POS system should help form the eyes and ears of management. A stadium must be able to track employee schedules, performance, and sales metrics to make staffing decisions accordingly.

The POS platform should openly demonstrate who the key players are that drive revenue and who may need a little more assistance. This not only streamlines workflow, it helps to boost employee morale and ensures everyone is being heard.

Intelligent Analytics

Business decisions made in a stadium should always be based on analytics. Because of the sheer volume of sales, a wrong move could mean a lot of money.

A POS system that can report on a variety of metrics for deeper insight means the ability to think on the spot. This crucial advantage can increase consumer satisfaction, thwart off a crisis, and ensure you never run out of stock.

The Bottom Line

The best way to handle tens of thousands of customers in a three-hour span is through technology. Fans are ok with spending money in a stadium.

What they truly hate is waiting and missing any part of the game. When you work on resolving the issue of time, it naturally drives revenue.

A stadium POS system must be built for volume, mobility, and speed. These three factors are critical to the success of the venue.

Once the right type of software is integrated, a brand should see an increase in sales, attendance, and general consumer enjoyment. Time to play ball!

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