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Last updated on January 6, 2020

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The sporting goods industry is an incredibly popular market. In 2017, U.S. sporting goods store sales totaled $45.19 billion dollars. It’s a highly competitive market. Thus, it’s critical that every business has a means of operating at their maximum efficiency. This starts with the proper tools, including a robust point of sale system.

If you want the best POS system for your sporting goods brand, consider some of these standard features that should be non-negotiables:

  • Loyalty-boosting strategies and shopper incentive programs.
  • Online/offline functionality with cloud storage.
  • Consultative mobile tools that enable a self-service experience.
  • Fast and efficient inventory management that allows a store to restock in minutes.
  • The ability to apply custom branding to the interface, receipts, emails, etc…
  • A paperless system to further automated marketing strategies.
  • Payment flexibility that includes credit, splitting, and layaway.
  • Custom rule-based discounts that can increase revenue and drive engagement.

This is just a place to start. Every sporting goods store has specific needs. However, there are some systems that stand above the crowd. Consider the following top four when you start your search.

The Best Sporting Goods POS Systems

2.4% + $0.15
transaction fee.
A self-service feature that allows customers to check themselves out

$99/ month per
Tapped, inserted, or swiped rate:
2.6% + 10¢

Manually keyed-
in rate:
2.6% + 30¢

Pre-loaded catalogs with
immediate access to
products from big vendor
$799 with monthly subscriptions starting at $29
Request a quote
for processing
A paperless system that
feeds into automated
marketing strategies
$29/month (hardware is a separate cost)
Rates start as low as 2.4% + 0¢
on all credit card
Smart checkout that
calculates taxes based on

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1. NCR Counterpoint – The POS System for Efficient Self-Service

Seamlessly integrating your front and back end, the NCR Counterpoint Retail system is a comprehensive and flexible solution for sporting goods stores. They have specifically designed a platform that caters to modern consumers. From self-service to enhancing consumer engagement, the POS software will benefit your business in many ways. This includes:

Consumer Engagement

NCR studies your business so that you can get the most out of the technology. This involves methods, goals, and strategies. Use the power of the data you collect to transform every touchpoint throughout the buyer’s journey. Smart solutions are:

  • Loyalty management
  • Consumer analytics
  • Promotion engine
  • Suggestive selling
  • Dynamic preference management


This allows you to create interactions that have shoppers coming back for more.

Self-Service Technology

Self-checkouts are more popular now than ever. That’s because they streamline operations like nothing else. Not only does it empower a customer with their transactions, it saves on time and labor costs.

NCR Counterpoint integrates your POS system with consultative mobile tools (like a tablet or smartphone) to create an instant in-depth experience. Not only does this personalize the sale for the consumer, but you’ve now created a system known as “line-busting.” This essentially means your business never has any customers lines in the first place. All lines are essentially “busted” by automated technology before they begin.

Real-time Alerts

You can still manage activities even when you’re away from the store. The NCR Counterpoint alert system will text or email you to keep track of daily happenings. You are instantly alerted to potential fraud, store operations, and day-to-day sales figures.

This is all pulled from the NCR POS software integrated with your brand. The system also allows you to consistently stay connected to data that may affect customer service. Then you can address issues immediately before they become bigger problems.

2. Lightspeed Retail – The POS Software for Multi-Channel Management

If you have multiple locations, or simply a lot of channels to manage, Lightspeed Retail point of sale software may be a good fit. The system focuses on centralizing operations and streamlining everyday tasks like ordering and restocking. Consider some of these benefits to owning and integrating their POS platform:

Inventory Management

Setting up your inventory with Lightspeed Retail is simple. You can import any data using an excel or CSV file to instantly populate the system. Choose multiple product variants for a single product and then manage them with relevant labels. You can also attribute serial numbers and categorize items by types, like assembly or box.

Lightspeed POS for sporting goods also enables a business to order stock directly from the software. You can choose from pre-loaded catalogs with products from some of the top sporting goods vendors. This streamlines reordering and makes inventory management much more efficient.

Multi-Store Management

If you have more than one location, Lightspeed POS may be the system that suits your brand best. That’s because they offer a powerful means of centralizing your activity. Their main dashboard enables a business to purchase stock for multiple locations, all in one spot.

You can transfer items from one location to another with just the click of a button. Additionally, if a customer goes to multiple stores, you have central access to all their history from their very first purchase.

Customer Relationships

In the sporting goods industry, repeat customers are a given. People play sports for many years and they need to re-up on equipment. Therefore, it’s important to have a POS system that also helps to build and maintain consumer relationships. The Lightspeed POS software drives loyalty through a suite of CRM (customer relationship management) tools. This includes everything from assessing their lifetime value to VIP programs and automated discounts.

2. AccuPOS – The POS Platform for a Paperless Solution

One of the most brilliant aspects of the AccuPOS software is that it is one of the only POS systems on the market to offer a completely paperless solution. Not only does this attract socially conscious consumers, it also enables you to better track their behavior. It’s an intelligent system that benefits a business in many ways. Here are a few:

Custom Branding

There is nothing better than being able to brand your tech tools. It gives you a unique avenue for marketing. The AccuPOS system for sporting goods enables a business to customize the user interface of a storefront. This turns your POS system into a marketing banner. You can also brand items like:

  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Emails
  • Screens

AccuPOS always makes sure your logo is front and center. This creates an additional avenue for marketing that can be explored in many ways.

Paperless System

Build your customer database while also saving the environment. Customers can choose to have their receipts emailed rather than printed at the register. They can easily retrieve the receipt at any time, which will also be accepted digitally for returns.

The best part of this function is that it allows a brand to collect important customer data that they can use for future marketing strategies, like loyalty and incentive programs.

Powerful Integrations

AccuPOS allows you to integrate with the apps you already use for business. This can include adding features like:

  • Smart inventory control
  • Accounting software
  • Advanced reporting
  • On-screen timekeeping
  • And more…

If you already have a tool you find useful, AccuPOS is a platform that will work with it to establish the most efficient system possible. It has the ability to build everything your business needs to run smoothly.

4. Shopify – The POS Platform for Flexible Payment Options

The Shopify POS platform is a flexible system that is built to track performance. The platform offers consumers a variety of payment options. This also includes several ways to discount purchases, apply proper taxes, and create a memorable customer experience. Consider some of these advantages to integrating the Shopify POS in your sporting goods store:

Payment Flexibility

Shopify is one of the only POS systems for retail that allows a business to offer store credit. This can save considerably on refunds and increase customer retention. You can use the Shopify card reader to accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Debit cards

You’ll always receive a low rate through Shopify and there are never any hidden fees. The software also enables a business to use their own credit card terminal, which will integrate with the Shopify system seamlessly.

Other types of ways the system is flexible with payments include:

  • Split tenders
  • Partial payments
  • Custom payments
  • Layaway
  • Store credit
  • Gift cards

Shopify is built to facilitate sales by accepting as many forms of payment as possible.

Smart Checkout

If you are ever selling your sporting goods at a trading show or pop-up shop, you will want the system to accommodate a mobile checkout. The Shopify POS platform allows you to bring the register to the customer using a smartphone or tablet. There is no checkout counter needed.

Additionally, if you travel a lot, the system will automatically calculate taxes based on your store’s location. If you need to, this feature can be disabled or customized for specific items and orders.

Rule-Based Discounts

The Shopify POS system allows you to set up, use, and track any discount you offer. You can create and manage rules for each discount to ensure proper usage. These can include:

  • Frequent buyer / loyalty programs
  • Military
  • Veteran
  • VIP
  • Group discounts
  • Limited time only promotions
  • Limited quantity (first come, first serve)
  • Minimum purchase-based (buy two, get one free)

The idea behind these discounts is to increase your store’s average purchase value. A POS system that can do this is already functioning well beyond its purpose.

The Significant Benefits of a Sporting Goods POS System:

Prior to purchasing an entire POS system for your sporting goods store, it’s important to know which features are the most beneficial for your industry. As this type of technology applies to commerce across the board, here are some key advantages that relate to your trade:

Custom Discounts

The sporting goods industry is one that relies on the return customer. This is why loyalty programs are so successful. People have kids in sports that need new equipment every season. Thus, it is critical to use a POS system that has the ability to apply custom discounts.

These markdowns should be rule-based and depend on the type of commerce you seek. If you have extra inventory, a 2-for-1 discount can be applied. If you want to reward a loyal consumer, a custom discount can be used on the spot.

Consumer Independence

People are in a hurry. If you give them power over their own transactions, most consumers will take advantage of that. Especially if there is a line.

A POS system for your sporting goods store that has self-checkout functionality instantly increases the customer experience.

There is no more waiting to pay. This also expedites return on investment by speeding up the sales process and decreasing labor costs.

Flexible Payments

Store credit and layaway are important offers for the sporting goods industry. That’s because some equipment might not fit, or people may purchase pre-season.

The idea behind robust POS software is that it gives consumers a variety of options to pay. You never have to turn down a sale due to the limitations of your system.

In addition to accepting a multitude of credit cards, your POS platform should give people the ability to put items on layaway and apply credit to different products. Not only does this keep more money in your till, it increases customer satisfaction and leads to a higher rate of retention.

The Bottom Line

The sporting goods industry is always going to be popular as long as people still play sports. The idea is to stay ahead of the competition. A brand can do this by equipping themselves with a state-of-the-art POS system that helps them work smarter.

Consumers are directly engaged with technology on a continuous basis. They expect business to be streamlined in all facets of life. Elevate your sporting goods brand with the right POS technology. It drives revenue, increases consumer engagement, and creates a memorable experience that puts your business at the head of the competition. For stadiums with sporting, goods stores should check Sporting Goods POS.


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