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Last updated on February 28, 2020

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UNION POS ReviewUNION POS is an all-inclusive system that meets those standards. Unlike many restaurant POS platforms, they have specifically developed the product to cater to fast-paced environments. It was designed by restaurant owners with personal experience. They focus on speed and efficiency that keep tables turning and revenue flowing.

Competition in the foodservice industry is fierce. In 2016, the National Restaurant Association reported that food and drink sales in the U.S. alone reached $783 billion. Pair that with the aspect of entertainment and your venue is going to need some modern tools to keep up (Source).

UNION POS System Review – Company Overview

Born in Austin, Texas, UNION POS is one of the easiest and most cost-effective restaurant POS systems on the market.

Their focus is on crafting superior customer experiences in high-touch venues with little room for error. The system is exclusively built for a fast-paced environment with unique operating needs.

UNION POS Benefits

  • Customizable reporting for examining consumer data and gaining deeper insight.
  • Adaptable menu management with on-the-fly functionality.
  • Mobile payment system that empowers the consumer.
  • A loyalty program that includes customer profiles with personalized promotions.
  • Live 24/7 (365 days) phone and email customer service to support the busiest of times.
  • Offline capability uninterrupted by network outages.

Possible Drawbacks

One possible drawback (that may also be considered a benefit) is that UNION consistently updates their system. Regular implementations require a degree of relearning, which can be inconvenient if you’re running a busy office. Although the updates improve the overall efficiency, it takes some adjusting every time they do it.


The UNION POS pricing is subscription-based with a monthly cost of $49-$69. The contract period starts in one year. Three terminals over a three-year period will cost a business $350/month. The company offers a free demo and full tech support throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Processing Fees

The UNION POS system has partnered with Gravity Payments for all credit card processing. On average, high-volume bars and restaurants are paying anywhere from $4,500-$12,000 every year. No matter the monthly card sales volume, UNION customers get a transparent, cost-plus pricing model that ends up saving money.

Credit card base fee + 5 basis points + $0.05 per transaction.

New changes with industry standards mean some establishments could be facing costly security upgrades. That’s because SSL encryption is no longer a requirement. However, the UNION POS hardware, software, and payment technology are all 100% compliant with the new 2018 PCI rule. They stay ahead of the game with no additional cost to the customer.

UNION POS System Requirements and Capabilities

The UNION software platform is a cloud-based SaaS that runs on both iOS and Android mobile. It can also be installed on a Mac or with Windows. Each UNION terminal and tablet has its own local database.

To learn more about the hardware they offer, you must call for a free demo and quote. A POS expert will be available to assist you any time of day.

UNION POS Key Features

The UNION POS mission is to not complicate your job with technology. They focus on aspects that support the busiest of nights and high-volume hospitality. Here are some of the main features:

Manager Portal

To keep shifts running smooth, managers and owners must always have their fingers on the pulse of the business. The Manager Portal is a highly customizable and user-friendly feature that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Supervisors can work faster and make more informed decisions with the right data in hand. Here are some benefits to using the portal:

  • Pricing Event Calendar – You can schedule specific event pricing, happy hour/s, or add any occasion to the mobile calendar.
  • Menu Button Management – Create, delete, and adjust buttons quickly with the easily-customized platform.
  • Hourly and Historical Data – Tab totals, sales, comps, voids, and discounts can all be accounted for in the Manager Portal.

The idea behind the portal is that it takes just seconds to personalize the system. In an environment where things move fast and change quickly, this type of functionality is essential.


There’s no longer a need for staff to hold a customer’s credit card. It’s an outdated practice that runs the risk of theft and fraud. UNION Tab empowers the customer to track their own tab throughout the evening with a mobile device.

A tab is opened as usual when using a card. The UNION app can then be downloaded from the App Store to display a live tab on their phone. Customers can tip and close out the check all within the program. Some key advantages to this feature include:

  • Paperless receipts
  • Quickly settled checks
  • Live tabs
  • Easy tipping guide

A recent study by UNION found venues that utilize the app saw a 22% average increase in tips. The system is beneficial to the entire business, including keeping staff happy.

Customer Insights

Running a lean operation and working smarter only happens with good information. The UNION POS system offers keen insights. They provide useful tools and data that can make for a valuable addition to your team.

Some key advantages to the analytics feature include:

  • Customizable tools that are easy to adapt
  • Create reports based on:
    • Labor
    • Consumption
    • Inventory
    • Sales
    • Auditing
  • Develop data filters for better segmenting

Additional Features

The UNION point of sale platform can also service your business with these:

  • eCommerce Integration
  • Commission Management
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) profiles and notes
  • Full EMV protection
  • Multi-location management

Although the UNION POS program is designed to help any venue in the foodservice industry, it still addresses niche solutions. Each caters to the specific needs of certain establishments.

The system is separated into three offerings (in addition to the basic POS): Restaurant Management, Bar POS, and Restaurant POS.

Here are some features to expect from each program:

Bar Point of Sale

  • Employee scheduling and performance reporting
  • Separate and split checks
  • Cash drawer and tip allotment
  • Inventory control
  • Loyalty program and gift card management

Restaurant Point of Sale

  • Delivery management with mobile access
  • Table service with facilitated transactions
  • Customized reporting and analytics
  • Online ordering system with a loyalty program
  • Automated inventory and stock management

Restaurant Management

  • Built-in accounting with billing and invoicing
  • Kitchen management with inventory control
  • Reservations and waitlist automation
  • Menu management with instant customization
  • Table-side management with reporting options

UNION Customer Service & Support

UNION POS is built by people who have experience working in the foodservice industry. Thus, they understand the need for a fully supportive team to address any issues that occur (at any time).

Restaurants and bars rarely close on holidays and many are open late hours. The UNION customer service team is available 24/7/365. They offer year-round email and phone support for the entire POS system. Whenever a business is in need of assistance, you can reach a live person.

The Last Dish

Although there are several restaurant POS systems on the market such as TouchBistro POS and CAKE POS, UNION is specifically designed for speed and efficiency.

The product is streamlined to only offer what a business needs to succeed quickly, while cutting out the rest of the noise.

There are no distractions with UNION. Customize it in seconds to adjust to last-minute changes. The equipment is simple, and the reporting is thorough.

Fees are transparent and some of the lowest in the industry. If you run a fast-paced restaurant or bar, this should be the first POS solution you consider.

It creates efficiency you can leverage for repeat customer satisfaction and a healthy ROI.

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