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Last updated on December 10, 2020

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If you own or manage a liquor store, you have to give mPower a look. This POS system was developed with liquor stores as well as beer and wine retailers in mind.

With mPower, you’ll be able to easily transfer inventory between your locations or storage. With real-time data, you’ll be able to take action and improve your store sales. By using analytics, you’ll be able to track your best-selling items and re-stock these items in your liquor store.

After an extensive review of mPower Beverage, we found that its inventory management feature is superior to some of its competitors. Manage thousands of SKU’s by name, description, bottle size, varietal, and more. Want to know where your item is located in the store? The software can track the isle or bin location of each item.

With the intelligent ordering feature, you’ll be able to create purchase orders and review your quantity on-hand. Manage your vendors and create separate orders, creating the right inventory mix. Use mPower’s hardware like barcode scanners and card readers to scan inventory and process payments.

Already using a liquor store POS system? No problem. mPower can easily import your existing data. If you don’t already have a POS system, mPower provides a pre-loaded database with more than 20,000 beverage products with UPC, size, and descriptions. Also, use third-party integrations like Drizly or BevSites for additional items or use an electronic shelf tag system.

Finally, don’t forget customer management. With mPower, you’ll be able to collect a customer’s email or phone number and send them promotions via email or SMS. Offer customer points and rewards, keeping them coming back. This is what your competition is not doing.

If you want to improve your business and grow your liquor store’s sales, let’s see how mPower can help you thrive.

Top Features

  • mPower POS System BenefitsAllows for easy employee management
  • Features I reheated gift cards and customer rewards
  • Supports barcode scanning 
  • Has age verification capabilities 
  • It is Touchscreen compatible
  • Allows you to search for items by category or description
  • Has automated promotions and discounting tools
  • Automates the ordering process 
  • The system is PA-DSS compliant
  • Supports Contactless and EMV Chip payments 
  • Equipped with Advanced reporting capabilities 
  • Allows you to sell and order for items by pack, case or individually
  • Makes it easier and faster to receive supplies with a scanner
  • Allows you to review sales history on purchase orders 
  • Easy Multi-Location POS scalability 
  • Offers Wholesale and phone order module options
  • Allows for easy warehouse management
  • Supports Website, QuickBooks, and App Integrations
  • Gives you convenient and secure access wherever you are 
  • Easy to customize printing and shelf labels 

Possible Drawbacks 

Completing transactions in this system is rather slow. Some users have also had problems integrating the mPower system to the VANTIV credit card processor. 

mPower POS Pricing 

mPower POS Pricing The mPower POS provider charges both upfront and ongoing subscription costs for its hardware and software products depending on different things. The licensing fee for the software is charged based on the number of registers in you store. 

As such, you may use the back-office features of the system on additional computers at no extra cost. Discussed below are the main mPower POS Pricing packages you should consider: 

Hardware Costs 

mPower is compatible with a wide range of both stationary and mobile hardware components. As such, you may decide to buy hardware components by the provider, a third-party manufacturer or just run it on the hardware you already have. 

Tis being the case, the much you will incur in hardware costs will depend on the hardware components you require.

Software Pricing 

With the mPower liquor POS solution, software pricing starts at $1,000 upfront. You will be required to pay this amount upfront for each software license, per location. Thereafter, you will be required to pay an ongoing software subscription cost of at least $120 per month for each register.

Should you decide to add more registers, you will be required to pay $250 upfront for each additional station. This subscription includes a standard software renewal cost and cloud server hosting. To qualify for the subscription plan, you must use integrated processing with one of the mPower direct partners. 

mPower POS System Key Features 

Being one of the best liquor store POS systems, mPower comes with all the point-of-sale and I inventory features you need to run a successful business. Additionally, it is designed to furnish you with real-time, actionable data, ensuring that you always make intelligent business decisions. 

You may think it as a tool that will help you keep the business on track and running smoothly. Discussed below are other things that make mPower a preferred system among wine and liquor store owners today:

Intelligent Ordering and Transferring

mPower POS System Key FeaturesTo begin with, the mPower liquor store POS system allows you to create ordering and transferring alerts based on business metrics. For instance, you can create weekly suggested transfer reports to get inflation on products that are in shortage in one location and in surplus at another location. 

Implementing transfers based on this intelligence will ensure that you do not miss sales due to having the right product in the wrong location. You may also use this capability to purchase the right products within a supplier deal. In this regard, mPower will let you know you how many cases of each size and flavor to purchase for each location. 

This is achieved using such metrics as the current selling velocity in each one of your locations and par counts or last year’s sales.

Liquor Inventory Manager 

The liquor-specific inventory manager offers by this system makes it more convenient and easy to track stock levels in your business. With such a system, you will an easy time managing your cases, packs, singles, seasonal items, and vintages. 

The system allows you to track beverage specific attributes such as name, description, case pack quantity, bottle size, vintage, and varietal. You will also be able to track inventory levels by location, set up Min/Max par counts, and add isle/bin locations for each inventory item. 

Such beverage-specific attributes have been helping liquor retailers manage singles, 6-packs, and cases under one item; including seasonal items and vintages with ease. Other mPower inventory capabilities that make it stand out include:

Intelligent Ordering 

After you have created a purchase orders, you will find it rather easy to review the on-hand quantities and sales history on the same screen. By so doing, the system allows you to determine the actual quantities needed. 

This feature may also be used to create orders on the same list, with multiple vendors. In such a case, mPower will automatically create separate purchase orders for each vendor.

Easy Need-to-Order Reports 

It features need-to-order reports that have been proven to make the ordering process even easier. One such report is the Day Supply on Hand (DSOH), which allows you to review the items that you need to order based on the store selling velocity.

The Case Deal report, on the other hand, will help you ascertain the right mix of products to get the case deal pricing. This feature is particularly beneficial in cases where the vendors offer special pricing based on several cases. 

Customer Management and Rewards

Customer Management and RewardsEffective customer management can provide you with valuable insight into their purchasing habits. mPower Beverage has a built-in customer relations tools, allowing you to manage customer promotions, rewards groups, and house accounts. 

In addition to tracking important customer information, the system is also capable of managing customer groups. As such, you may use the feature to create customer groups and use them to manage discounts, promotions, or house accounts. You can create as many customer groups as desired. 

mPower POS Integrations 

The provider has strategic integration partners in place to help you update information to your website, store apps, delivery apps, and electronic shelf tags. Some of the services you will b able to integrate with your mPower POS system include Fintech, QuickBooks, Pricer, Drizly, Drync, Bottlecaps, and Beverage Media.

mPower POS System Alternatives 

POS Name
Subscription Fees
Compatible Mobile Platform
mPower POS
$2,200 upfront + at least $30/month
Starting from $299.00/month
iOS and Android
Starting from $69.00/month
Starting from $129.00/month
iOS and Android

Our Final Verdict 

mPower point-of-sale system is one of the best industry-specific, on-premise liquor store solutions. It is meant to help wine and liquor store owners manage the inventory, customers and pricing levels, among other things. 

It features advanced liquor-specific capabilities like case management (for single, six-pack-pack, and cases), pre-loaded beverage items, remote access, customer rewards and ordering/receiving custom-tailored to the beverage industry. 

These, along with its preloaded database of popular UPC codes, quantities and sizes, make mPower one of the best wine and liquor store POS systems.

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