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Last updated on December 24, 2020

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focus pos reviewsIf you’re looking for a serious restaurant POS software and management system, look no further than Focus POS. Streamline your process by controlling your inventory, labor costs, and other tasks around the restaurant.

Whether you manage a bar, a quick-service restaurant, or even a frozen yogurt business, Focus POS cuts down the time it takes to process a transaction. No more waiting at a stationary terminal to enter an order or processs a payment. By using an iPad device or another tablet, you can take tableside orders and offer exceptional service.

After comparing various Focus POS reviews by users, we found the best feature to be the Focus Dashboard, which provides a top-level view of your restaurant’s operations. Generate detailed reports, view employee time cards, track your best-selling dishes on the menu, and schedule employees quickly and easily.

With the online ordering integration, customers can order food on your website and these orders will be synced with your POS system. The orders will fire off the kitchen in real-time, helping your kitchen staff stay on top of the orders and ensuring timely delivery.

And, by using the multi-check dashboard, your staff can do their job faster and more accurately. This dashboard reduces the number of touches it takes to enter an order from start to finish. This way, servers can focus on up-selling, cross-selling, and tending improving the customer’s experience.

To learn how Focus POS can help you improve service and provide greater insight into your business, let’s take a look at the key features the software provides.

Who’s Focus POS?

Since 1990, Focus POS has been providing restaurants and other hospitality businesses one of the most complete POS solutions in the industry.

Well-known organizations like Top Golf, Smoothie King, Arby’s, Cold Stone Creamery have chosen Focus POS to run their operations.

Their solutions are tried and true and give their customers a competitive edge in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Focus offers a feature-rich platform and excellent customer support. Focus POS is one of the top choices in the hospitality industry.

Key Features

Easy to use: All interactions with the system happen on a highly intuitive touchscreen.  Customizable workflows make it easy to train new employees and keep everyone productive.

Reliable: Focus POS is a glitch-free software solution that has continued to evolve over almost 30 years. No service interruptions or downtime mean that your team can seamlessly take orders, process payments, and focus on customer service.

Fast, Accurate Ordering: Workers can use a mobile terminal or take orders at the counter. Focus POS allows you to customize screens that use rich, graphic displays.


Mobile POS

The ability to use a smartphone or tablet gives your staff maximum flexibility to serve your customers anywhere they encounter them. These can be used at festivals, on food trucks, or on open air patios. Mobile capabilities keep your staff moving and your customers satisfied.


  • Easy for your employees to learn with virtually no training required
  • Compatible with both tablets and smartphones
  • Notifications for your staff to upsell high-margin items
  • Intuitive navigation to take orders quickly
  • Easy touchscreen entering of menu modifiers
  • Quickly split and close checks
  • Inventory and sales reports
  • Labor scheduling


The Focus iPad POS is completely integrated within the familiar iOS platform from Apple. This feature can be used as your primary, stationary terminal or be used on the move wherever needed. The slim and elegant hardware frees up valuable counter space.


  • Apple’s familiar interface allows for effortless training
  • Customizable menu layouts
  • Packaged commands for quick order entry
  • Notifications for suggestive selling of additional items
  • Compatible with hardware peripherals including receipt printers
  • Fast and secure credit card processing
  • Streamlined Employee scheduling and hour management
  • Click-of-a-button enterprise reporting

Multi-Check Dashboard

Servers spend significant time managing their open checks and closing them. Focus POS offers a full screen multi-check dashboard allowing staff to quickly navigate and move on. Display configurations are customizable to match your operational needs.


  • Simultaneously manage all checks and tables
  • Easily split, print, and close checks
  • Add menu items to checks
  • Create up to 30 customizable commands
  • Apply special or promotional discounts
  • Configure carryout and delivery separately from in-house orders
  • Complete transactions with high-speed payment card processing


Restaurant Online Ordering

Customers want convenience. Focus online ordering features allow customers to place delivery, take-out, and dine-in orders from the comfort of their smartphone or other device. Online orders transmit directly to the kitchen.  This reduces errors and increases staff productivity.


  • Order directly from a mobile device
  • Pay online with security and convenience
  • Upsell the most profitable menu items
  • Make updates to menu items and prices instantaneously
  • Streamline workflows as orders are sent directly to the kitchen without additional staff intervention


The nFocus dashboard is the brains of your operation. All reporting and data is fully integrated. This allows operators to drill down into any area of the business for the information they need. Owners will save time with all features at their fingertips in one place.

Reporting Categories

Summary Data

  • Net sales
  • Labor costs
  • Check averages
  • Sales by period
  • Tracking items
  • Sales by order type

Labor Information

  • Overtime warnings
  • Individual warnings
  • Employees on the clock
  • Employees by job
  • Individual employees

Systems Alerts

  • Current date
  • Business date
  • Last batch information
  • Printer status
  • Credit card status
  • VIP pricing status

Tablet POS

This version of Focus looks exactly like the interface on the primary software interface. This means your employees will not have to get used to a different system while taking advantage of the flexibility of a tablet.


  • Seamless integration with Focus POS system
  • Minimal employee training
  • Customize your menu layout for optimal efficiency
  • Service customers quickly with packaged command entry
  • Prompts to remind your staff to suggest add-on menu items
  • High-speed credit card processing
  • Inventory and sales reports
  • Efficient employee time-tracking and reusable schedules
  • Email and text message alerts for better business visibility

Focus as a Subscription (FaaS)

With less upfront costs, FaaS allows a business to budget and purchase exactly the level of service they need for their operation at the time. This flexibility can allow an owner to quickly scale up or ad features as the business grows. FaaS has all the features of the complete licensed version of Focus POS.


Office Cloud POS

This feature allows owners to access all on-site features from anywhere at any time. Even when Internet connectivity is lost, Focus POS still continues to operate. This is a great feature for multi-store operators as well as single location businesses with owners on the go.


  • Edit timecards from anywhere
  • Make menu changes from your home office
  • Manage single store locations and large multi-unit chains
  • Remotely manage labor
  • Pull labor and sales reports
  • Create and edit employees

Mobile Management

Using a smartphone, users can now maintain oversight of your entire operation wherever you are located. Mobile alerts keep you up-to-date on critical metrics and reminders and allow you to monitor the following:

Data Reporting

  • Net sales
  • Labor costs
  • Check averages
  • Sales by period
  • Tracking items
  • Sales by order type
  • Labor Reporting
  • Overtime warnings
  • Employees on the clock
  • Employees by job
  • Individual employees

Central Cloud-Based Reporting

myFocus Central is the key reporting area for myFocus Cloud Solutions. This dashboard captures all your data from all your locations allowing you to get a complete view of your operations.

Enterprise Dashboard Features

  • Region filters
  • Date range spans
  • Store averages
  • Graphical analysis
  • Store alerts
  • System status

Single Store Dashboard Features

  • Drill-down details
  • Graphical data
  • Store alerts
  • Last batch information
  • Employees on the clock
  • Tracking items

Customer Loyalty Program

myFocus provides a complete loyalty program that reaches your customers across all the channels that you utilize. With a Facebook plugin and email/text capabilities, you can directly market your services and offerings to your most loyal customers.

This feature contains a variety of loyalty programs you can utilize to engage and delight your patrons.

Loyalty Features

  • myFocus cloud storage
  • Multistore processing
  • Social media integration
  • iPhone app for customers
  • Unlimited plans
  • Promotional coupons
  • Marketing list generation
  • Email blasts
  • Text message blasts (additional charges may apply)

Gift Card Program

Everyone loves to get a gift card from their favorite restaurant. myFocus gift cards make it easy for customers to purchase, redeem, and check balances in real time. Mobile apps even allow the ability to use their smartphones. Customers can manage the balances of their gift card and loyalty program points.


  • Single location or restaurant chain processing
  • Reloadable cards
  • High-speed authorizations
  • Easy access to balance and usage history


Focus POS has developed solutions specific to the category of the hospitality industry your business operates. Each of these customized modules is designed with the workflows and needs unique to those types of businesses. Get all the features you need for your specific business operation.

Focus POS specializes in these categories:



Fully PCI-compliant, Focus POS connects with a wide variety of payment gateways and credit card processors. Focus POS integrates with all major accounting software programs. This allows your management team to complete all financial transactions and requirements.

Focus POS Pricing

Focus utilizes a network of resellers to work with their local customers to help them configure the right solution. They also handle deployment and installations on the customer site. Training for management and staff and is also provided.

Pricing can vary widely from $1,000/terminal for an on-premise license of a complete system. Costs start as low as $50/month for a cloud-based SaaS solution for a single store with one terminal. Focus gives businesses the flexibility to build the appropriate solution for any budget.

Our Final Verdict

Focus POS is a highly capable turn-key system that is easy for new businesses to implement. It is also scalable for the largest chain enterprise. Focus’ full suite of features is capable of meeting the needs of any type of restaurant or other hospitality operation.

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