The Best Attraction & Ticketing POS Systems

Last updated on February 21, 2020

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attraction POSAttraction businesses cover a lot of ground in terms of customers and services. When you consider things like zoos, museums, theme parks, water parks, and botanical gardens all fall under the umbrella of ‘attraction” business, you can see there is a lot of diversity.

But, when you consider a POS system, you have to consider one primary factor; selling tickets. Here, we’ll talk about point-of-sale systems that do just that. But, more importantly, we’ll talk about POS systems that also support different types of sales depending on your needs.

From traditional retail to eCommerce, these POS systems support different kinds of sales while still focusing on tickets.

With that in mind, here are four POS systems that cater to the attractions and ticketing industries.

The Best Attraction & Ticketing POS Systems

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1. The Best Purpose-Built POS System: Ticket Utils

The Ticket Utils platform is a no-nonsense POS system that supports attractions like amusement parks, zoos, fairs, and more. While it is quite straight-forward in its presentation, it is built amazing well when it comes to handling the necessities of running an attraction site.

Places where this POS system shines is in managing ticketing through online and offline partners and accepting multiple forms of payment in a variety of currencies from around the world. Even better, you can use your local software with this POS to support an integrated payment and ticketing solution across your entire enterprise.

Check out some of the features and functionality of Ticket Utils.

Ticket Platform Integration

One of the key aspects of selling tickets for attraction-oriented businesses is selling tickets. With more and more people buying tickets online, it stands to reason that an attraction-based business would want to sell tickets online. This is especially true for businesses that hold special events on a regular basis.

Ticket Utils integrates with ticket sales providers like Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek. This means that you can run ticket sales through these bigger platforms and still have sales and availability update through your POS.

Buying tickets shouldn’t be hard for your customers, and Ticket Utils makes it easy.

Payment Processing and Currency Support

With online purchasing and ticket integration, it helps to have a way to process payments online and from multiple currencies. This functionality can increase the number of tickets you sell and expand your potential market to non-local visitors from other countries.

Ticket Utils includes easy currency purchasing and conversion tools. When customers make a purchase in their native currency, Ticket Utils processes the payment while automatically calculating costs in your native currency for reporting.

Furthermore, currency conversions aren’t just for customers. If you use the BrokerHub tools to buy and sell inventory from other businesses across the world, international currency is still supported.

Whether it comes to inventory purchasing or ticket sales, Ticket Utils makes buying and selling easy no matter where you are.

Ticket Utils Limitations

While the interface is nice, and integrations make purchasing through ticket resellers easy, extended use for other retail operations can be more difficult. Users have reported that customer support is unresponsive and unhelpful in some cases, which can be a deal breaker for some.

2. The Most Flexible and Accommodating Attraction POS Platform: Convergence

Some attraction businesses incorporate several retail flows to generate revenue. Retail sales, food sales, and membership programs are all great ways for these businesses to streamline money-making opportunities into a core attraction business model.

Convergence helps you do this with your business by providing plenty of tools to bring customer service and multiple sales opportunities together. Whether it is selling gifts at a gift shop or running a cafe, Convergence provides an interface that helps your staff handle customers across your entire business.

Consider the following about the Convergence POS system:

Customer Benefits and Rewards

One of the best ways to bring customers in is to develop membership programs and special events to entice them. This means annual events or special attractions that can excite them and make tickets a must-have for the public. It also means providing membership and VIP programs that make your customers feel like they get a great value on repeated visits.

Convergence does this by providing functions that let you control pricing based on membership, season, and VIP status. This POS makes it easy to offer specials and discounts for customers based on age or social group (like military veterans or students) while supporting rewards programs for regular customers.

Convergence makes it easy for your staff to upsell at the register with ticket upgrades and membership perks. Convergence also helps with mobile POS services, with ticket scanning capabilities that your staff can carry throughout your location.

Integrated Retail Sales

While selling tickets is a major part of the attraction business, you also want to sell inventory while the customer is on your property. Convergence actually enables this with great inventory support and retail capabilities.

This software fits your on-location POS stations with an interface for food sales, gift shop or consignment sales, and more.

Since it supports easy and integrated retail functions, it also supports secure payments. Convergence pairs with advanced hardware using EMV chip readers and secure credit card payments. The key here is that no matter where customers are or what they buy, Convergence makes it easy for them to do so.

Convergence Downsides

Most users liked the simplicity and functionality of Convergence. However, it does not have the advanced ticket selling options that Ticket Utils does. Reviews suggest that Ticket Utils is a great tool for selling tickets where Convergence is better suited for complex on-site POS needs.

3. A Customer-Focused POS: Korona

Korona POS is very functional, with a lot of tools that can help you mobilize your staff to help customers. Since attraction businesses like water parks, zoos, and amusement parks live or die on customer satisfaction, having those tools in place is critical for success. With Korona, you get a POS that works almost anywhere and connects to the cloud.

If you want a truly customer-centric POS, then consider what Korona brings to the table:

Customer Management

Like other POS systems, Korona supports some membership rewards programs. Even better however, is that Korona is built on developing customer satisfaction. This ticket sales POS has built-in CRM functions so that you can track members with special deals and outreach campaigns.

Up your marketing game and bring in repeat customers, all the while still getting the benefits of ticket sales. Since the CRM is built-in, so is customer reporting, so you can target specific markets and fine-tune your advertising and loyalty programs.

Cloud-Based POS

While cloud-based POS systems are all the rage, they are especially so in attraction and ticket sales. Korona integrates well with remote ticketing and sales locations on your property. That means turnstiles, remote scanners, kiosks, and retail locations.

More importantly, Korona runs from a cloud server so that all data and sales from these locations are collected in a central server for reporting.

Since the POS is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about hardware support as much as with dedicated software platforms. Korona works well with a variety of POS hardware stations, scanners, and other tools (including mobile devices).

Limitations of Korona

Since Korona is cloud-based, it receives updates automatically. While this is great most of the time, users report that updates can eliminate functions they relied on before… which is a nightmare when you need fast ticket sales and retail support. Some users have reported difficult use cases with Apple hardware as well.

4. Online Ticketing and Marketing: C&K Systems

More attractions are selling online. The trick for online selling is to target what people want to buy online. These targets should include retail items, tickets, reservations, and more.

Better yet, all this online selling should be used to build an online audience that you can target with specific marketing and outreach.

C&K Systems POS allows you to do just this. With built-in eCommerce and purchasing support, C&K Systems provides a number of tools to take your attraction business online.


eCommerce isn’t just about selling things through an online portal–although that is a big part of it. eCommerce is about collecting customers and ensuring that they know about everything going on with your business.

With C&K Systems, you get integrated email marketing tools so you can update customers on special events and membership deals. You can also use SMS marketing to send highly targeted marketing messages to draw repeat visitors.

You will also have various web tools at your fingertips to sell tickets and reservations online. Such is done by integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

Purchasing Support

Purchasing support is an integral part of an attraction business that needs to sell unique services.

C&K Systems supports streamlined purchasing for specialty items like group tours, classes, and special admissions. With these tools, you can sell these unique offers just as easy as if you were selling tickets or retail items. And, you can sell them online easily as well.

Limitations of the C&K Systems

C&K Systems is a robust platform for most sales operations, but it is complex. Users reported that things like updating and customizing are difficult without advanced support from the company.

Before Choosing an Attraction POS System

Attraction businesses that rely on ticket sales and special events need a POS system that supports the needs of their business models. These models almost always include selling tickets online and off, along with advertising special events online.

Many attraction businesses also include retail and food service on their premises. Most importantly, these POS systems should make using the software through an entire location easy, whether that includes scanning stations, mobile devices, or traditional POS stations.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when purchasing a ticket sales POS system:

Ticket Sales

Above all, you need to sell tickets. This means that tickets should be sold in several locations, including online, to maximize sales where your customers are. Attraction POS systems should include options to sell tickets online and through resellers, a feature used by art galleries. They should also focus on selling, printing, and scanning tickets from anywhere on your property.

If your POS doesn’t let you sell or scan tickets from nearly anywhere, then consider getting one that does.

Retail Service

Aside from ticket sales, also keep in mind that your POS should just as easily support retail and food sales. If you run something like a zoo, museum, or stationary theme park (like a water park) then you almost certainly have gift shops and restaurants on your property.

You don’t want to have multiple systems for each location, which means getting point-of-sale technology that can handle payments and ordering from all locations.

A functional POS will make ordering easy no matter what the context. Customers should be able to buy a ticket, a shirt, or a meal without pause.

Membership and VIP Services

Attraction businesses like new customers, and they love repeat business. A good POS will support things like VIP and membership services that provide point rewards or discounts for repeat visits.

If they have eCommerce services for email, SMS, or online storefronts, then membership benefits should extend to those as well.

Our Final Verdict

Attraction POS systems serve as a microcosm of retail. While they can include lots of retail functions, at heart they want to do one thing–sell tickets.

The best systems will tie everything together to sell tickets, ideally to repeat customers. Then, once customers arrive, they support retail and foodservice.

The above-listed POS systems can server as Hotel POS and resort POS.

Whatever else you need depends on your specific business, which will then determine what platform you need.

However, no matter what you need, one of the POS systems above should be able to fit the bill.


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